Romantic Yet Affordable Places to Celebrate Valentine’s

Jan 25, 2022   |   8 min read


Romantic Yet Affordable Places to Celebrate Valentine’s


Are you tired of searching for DIYs and ideas you can celebrate Valentine’s? We are all guilty of spending hours searching for unique ideas that are budget-friendly to enjoy life. It often gets depressing and tiring to search and plan a trip. The trip is supposed to help us chill and allow us to have fun. Sadly, the planning phase takes up all our energy.

The travel agencies make it worse. Either they charge extravagantly or don’t deliver as they falsely promise. Luckily, there are a few travel companies that tirelessly work day in and day out to make our trips worthwhile. One such experience provider is Expedia. An online travel company that helps us plan our trips. Be it a mini getaway or a month-long business trip, the travel agency ensures a well-facilitated trip for us.

This Valentine’s, we have gathered Expedia’s place to travel with your loved one. Expedia specializes in taking full responsibility for our trip. They will book cheap fare flights for us, assign a car rental service provider, look for decent accommodation, and even suggest fun activities to do in a city. Below is a list of romantic yet affordable places you can take your partner to celebrate the month of love. However, if due to any reason you are staying at home and celebrating, then check out celebrate valentines with bed bath and beyond

Miami Beaches for the love of Expedia Beaches 

Are you a water baby? Almost all of us are. And is there anything more chilling than sunbathing at the beach with your loved one? We guess not. Expedia's website is brilliantly categorized. You can easily search for your interests and find places that will be perfect for you. Under their beach suggestions, there is a long list of packages and places we can take a trip to around the world.

No beach is more fun than the Miami beaches. The Mondrian South Beach is a beautiful beach located in the southern region of Miami. The beach offers some fun water activities and scrumptious seafood. You can book your speedboat trip while planning your stay with Expedia. There is also a cruise ship with opulent services and offerings for us, the cruise takes us to the middle of the beach for 90 minutes. It is a perfect trip to feel the water and enjoy a titanic moment with your partner.

For someone who wants to explore the beach city, just like it is shown in the movies the city bus tour is a must-ride. The tour is a half-day trip with other tourists on board. You can enjoy the sights while munching on a Cuban or fish sandwich. Sandwiches on the go are popular in Miami. You can take your partner on a Key-west trip, it is a popular proposal spot. For Valentine’s gift ideas, check valentines day gifts

Portugal for the love of Dream Destinations

Every couple has a list of places to visit and explore together. Expedia understands what the couple wants, which is why Portugal is among their top suggestions. Algarve is a popular mix of beaches, city exploration, and food tasting escape from reality. The place is on top of a tourist attraction. It offers heritage, beaches, and many fun activities under supervision. Did you know there is a cruise that takes us to the Algarve coastline that is close to dolphins residing in caves?

You can also explore Bengali caves on your trip. Algarve is among the top places in Portugal, the majority of the tourist stay there. For someone who is into golf, the courses are famous for conducting important golf games. Faro is another attraction in Portugal. Explore the old countryside in modern ways. The streets are a manufacturing hub for multiple goods. The Citadel Velha is the remaining place left after the massive earthquake. You can learn about the history while exploring the city. Don’t forget to wear your cute outfits on your exploration. Check cute outfits for valentines day

Are you tired of New York’s daily rigmarole? We know how the majority of cities in the US lack fresh air. Olhao is a beautiful place that has massive parks. Each park includes trees that are nowhere else to be found. The trees are a part of Atlantic Harvest. You can take a break and enjoy a picnic in the park. The Avenida da Republica includes a giant fish market. Fishes and other sea animals are freshly caught and cooked on grills that are famous in Portugal. You may find other immaculate cookware at presidents day appliance sales and deals

Ski Vacations for the Love of Adventures

Do you love taking a break from your monotonous life and going on an adventurous trip with the love of your life? The ski vacation suggestion section at Expedia will trigger the adventurer in you. The section includes global places we can visit and try new activities. Utah is known for its adventurous parks, the Uinta Recreation has the best snowmobiles. If you don’t know what a snowmobile is, then let us tell you. The snowmobiles are motor vehicles exclusively designed for snow and ice.

Utah parks also offer Background snowmobiling. The good part about Expedia is they do the research and planning on our behalf. For noob adventurers, Utah has experienced guides who offer us guidance throughout the trip. The park is based on 40,000 acres. Complete kits and essentials are provided by the guiding team. We recommend you learn how to pack your stuff in an organized way while packing. Check best items to make you organized for organizing ideas.

Couples will love to stay at the stunning Welk Resorts Breckenridge. The hotel offers all kinds of luxurious deals. Spa, massage centers, gym, and a business center. Expedia recommends its customers with affordable trips. The Welk resort includes breakfast. You can also stay at the Lodge at Breckenridge. The lodge is based in the heart of glaciers and mountains. Book One Ski Hill Place with Expedia and enjoy an entire trip which includes a resort, adventurous activities, and much more. Don’t forget to take some bath goodies with you. Check reasons to loves bath and body works

Discover the Dominican Republic for the Love of Exploration

Is there any place that Expedia does not cover? We think not. Recently, Expedia expanded its trip suggestions and included the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean country has everything one can want to take a trip to. Beaches, rainforest, mountains, and some historic places that existed centuries ago. You can find antique pieces and articulate accents. If you are looking for antique rugs, you must check out best rugs for your home

For the love of beaches and palm trees, stay at the Punta Cana. The resort is famous for its beach-facing view. The giant palm trees are accompanied by some coconut trees. You can soak in the sun with your loved one and sip fresh coconut water. The Bavaro beach is full of sea activities. Boating, sea0diving, high cliffing, and much more. Some areas offer roped swimming to keep the new swimmers safe. The place is perfect to get adventurous with your partner.

Nothing feels better than taking a drip downtown, walking hand in hand, and trying out local food. Take your cute outfits’ along. Check cute outfits for valentines day for some major outfit inspiration. The Santo Domingo Street offers scrumptious food. Visit La Grena restaurant and Don Pepe to revive your taste buds with Dominican food. The Sancocho is a seven meat stew which is among famous Dominican foods. You must try the La Bandera dish which is the national food of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

The travel company offers its gift cards. The person gifting can pay online and send an e-card. You can plan a complete trip and then send the card to your loved ones as well.

Luckily, yes. You can cancel your trips last minute due to whatever reason. If you have prepaid for the trip, the amount will be reimbursed.

The travel company does not offer any particular discount for couples. However, you can book your flights and trips at a relatively cheaper cost while planning a trip with your partner. The cost comparison is provided at the Expedia site.

Yes, Expedia provides a car rental service. One amazing facility y Expedia is, you can rent a car as well as rent your car. You can book a trip with Expedia that includes a car rental service or book the service separately for a cheap fare.

Many travel companies are working towards making our trips convenient. Trip Advisor, and Expedia top every list. What makes Expedia better is the last-minute cancellation and reservation facility.