14 Celebrities Reveal Skincare Routines

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14 Celebrities Reveal Skincare Routines

This is the time of year when beauty obsessives flood Sephora and track down deals online, bragging about their hauls on social media or hiding the bags from judgmental loved ones. Well, if you end up spending a little more than you destined to this holiday season, at least you can rest guaranteed that it will never come close to the dangerous heights that some celebrities’ credit cards reach. Several of them pay thousands of dollars per week to keep their hair, nails, and skin seeing their best.

Of course, we don’t say this to judge. A lot of times stars will catch products and treatments for free, and even when that’s not the case, you could say that it’s part of their job description to keep themselves in top shape. Still, at times things can acquire a little excessive, and when that happens it’s hard to recognize whether to be disbelieving or jealous. Let’s be authentic, you’ll maybe be a little bit of both after reading this list of insanely costly beauty treatments undertaken by celebrities. At the very least, you’re sure to feel better about your own beauty orgies this Year. This blog will explore the Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed points.

14 Celebrities Reveal Skincare Routines

  1. This next one is a little more bonkers, but not just because of the rate. Victoria Beckham is apparently a big fan of the Geisha facial at the Shizuka Day Spa in New York. This is a 60 minute treatment that costs $180 and contains powdered nightingale droppings. In other words, the secret to considering like Victoria Beckham is rubbing bird poop on your face. We’ll pass.
  2. Let’s twitch things off nice and easy with ‘’Catherine Zeta-Jones’’, who relishes a comfy caviar hair treatment at Hari’s London salon. Yep, she frequently spends $150 getting this hour-long conditioning treatment that nourishes hair with omega 3 oils. It’s costly, but still in the empire of reason. And acknowledge it, wouldn’t you shell out way more than $150 to have her hair?
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow has shelled out $195 for this Stem Cell Transformer that contains a synthetic version of snake venom, which so they say helps to tighten up one’s skin in a way similar to Botox. Confidently someone will tell her about retinoids (unlike synthetic snake venom, are proven to help with aging concerns) before she graduates to provoking an actual snake to bite her face.
  4. Another costly beauty product that has celebrities engrossed is the EMK Rescue Serum, which costs $195 and encloses plant placenta (thankfully not human placenta… although we’ll acquire to that later, unfortunately). Celebs such as Eva Longoria, Madonna, and Martha Stewart all love it for their skin.
  5. For royalty, Kate Middleton seems fairly low-maintenance–but even she has the infrequent bender. The Duchess of Cambridge is supposed to enjoy a $250 facial by Deborah Mitchell of London’s Hale Clinic and the Heaven salon in Shropsire. The treatment comprises bee venom, as a natural alternative to Botox, and Kate seemingly likes the outcomes so much she even utilizes their bee venom mask at home. Now we can’t catch the image of Will and Kate face-masking together while watching Netflix out of our heads. Luxury beauty brands of make-up will be also very beneficial for celebrities.
  6. ‘’Angelina Jolie’’ has always been naturally elegant, but seemingly she likes to supplement that with this luxurious La Prairie Caviar Cream. The cream costs $710 for 100 ml and encompasses actual caviar to provide the skin a protein lift. Anyone else unexpectedly planning to rub caviar on their faces tonight?
  7. Beyonce does the whole thing on a higher, more fashionable level than consistent humans, comprising manicures. For her Mrs. Carter World Tour marketing video, Beyonce paid a whopping $900 for fabulous gold nails by H&H Nails (and we think it was totally worth it).
  8. Now we attain at the human placenta facial. Yep, Jennifer Lopez loves to get a placenta facial from Lancer Skincare up to twofold a week, which charges a total of $1,000 per week. And she’s not the only one: Harry Styles and Kim Kardashian supposedly acquire this treatment as well.
  9. Talking of Kim Kardashian, you can’t say the girl ever said no to try new (and crazy) things, particularly in the pursuit of youth and beauty. She chronicled one of her wackier skin care adventures on her reality show when she went to get a $1,500 vampire facial–which is fundamentally precisely what it sounds like. Blood extracted from your arm is then applied to your face, offering you the chance for a Snapchat story that your friends will never be capable to forget.
  10. Serena Williams has an exclusive capability to tell the change between the feel of consistent bathwater and Evian water. At least, that’s what she said when she took a $5,000 bath in a 350 gallon tub filled up with 1,000 litres of Evian water at the Hotel Victor in Miami.
  11. When Mila Kunis treats herself, she sees how to do it right. The star supposedly got a $7,000 HD diamond and ruby peel from Scott Vincent-Borba of BORBA–not just once, but twice. Seemingly the precious stones serve as a great source of antioxidants.
  12. Rihanna’s hair alterations every week to the tune of a whopping $20,000. Seemingly she pays her hairdresser Ursula Stephen around $3,000 a day in return for the capability to continuously reinvent her look. 10 Hairstyle Trends will be also beneficial for her to make herself different.
  13. Kelly Osbourne takes the cake with her $250,000 manicure at the 2012 Emmys. The manicure, which caused an uproar on social media for its wild indulgence, was covered with black diamonds. Osbourne’s reply to the outrage was, fundamentally, “YOLO!” We can’t contend with that.
  14. Lastly, there’s Jessica Simpson‘s beauty routine which is rumoured to cost the star around $1 million a year. Speculating how that’s even conceivable? Let’s break it down: Simpson doles out $1,000 a week for tanning, $1,000 a week on eyelash extensions, $2,000 a month on cellulite treatments, $4,500 a week on her trainer, $50,000 a year on bust-enhancement treatments, and $230,000 a year on hair. Abruptly we catch ourselves feeling disappointed that Simpson’s 2010 reality show The worth of Beauty wasn’t all about her own insanely costly regimen. Now that would have been appalling reality TV.

5 Must-Try Celebrity Skincare Secrets

Celebrities are well-known partly for having good looks and great skin, and quite of them have dipped about their favorite Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed and products over the years. If you’re speculating how celebrities accomplish to look so good all the time, here are 5 must-try skincare secrets from celebrities, from anti-aging skincare products to cosmetic treatments:


Celebrities wear lots of makeup for photoshoots and events that means that makeup removal is indispensable for them. Celebrities e.g., Olivia Wilde desire a double cleanse process, first consuming a makeup remover such as a cleansing balm to break down their makeup. Then they follow it up with a moderate cleanser to wash away any continuing impurities. If you do effort to eradicate all your makeup, the key is selecting an oil-based remover, which will break down cosmetic products much more swiftly than a water-based cleanser, which may leave rest on your face. You can also try the Top 10 Beauty Hacks for making yourself gorgeous.


Dry patches of skin will age your skin hastily and make it problematic to get a smooth makeup application. That’s one reason celebrities e.g., Christie Brinkley swear by a regular exfoliation routine. Brinkley says that she exfoliates every morning, but most starters won’t be capable to allow it that often. Twitch with just once a week and surge the incidence from there. Most people can use an exfoliate 2-4 times a week contingent on how oily their skin is. Note that sturdier peels must be used once a week at most; they will aggravate your skin too much or else! Always try authentic Makeup Products for a Flawless Look.


Retinols are the not-so-secret anti-aging products that celebrities consume keep considering young. Celebrity Jennifer Lawrence utilizes a retinol underneath her moisturizer every single night. Retinols endorse skin cell turnover and the product of collagen and elastin, serving your skin to stay youthful. Retinols can be quite drying for your skin, thus twitch with a gentler derivative once a week and then upsurge the frequency as your skin regulates. Once you’re a veteran vitamin A worker, you can talk to your dermatologist about receiving a prescription for a stronger retinol. The usage of retinol can be a Women skin care secret.


UV rays exposure is one of the major backing features to observable aging, top many celebrities to indorse daily sunscreen wear as an indispensable part of any skincare set. Cate Blanchett wears protecting sunscreen daily. You would wear sunscreen daily, even if it’s cloudy outside or you’re just meeting inside all day (UV rays can penetrate through windows). Utilize the sunscreen to all unprotected skin, not only your face but also your ears, neck, and chest. You can even put on it to your hands, arms, and legs if you’re additional thoughtful about wrinkle prevention.


Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a great way to reserve your blowout, avert hair breakage, and decrease frizz that is the reason numerous celebrities, from Kristen Bell to Kelly Ripa, swear by them. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase precisely will also support to stop those unappealing “pillow scars” on your face, which numerous side sleepers are acquainted with. Silk is better than polyester fabrics, thus you may discover yourself waking up to softer and more moisturized skin. Just ensure to follow the commands for laundering the pillowcase; many require to be hand-washed to reserve their properties. You can also find the Natural Ingredients for Radiant Hair on our site.


The fountain of youth may not be an actual, physical thing, but that hasn't stopped anybody from frustrating to chase it stars encompassed. Even though there is also nothing wrong with taking on your age, celebrating your wrinkles, and allowing your hair turn a wonderful shade of gray. Whether you need to try every new serum and treatment to turn back the hands of time, let yourself age unsurprisingly, or do something in the middle of those excesses, it is your excellent to choose how you need to age. You can also find the Ultimate Guide to Achieving Glowing Skin on our site.

Celebrities also fall in the variety of these extremes with their anti-aging treatments. While some celebrities stay tight-lipped with the skincare procedures and treatments that acquire them glowing, these Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed hold no hesitations about letting us in on precisely what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret of celebrity glowing skin?

One of the major secrets to accomplishing glowing skin is hydration. Drinking plenty of water and consuming hydrating skincare products can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your skin. Several celebrities swear by facial oils for a dewy, radiant glow.

Who has the most beautiful skin in Hollywood?

Natalie Portman is well-known for her seamlessly clear and radiant complexion, her skin looks to glow so naturally. The star claims on the standing of drinking a lot of water every day to keep the skin conditioned and fresh.

Who has the best skin in the world?

Brazilian women have unsurprisingly beautiful skin, thanks to their healthy lifestyle and diet. They eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that endorse skin health. Brazilian Skin is acknowledged for its happiness and flawless complexion.

How do actors have flawless skin?

Healthy lifestyle picks play a noteworthy role in attaining better skin. Many celebrities rank staying hydrated, consuming nutrient-rich foods, and receiving adequate sleep. Lifestyle features can significantly improve skin health and look, offering it a natural glow.

How do actors avoid wrinkles?

This could be as guileless as receiving on a consistent Botox schedule or consuming fillers before deep wrinkles have a chance to form, or by means of Retinoid-based skin creams before spots seem.

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