Sony x95k 85 inch review in 2023 - Is it worthy to buy the TV?

06 Nov, 2023   |   5 min read
Sony x95k 85 inch review in 2023 - Is it worthy to buy the TV?


Presenting the Sony X95K, an enormous 85-inch entertainment masterpiece. This high-end 4K Ultra HD TV, with its cutting-edge technology and breathtaking visual clarity, delivers a cinematic experience unlike any other. The Sony X95K is poised to revolutionize the way you watch television by bringing your favourite shows, movies, and video games to life in stunning detail and vibrant color thanks to its large screen and cutting-edge capabilities. Prepare to be engrossed in an unmatched realm of entertainment with this stunning Sony display.

Sony x95k 85 inch Sony x95k 85 inch See Details
Sony x95k 85 inch

Sony x95k 85 inch

Best Review

Sony x95k 85 inch considered to be as a best TV in 2023. It has a bunch of characters like hands-free voice control, the S-Center speaker input, and support for ATSC 3.0, and it has their high-end Cognitive Processor XR. Hence, you acquire the features connected with it like XR Sound and XR Picture. For gamers, it has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and mutable refresh rate (VRR) support. Like past Sony TVs, it has Google TV as its smart podium that is user-friendly and has a ton of apps accessible to download. So, if you want more exciting picture image never wait for ending the best 85 inch TV black Friday deals 2023. Go grab now your favorite item.

Reason to Buy

  • Punchy HDR performance
  • Imposing motion handling
  • Suitable stand options
  • Sufficient sound abilities
  • Simple Google TV experience
  • Pronounced new remote

Reason to Avoid

  • Only 2 HDMI 2.1 inputs
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Bit of blooming
Buy Sony x95k 85 inch

Exceptional pictures day and night. It keeps its true color during bright sun rays. The tv is easy to navigate.

Sony X95K LED features


Looking at its design, the Sony x95k 85 inch has a premium design with thin bezels and a good finish. The outcome is a very stylish look. In terms of edifice, it’s one of the most solid TVs on the marketplace nowadays.

You only have to take this TV out of the box to understand that it emanates an unusual solidity. The polycarbonate utilized by Sony to make the back cover is of outstanding quality, and the profile that gilts off the edges of the panel is perfectly machined from aluminum. Of course, this X95K is not as thin as OLED TVs, as they do not use the LED backlight matrix.

Rising the stands of this TV is a breeze. Each of them is tightly fastened with just two screws, and the all-metal building makes them very rigid. On the other hand, their most interesting character is that they can be equestrian in three different positions. The position of the legs that offers the board maximum constancy is the one in which they are the farthest apart, holding the board closer to the table.

This is not the only Sony TV that gives us this flexibility, and it’s a very good idea for consumers to have this leeway, since it can help us acclimate the TV to the surface on which we need to place it. The position of the feet that provides the panel the most permanency is the one where they are the farthest apart, keeping it closer to the table, but its steadiness is also very good in the middle position.

Smart TV

The Sony x95k 85 inch is running Google TV. It is the most multipurpose platform. The Google TV interface carries the consumer closer to the content of the installed apps by displaying endorsements of series and movies that the consumer is watching or might be interested in. As you circumnavigate between different screens and settings, the similar smooth flow is upheld, ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Google Play and the vast range of apps accessible also make it one of the most improved and encouraging operating systems accessible today, at a time when Tizen and WebOS are starting to get a little tired of the load of new features and functionality.

This TV has a strong connectivity to other devices in the living room, like TV players or set-top boxes, with which it can be combined so that you don’t need another remote control, as you can control them completely with the TV remote.

We couldn’t approve which MediaTek SOC, among others, is accountable for making this OS work, but we suspect it’s the same one that was built into previous year’s A90J MASTER Series. In any case, the user interface on this TV working very effortlessly and the time it takes to launch and close applications is minimal. We also like the user interface design, so we have no objections in this area.

Picture quality

Sony x95k 85 inch usually leave the factory reasonably calibrated, and this model is no exception. The only parameter is to adjust slightly the color temperature. To go a step more, preferably you would need to use a probe and professional calibration software. Then, you risk ruining the factory calibration. On the other hand, with the right calibration tools, it is conceivable to achieve near perfection and solve colorimetry with amazing accuracy.

Before we go any further, it’s significant to take a look at the HDMI connectivity on this TV. Only two of the four ports, labeled 3 and 4, contrivance the 2.1 standard. The other two inputs are HDMI 2.0, and I think that’s a mistake. The TV with the ambitions of this X95K should offer four HDMI 2.1 inputs, not just two. To a large extent, this drawback is read out by the MediaTek chip, but Sony should remedy this.

There are two remote controls that Sony ships with this TV look like. The one on the right has an outdated arrangement of buttons, though the one on the left is smoother and contains a motion sensor that activates the backlight on the buttons when you pick it up. The later remote is a bit better made than the other and also comprises four buttons for direct access to Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and Bravia Core.

It utilizes a VA panel with RGB subpixels and Sony uses a filter to increase light diffusion and thus improve the looking angles of this TV. This layer that is new to the TV is accountable for the subpixels not being sharper. Since VA panels suffer from bad viewing angles, such a solution is essential to overwhelm this handicap.

The homogeneity can diffuses light is extraordinary. There is a subtle loss of light at the edges of the panel, but it is much more obvious in the picture than when the TV is in front of you. One of the areas where this TV actually excels is the level of detail it can pull off. When we give it high-quality HDR content, it achieves to recover a high level of detail in the highpoints (the brightest areas of any image), but what amazed you the most is the amount of detail it recovers in the shadow areas. In this area, it is almost invincible.


In terms of imitating high vibrant range content, this TV stays true to the strategy Sony has been following since the proliferation of HDR technology: It can handle Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, but not HDR10+. The Sony Bravia x95k 85 inch quality can be defined in terms of image quality, and that it shares with other Sony products, is its noticeably cinematic aesthetic. With a high-quality video signal, the image meting out comes into its own. Relishing an attractively photographed movie like “The Revenant” on this big screen is a real pleasure.

The TV’s typical power consumption just under 250 watts, a figure that’s in line with the power supplies you’d suppose from a state-of-the-art LED LCD set with a 85-inch diagonal. There is nothing to protest about in this area.

Cinema is very comfy on this TV, but video games make it a bit pricklier. It comes with adaptive VRR sync or Dolby Vision support on the HDMI input. On the other hand, the problem is that the Xbox Series X console provisions both technologies, so it can’t reach its full potential when we link it to this TV.

However, the picture quality when gaming is extraordinary. Some of the features found on higher-end TVs from other brands are absent, like the game information bar and support for NVIDIA’s G-SYNC Ultimate and AMD’s FreeSync Premium adaptive refresh technologies.

Lastly, the input latency varies between 17 and 19 MS when gaming mode is allowed. This is not an appalling value, but low adequate to provide any demanding gamer a sustaining experience in genres that require higher latency, like first-person shooters or fighting games.


The last few Sony TVs had excellent sound, but the sound on this sony 85 inch 4k ultra hd tv x95k is simply outstanding. The physical restrictions of the thin chassis of today’s TVs are insuperable, but Sony engineers have accomplished to make this unit replicate a remarkably wide soundstage with remarkable active capacity. Its most valued feature is the nearly surgical precision with that it separates dialogue from three-dimensional effects.

The bass also has reputable power. It’s most valued quality to me, nevertheless, is the almost surgical precision with which it splits dialogue from room and sound effects. Other TVs fail when enforced to deal with dynamic series, but this X95K succeeds where some of its contestants lag.

Moderately simply, this shows that if you want to improve your sound performance, you’re bound to reach for a high-quality soundbar or, even better, an enthusiastic multichannel set. Most low and mid-range soundbars we’ve tested sound worse than this TV, so you’d better sort them out.


The Sony x95k 85 inch is prodigious for most uses. It appears prodigious both in dark rooms for viewing movies or bright rooms for inspecting sports or TV shows as it displays deep blacks with a unlimited local dimming feature, and it acquires bright enough to fight a ton of glare, and there's very little thriving around bright objects. HDR content also looks imposing as it makes highlights pop and displays an extensive range of colors. Finally, it's outstanding for gaming thanks to its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, variable refresh rate (VRR) support, and good motion handling for a suave gaming experience. Sony x95k 85 inch price is very reasonable and you can easily get it on Black Friday sale 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthy to buy Sony X95K?

The Sony X95K is a phenomenal screen for video gaming. Inappropriately, it doesn't come with AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync support, but for console gaming its seamless. It comes with HDMI 2.1 and VRR support, and of course, a low input lag that is ideal for gaming.

Does the Sony X95K have anti-glare?

The X-Wide Angle panel keeps pictures beautiful from any angle so even people looking at the sides get as satiating an experience as those from the centre. With X-Anti Reflection, pictures are much stronger with less glare.

Is the Sony X95K full array?

Show type: Full-array mini-LED with quantum dots (VA-style panel) HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. Dolby Atmos: Yes (native decoding and pass through via eARC).

How many nits is the Sony X95K?

Peak specular highpoints on this TV were fan-freaking-tactic. Outside of the test patterns, we think the TV was beyond 1,500 nits pretty handily. That's Sony's processing coming into play. Sony's chip doesn't game peak illumination readings when it distinguishes a test pattern the way some other TVs do.

How bright is the X95K?

That's rather regular; in fact, it's a result we're more used to keen-sighted from the best OLED TVs due to their restricted brightness capabilities. But that's why we run HDR tests the X95K hit about 1,600 nits at a 10% window size and 735 at a 100% window.