30 Things from Amazon to Make your Life Easier in 2022 - Under $200

Feb 24, 2022   |   15 min read


30 Things from Amazon to Make your Life Easier in 2022 - Under $200


If we were to rank the things that make life easier and much more worthwhile, Amazon would definitely top the list for many. The A to Z store with all the products that you cannot even think of, Amazon has all the things you need to score easy life every single day. The best products to sell on amazon and the wonderful reviews on easy life tools are a living proof that amazon e-commerce isn’t just a shot in the air but the store is definitely a living example of things that make life easier.

But since the products on Amazon are in trillions (no exaggeration) it is important to know which ones to buy and what to skip. From amazon kitchen items to best food on amazon, amazon new products to all the amazon interesting finds there definitely should be a stop when it comes to adding to the cart.

Hence if you are also in this dilemma then here is the best make life easier catalog and the right products to place your money on when buying from amazon. And don’t forget to use the amazon promo codes, while you are at it.

Wireless Charging Pad

With you working from home and moving around with your laptop, one doesn’t have the freedom to adhere to the charging port at all times unless you have a proper work from home office station. The wireless charging pad from amazon solves the hassle of cable and prevents you from your devices getting drained. The charger is affordable and the sleek pad helps you to restore those battery levels even when you are traveling.

Tile Mate

Raise your hand if you get late every morning just because you cannot find keys right on time? those tiny things have a knack for getting lost each time you need them and you just end up angrier at work (if you ever do reach for work). The tile mate is a tiny yet smartest device which solves the dilemma of lost keys once for all.

The tile mate can be connected to your phone via the Bluetooth and all you need is to attach your keys in the ring on the tile mate. The app will automatically track your keys to you and you can catch them to find before it gets too late to get that employee of the month reward.

Instant pot

Focus on the name ‘instant pot’ and let yourself know those long hours of standing in front of the heat and cooking are over. This instant pot is definitely an instantaneous solution to your cooking needs day and night, chicken or vegetable, broth or soup, steam or roast. The instant pot is less than $100 so it might fit right into your tight budget this time of the month.

This device uses cutting-edge technology to serve as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, steamer, warmer, and even yoghurt maker. Not only can the Instant Pot prepare a wide range of cuisines, but it can also do so quickly—up to 70% faster than traditional methods.

Green pan Ceramic Set

Reaching the borderline of our price range but let us tell you it’s for all the right reasons. The green pan ceramic setup solves half your battle of cleaning up after cooking because the high quality ceramic is the easiest to maintain and touch up even after preparation of tough long meals.

With a collection that covers all the needs you get pans, pots and strainer of daily to once in a while fancy meal preps. The pots are pretty so if your kitchen it all about theme then they won’t disturb it. Another great thing is that these are dishwasher safe so cook, eat clean and repeat!

Portable USB Charger

We've all experienced the panic that comes with a phone that is less than 10% charged and no outlet in sight. Our expert insight into the products that make life easier, recommend the portable USB charger from Miady to keep your phone from dying. It was previously the best USB battery pack since it can charge any device (including your laptop) and can charge your phone numerous times before the battery pack needs to be recharged.

Roomba Vacuum

You might have been reading reviews for this one for a while. For cleaning enthusiast, the Roomba vacuum cleaner goes into the places where you even cannot imagine cleaning up. This vacuum is equipped with latest technology and all the features needed to get a clean home in just a matter of few minutes. With a tiny size the vacuum can get the dust under the bed, below the dressing and the places where you wouldn’t even imagine cleaning otherwise.

The best part is that unlike other vacuums this one is made both for carpeted and hardwood floors. So this is an all in one solution for homes where you have carpet as well as tiles.

Hamilton Food Processor

A food processor under $60? Did we read that right! Yes probably you did. This is one of the best catch from Amazon make life easier things in 2022. Because of its tremendous speed, 10-cup capacity, and low price, it is one of Amazon's best sellers.

Do you require some motivation? It's been used to make everything from salsa and guacamole to smoothies and homemade ice cream, according to reviewers. Some have even declared it a "must-have" for new mothers.

Closet Organizer

This year we all took different kinds of oaths. From promising to be tidier to deciding to be in shape and better than before. Focusing on giving up unhealthy eating and drinking habits we all have our priorities set. Some of us realized that it is utterly important to keep our homes clean hence our minds active and organized. If you are also a part of the latter New Year’s organization and still haven’t been able to achieve it, then here is a little ticket for help.

Get a closet organizer to arrange all the important items in your wardrobe. Closet organizer from amazon are rated as one of the best products to bring discipline into your life hence into your wardrobe. You can choose bunch of closet organizers depending on your needs and circumstances of your closet.

Withings Body Wi-Fi Weighing Scale

When it comes to weight, there's a lot more to it than the solitary figure that appears on the scale. This smart scale (which works with a variety of health apps) analyses your body's composition, taking into consideration things like muscle, bone, and water weight. It can also track up to eight people at once, making it ideal for the entire family. And to bring a little more reality and clarity in your 2022 fitness resolution goals, how about having a buddy that keeps a check on your health?

Wearable Nail polish Holder

Did this product make you look twice! It’s alright, the fascination is pretty understandable. This simple solution can finally make one of the toughest task of nail polish application much easier. This allows a smooth and safe place to hold your nail polish while you grace your pretty nails with the perfect art.

Especially ideal for people who are teaching themselves a little manicure, it is a professional nail polish holder to be used every day.

All in One Kitchen Accessory

Some people love to cook but they don’t like the hard work that comes with it. And many times you let go of a perfectly good recipe and a smart dish just because it involves a lots of cutting, chopping, slicing and basically all the annoying and time consuming steps in the meal prep. Our favorite mandolin slicer has made to this list for a reason. This is professionally approved by the chefs and the less than $20 price is pretty astonishing.

The V shaped blade makes this product much better than its competitors and the best part is that you can customize the cutting type, angle and cutting results into five different settings.

Hilife Steamer

If you feel like you never have anything to wear, it's likely because half of your clothes are crammed at the back of a closet or drawer, crumpled when you get them out. With this handheld steamer, you can quickly tidy up various pieces—from work shirts and bottoms to dresses—without the effort of ironing. Its small size also makes it incredibly easy to store.

Smart Pet Feeder

Do you also hate yourself for forgetting to feed your pet on time? You might also face a lot of trouble with the guilt dwelling up in you for not feeding them and keeping them happy as you promised them. Its okay, life happens but you need to find a relevant solution so the little buddy is well taken care of.

Regular dog bowls are a thing of the past. We're big fans of smart pet feeders like this one from WOPet here at Reviewed. Its Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to schedule up to six feedings per day, all of which you can control from your phone from anywhere. You can also see and talk to your pet because it offers two-way audio and video.

Meal Prep Containers

Didn’t we just promise to make your life much easier in this fine year of 2022? The meal prep containers set is for all the busy people out there who have to get their work done and rush to reach at work at the right time. These containers come with partition and enough portion sizes so you can prep the meals even for the entire week. Though to some it might not seem much helpful but having your portions sorted out takes you one step closer to success, easily!

Microwave Cleaner

When microwave gets messy because of your late night munching who do you fear the most? Angry mama in the morning obviously. This microwave cleaner is a tiny magic that is truly a wondrous piece from amazon. Named as ‘Angry Mama’ itself, the microwave cleaner is all set to make your cleaning process easier and hassle free.

No worries about having the left over crumps nor you need to fret over the late night 2 am noodles adventure stains. The Angry Mama softens hardened food enough to wipe off using steam from the water and vinegar mixture inside of her. And guess, this angry mama is better than the original angrier one who can even kill you with a single glare.

Wyze Camera from Amazon

The third-generation Wyze Cam, like its predecessors, costs only $36, but it's one of our favorite smart home cameras in general, thanks to its low price. It has weatherproof housing, a broader field of view, a loud siren, and more, including 14-day video clip storage and a built-in micro SD card slot for local storage. With a simple voice command, you can even toss the Wyze Cam's stream onto the screen if you have an Echo Show smart display.

A Water Bottle with Reminders

It’s like having your own health and fitness buddy with you. Thousands of reviewers have labelled the hydrating bottle with reminder from amazon as the best thing to stay hydrated. It’s like a nudge that keeps you on track and ensures your days of becoming flustered and dehydrated are long gone. And especially with the summer approaching we don’t think you should underestimate the value of staying hydrated in any way.

Alarm Clock That will Wake you Up

Hitting the snooze button several times every morning is a pretty common practice. Thousands of Amazon customers recommend this Philips alarm clock to make mornings easier. It gently wakes you up with natural light. The lamp includes adjustable brightness settings and a speaker with five different wake-up sounds to pick from. It’s like having your own sun which will remind you to wake up and make up before you are late beyond repair.

Ygala Power Outlet

Your work desk is probably a mess. It has your charger, your laptop charger, monitor wire and even the Bluetooth headphone charger waiting in line. With all these things demanding the supply of electricity it is hard to find a place and an empty port for everyone. Not to mention when you and your siblings are having a constant fight over who is going to plug in their phone first.

To solve this issue once for all this Ygala smart power outlet from amazon is a must buy. Below $30 this gadget is here to make your life easier. Unlike other power supplies, this one doesn’t scare with you the constant fear of short circuit or similar issues. Surge protection, overload protection, and fire resistance are included, as well as a one-year guarantee and lifetime technical assistance.

Three in one Electric Griddle

You can’t just compromise on your breakfast? We got you. This three in one breakfast griddle from amazon is truly a product of wonder. The grill is made up of two reversible plates and offer the advantage of temperature control individually. Hence you can make two independent breakfast regardless of time, type and choice. Moreover, the portable and tiny electric griddle is also ideal to bring it with you wherever you need.

Amazon Smart Plug

Smart gadgets, whether it's a smart thermostat controlled by Alexa, a smart doorbell that lets you see who's at the door, or a smart plug like this one from that tracks and manages your energy usage, make life easier. It's the best affordable smart plug on the market, and you can turn it on or off with your smartphone from anywhere.

Dyson All in One Hair Stylist

Beautiful women with gorgeous hair know that the struggle to make your hair look manageable and worthwhile is real. Especially when you know your hair can make or break your impression in a matter of few seconds. From making you look like a queen to depicting a witchy vibe, the right hairstyle will always be the best foot you put forward especially during those tough and crucial meetings with the clients.

Hence this dyson all in one hairstylist made to our list for many reasons. You can easily get a look on the go without having to do much. All you need is to turn it one every morning, a swipe here and a swipe there, you are good to go!

Magical Sticks to Keep the Plants Alive

We all hate when we made a promise to the buddy in the pot and end up breaking it within the first few days alone. Sure, you have life happening around you and one cannot just afford spending all the time watering the plants but it’s a commitment you have to make and keep. Thankfully, we have a simple solution for that.

This stick is a miraculous solution to keep your plants alive. These plant food spikes might be the key to becoming a good plant parent. According to Amazon reviews, each spike contains minerals to keep plants healthy and will feed your plant continually for up to two months, eliminating the need for you to do it yourself.

Smart Speaker

There's a reason why smart speakers are in practically every home these days: they can do everything from play your favorite Spotify playlist to adjust the thermostat. We choose the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation over the others because it provides the best performance and value. It offers excellent sound quality and far-field speech recognition, which allows Alexa to hear you from across the room.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The Wi-Fi Smart Lock from August is a fantastic smart lock. It may be retrofitted to most ordinary deadbolts, eliminating the need for a difficult installation. You can access and control your smart lock remotely via the Android or iOS app thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi.

This product also includes a Door Sense open/close sensor that attaches to the door where your Wi-Fi Smart Lock is placed. As a result, the app can inform you whether the door is locked or unlocked, as well as whether it is open or closed.

Giraffe Razor Extension

Shaving your legs is a big chore and sometimes you just hate the tremendous yoga poses you have to go through just to give yourself a nice clean shave. Thankfully this simple solution from amazon is worth all the hype. The giraffe razor extends to 20 inches long eliminating the need to bend down to shave the lower calves and your toes. Not only it is safe and cut free but also able to rotate so you find the most comfortable angle for you.

The extra smooth grip also ensures the shaving angle is as flawless as possible and you don’t get a single cut or irritation mark later on your skin.

Smart Lighting System

Coming back to home after late night adventures you are bound to hit into one thing or another. And not to mention the time you are bringing all the groceries from the car, who exactly has the free hand to turn on the switch. 

The Ring Smart Lighting System is a great choice since it allows you to construct a network of motion-activated security lights for your home’ outside. Floodlights, pathway lights, spotlights, and step lights are among the components that can be added as needed.

The majority of Ring's smart lighting components are battery-powered, making them simple to install. Each one functions as a motion-activated light on its own, but you'll need to link them to a Ring Bridge to make them smart. Once connected, you can use Alexa voice commands or the Ring app on your phone to control the lights.

Ring Peep Hole Camera

A unique but very helpful product especially for people living in high risk areas. The Peephole Cam replaces a typical peephole by installing to a door frame or anyplace else on the side of your door.

That means this Amazon Alexa-enabled device is ideal for apartment dwellers who want a smart doorbell but don't want to bother with hardwiring or otherwise ruining a door frame during installation. None of Ring's main competitors provide such a smooth solution for apartment dwellers, making this doorbell stand out among the other devices on the market today.

Popular Dishwashing Sponge

Out of the many things hated by people of all ages, washing dishes still rank the top for some. This fancy sponge with a cute design can make your dishwashing time much easier. Not only because of the smiley face it has but also because of the extra smart cleaning ability.

The scrub daddy sponge is indeed the dad of all dish cleaner sponges and has been rated as the best sponge for kitchen. It eliminates even the toughest stains and transforms from soft to firm according on the temperature of the water, so you can use it in any pot or pan.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

In terms of value, Amazon's Smart Thermostat is hard to beat. It's Alexa-compatible, so if you have an Echo speaker or an Echo Show display, you'll be in good shape to get the most out of the device. Even if you don't, the thermostat has a basic, straightforward design that looks great on a wall and feels fantastic to use, and its energy-saving settings will save you roughly $50 per year.

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