How to Pick up Your Amazon Package in Person

Mar 04, 2022   |   8 min read


How to Pick up Your Amazon Package in Person


The most convenient thing about online shopping is that you don’t have to stand in queues for hours and pay gas money to get your stuff delivered to the home. Yes, there is often a delivery fee but that saves you from the hassle of wasting your entire day just to get limited items from the store. If the place is like Amazon, it can get a bit more hectic because the outlets are always filled with people and so shopping with a time constraint is often not possible for you.

However, sometimes you are in the neighborhood and want to pick up the stuff on your own or the delivery fee is so high that going and getting the items from Amazon seems like the better option. So, what to do in cases when you want to avoid queues and still bring the stuff home yourself? Delivery is also out of the question when you order a gift for your parents, siblings, or even kids and don't want them to see the Amazon package box.

For these purposes, you can make use of Amazon Pick Up. It is a service that allows you to order online, just like any other regular site, and pick the contents from the nearby stores. You might be wondering that since Amazon is an online merchant, how is it possible to go to the physical store to pick your order up? Well, this organization covers all its bases which means you can just order your package online and collect it using various methods.

You don't even have to go all the way to the warehouse to pick your order up. In fact, Amazon pickup in so many other places can easily solve your problem. Here are 6 ways outlining how and where to pick your packages from and which other stores also work as Amazon pickup hub.  

1.Amazon Lockers

This is the easiest and the most well-known option. Amazon has lockers in multiple places around the country with over 900 locations serving as their hub. So, instead of having the order shipped to your house, you can choose the option of having it delivered to the lockers. You are notified when the package is dropped off at the location and you can go and unlock it using a special six-digit password.

These lockers are present in grocery stores, convenience shops, apartment buildings, shopping malls, and Whole Foods. So, chances are that there would be some closer to your home or workplace as well. In fact, most of these lockers are operational 24 hours, especially the ones located in convenience stores or apartment buildings. This would make it extremely easy for you to pick up your Amazon package box.

To carry out this process, you simply have to go to the delivery option on your app or on the site and select the option to choose the desired locker location. It would be added to your address book so each time you check out, you can select the option when you are free to collect it. As soon as your parcel reaches the location, you are notified through email with a special six-digit code that you will use to unlock the kiosk locker. You have until three days to pick up your order after which they return the Amazon package back to the warehouse and your money is refunded.

Your parcel needs to meet certain criteria for it to be shipped to the . When you and want them to be delivered to the locker, make sure they are less than 10 pounds and smaller than 16’’ x 12’’ x 14’’. Otherwise, they wouldn’t fit into the locker and you will have to use other methods to collect them.

2.Amazon Hub Counter

Another option is to collect your parcel from the Amazon Hub Counter. Much like the lockers, they also work with you in choosing the location closest to you. But here, you don't need to have any security code to pick up your Amazon package box. It is more convenient because a store employee just scans the email sent to you by the company and hands over the parcel.

You don’t even need to present an ID as with the locker which means if you are busy, you can send someone else to pick up the package for you, as long as they have the confirmation email that would be verified by the employee. The counter Amazon pickup hub also allows you to carry out within seven days from when it arrives.

Again, if you don't pick it up, they would back to the warehouse and you will get a refund. Even though you don’t need to be a Prime member to use the counter service for pick up, you will get a fast shipping if you have the subscription. Plus, there are no additional charges either.

3.Amazon Books Store

If you have an Amazon book store near you, it is just as simple to get your stuff delivered to that location, especially if you are a regular customer there. You can pick up and on that location while simply browsing through hundreds of titles and best sellers at the store.

They also sell amazing gadgets and cute toys so if you have your eyes on any of them, you can kill two birds with one stone and buy them while picking up your parcel. The only problem with this method is that currently, there are only 24 Amazon Book Stores in the country which means your options are quite limited.

However, if a store is near your home or workplace, you can enter it at the checkout and a similar process as the collection from the counter is followed. You will get an email once it has arrived and you have to pick it up by showing the confirmation email to the store employee within seven days or else it will be returned and the money would be refunded.

4.Amazon 4-Star Store

Apart from the Book Store, if you want to kill time at another place while picking up your parcel, the Amazon 4-star store is a good option too. This one sells items ranging from multiple categories so you can find home and kitchen devices, toys, books, games, and much more. The reason why it is called 4-star is that the items present here are rated highly by the customers on Amazon.

So, everything in this store is of 4-star rating or is among the best seller on the application or site. Unlike the book store, this Amazon pickup location actually has 43 locations around the country and the company is in the process of opening more. So, check out which one is the closest to your home or workplace and collect your following the same method as the counter collection.

5.Whole Foods Market

Of course, this location had to be on the list. You can easily return and pick up your parcels at Whole Foods Market while shopping for groceries. In fact, you don’t even need to go inside the store to collect your package at this Amazon pickup hub. All you have to do is order the groceries from home, select the pickup option and then wait in the dedicated stops, make sure you select a one-hour window for the collection, in case you get late or are stuck in the traffic.

The store employee would come outside with your groceries and the . Some of the Whole Foods Market doesn't have designated pickup parking spots, so you might have to go inside to show the confirmation email and collect your purchases. There are also counters inside where you can so in case you have any such problem, you can contact them for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you don't have to pay any additional amount at the pickup hub to collect your parcel. If you are a Prime member, you will get additional benefits like fast delivery, though.

It is possible. It depends on the size of your order and the location.

Yes, you can do so. But do check the eligibility criteria of the parcel on the site. It has to be small enough for the counter hub employee to collect it.

No, you can return your items at Kohl’s but Amazon doesn’t deliver the parcels to Kohl’s.

Yes, they also get free two-day or even same-day shipping if they order urgently.