The 14 Best (Not Fake) April Fools Day Sales - Don't be a Fool to Miss These!


Linda Brown 19 Mar, 2021 6 min read
The 14 Best (Not Fake) April Fools Day Sales - Don't be a Fool to Miss These!

Many people miss out the best April fool’s day sale just because they find it hard to believe that they are actually happening. While this comes as a great shock later that not everything that happens on 1st of April is a prank. Although it is hard to find what is real and what is not after all there have been so many April fool’s day jokes disguised as sales.

But the best April fool’s day sales are the ones when you took the leap of faith and found out it to be the best shopping experience of your life. So here we are to differentiate the real from fake (although we are entitled to have a little fun). Presetting you the best and not to miss April fool’s day deals this year as well as some of the best April fool’s day sale pranks used by brands over the years.

The Real April Fools Day Sale

Although you might not have seen those huge April fools sales day banners yet but these things are not supposed to be missed. Famous brands who put sales and special discounts on every other day, how come they let go of this funny and promising holiday to market their brand and products. And let us tell you a secret. The April fools day sale is also a great way to go busy in shopping and not be a victim of any pranks (if you don’t like to be pranked). So dive in and enjoy the best collection of stores to shop on this April fools 2021.

1.Bath & Body Works

The store of sweet smells and wonderful vibes does not take a seat back when it comes to giving their customer’s wonderful discounts. Even though they haven’t come up with the sale announcements yet but don’t forget to check bath and body works on the 1st April. Remember the time they put a flat $24 price on their entire collection of three wick candles.

2.JC Penny

JC penny always keeps up with its tradition of releasing the best sales. Whether its serious events like thanksgiving or fun days like April fools the opportunity to save at JC Penny is always bright and on.

3.Old Navy

Does anybody even forget to check Old Navy? Old Navy comes up with creative ways to let their customers enjoy tremendous discounts. Remember the NOTAJOKE coupon code they released to save 30% on your entire order? Yeah, something like this always comes up.

old navy international womens day


Kohl’s is already a reasonably priced store but that does not stop them from releasing wonderful sales on April fool’s day. If not the sales then they have special events coupons up for grabs, as Always!


How come the full lifestyle store not help you save huge bucks on day like April fools? While amazon loves to help you prank with their April fools collection, when it comes to sales they are serious as hell. Don’t forget to check out the wonderful amazon discounts and even if there isn’t a sale (highly unlikely) they do funny pranks.


Etsy is a place where imagination flourishes. It's a marketplace where you can find one-of-a-kind handmade and antique pieces all in one place. The greatest thing is that your sales benefit independent artists all over the world. For the April Fools' Day holiday, look for joke pieces, t-shirts, cards, and more.

7.Bed, Bath and Beyond

Do you even need a reason to purchase those scented candles and 100% cotton robes? We don’t think so. The bed bath and beyond coupons for April fools is a wonderful way to get some wonderful savings.

april fools memes banner

8.Six Flags

No favoritism but seems like the best April Fools Sale there is, Six Flags is offering 71% off on season passes. How about enjoying the day of pranks with your friends and family at those adventurous rides and fun parks. Who will get the time to pull pranks then?

9.The Children’s Palace

Giving you a great treat to forget all that pain of being pranked, the Children’s Palace is offering free delivery till Easter. Also, the Spring Sale is bringing up to 80% on entire collection.


A kick start way to celebrate the start of spring. Wilderness adventure and Water Park is offering amazing discounts this April Fools. Don’t forget to take your family and friends with you. Pushing them in water pranks never get old!

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11.Krispy Kreme

Don’t forget those delicious and glazed donuts from the Krispy Kreme Stores. They are also a part of the April fools day sale clan.


Bachelorette offers a 30% off on your entire order with the latest spring sale. This sale extends to the April Fools Day. No Kidding but it is one of the largest Bachelorette Sales.

13.BBQ Guys

BBQ Guys Offer 40% off during the April Fools Sale. This Sake starts on the 1st April. When the whole world is busy pranking they are working to give you some amazing discounts.

april fools pranks banner

14.The Body Shop

The Body Shop doesn’t want you to be a fool especially on April fool’s Day and miss out the amazing sale. They sometimes offer 40% off on their entire collection just to make your April fools day a lot better.

How to Spot the Real April Fools Day Sales vs The Fake Ones

April fools pranks by your favorite store in form of sale on your favorite item could be a detrimental blow for a shopaholic but this hadn’t stopped many brands to play some amazing jokes. Over the years companies and brands have come up with creative ways to make their customers laugh and releasing fake sales that seem too real is one of those. If you have been one of those victims of April fools day sale jokes then you must be thinking twice before believing any of the sales happening this year.

While the real sales are genuine the fake ones are sometimes too good to be true. There is your hint. When a sale from a store seems too unreal or they are announcing something that doesn’t fit right then you must beware. However stores often don’t play with their customer’s emotions brutally so the real April fools day sales are easy to spot. Not like the time when burger king released the Chocolate Whopper and played with emotions of all the Chocolate and burger Lovers. Not nice to play with emotions like this and brands have continued this tradition for a long time and it seems to proceed in future too. Read more about the best and worst April fool pranks and an ultimate collection of April fools memes to forget the burger king prank now!