Welcome your Baby with All the Right Supplies from Walmart - Under $50

Sep 21, 2021   |   6 min read


Welcome your Baby with All the Right Supplies from Walmart - Under $50


The excitement of having a little buddy with cute toes and tiny fingers takes you on cloud nine. From the day you hear this exciting news to the time when everything feels coming true, parents are eager to hold their little one in their arms. Parenthood is really a time of wonder with an upsurge of emotions in many ways.

Moms are eager to dress up their little babies and fathers well they think about keeping them safe and protected from the world. From overwhelming emotions to uncontrollable joys, we all prepare to embrace parenthood in different ways. But one thing that remains at the top is the baby shopping.

Yes, baby shopping adds more stars to the joy and the baby clothes to nursery setup overhaul makes up believe in the good thing that is about to happen. But it is also true that baby shopping is no tiny. Those little rompers to the sanitary napkins nothing costs lesser than lots of bucks. As you buy a car cot or even put new sheets for the little buddy in your cart, the bill rises up. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your tiny buddy for the world but we have four words to double up your excitement: Baby shopping at walmart.

Yes, baby shopping at walmart is truly the best decision you could ever make. You can get tons of supplies all under $50 and we guarantee that you will put up the best nursery to be ever seen. So not to keep you waiting, here are some of the best products to baby shopping at walmart right under your budget. And the best part? You can still reduce the total with walmart promo codes.

Baby Crib

After they come out of your warm embrace they need a place to rest peacefully. Kudos to you, you have been a great host but now they need a new bed. Don’t worry, they aren’t going too far from you, all thanks to the compact tiny baby crib that you can place right besides your bed.

Walmart has a surprising 6 in 1 baby crib that is convertible. So, as your baby grows (they grow pretty fast), you don’t have to worry about buying new beds for them. The 6 features include toddlers bed, sofa, bed with a headboard, daybed, and bed with head and foot board. You can mix and match the options to let your baby to toddler have something exciting.

And still the best part? The design, color and model all are timeless so they go with every nursery theme or work for both the genders.

Toddler Mattress

Making to our hunt for under $50, the pediatric mattress is the real game changer. Your baby will forget your lap once they sleep on this comfy buddy. Don’t be emotional, babies are still pretty clingy. The super lightweight mattress is easy to carry and place it back for your postpartum days. The sheet changing process is smooth and hassle free. The make is both firm and strong so the baby sleeps and snoozes off into the sleep without a hint of discomfort.

Fitted Sheets

Up until they are few months old you don’t want to worry about them moving but they do need a comfortable clean set of sheets to keep their soft bodies safe. Lesser than even the half of $50, the fitted sheets by walmart add a cute touch to your baby nursery. The 100% breathable soft quality fabric is a game changer even for kids who have sensitive skin. This product has been favorite amongst the new parents and if new born could talk, they would have agreed too.

Rocking Recliners

Nursery needs to be comfortable for them and you too. While you are having those late night feeding adventures we don’t want you to break your back. Walmart has a pretty dope solution for it too. The baby relax recliner has the smoothest cushioned seat and a back to make you doze off. You will love the soft recline and a support against your entire body.

With this killer product, you also get an option to choose from either beige or grey so no worries about one item looking out of the place. Although, this product might be a little heavy on the budget, but it is pricey for all the right reasons.

Baby Changing Station

You cannot complete a baby nursery without a changing station. Wait until you see the mess those tiny creatures make. And all parents know and fear, when it comes to babies, one thing is certain: they require a lot of diaper changes. As a result, every parent requires a good changing table. Because of its two-tier open frame, we love the Baby Relax Adele open changer.

The top tier is for caring for your baby's requirements, while the bottom tier is for diapers and other newborn basics. It comes in two colors: grey and espresso, and it's on sale right now.

Bath Wash

Babies and bath time, tell us a better love story. Babies love the play time in the tiny tubs and they also love little bubbles. But not all baby baths are made for soft sensitive skin so you end up giving them a rash. This doesn’t mean you have been a bad parent it’s just bad luck. Hence the recommended baby shopping at walmart.

The live clean baby bath from walmart is made from plant based ingredients so there is no need to worry about toxins. The all natural scent is also a game changer and babies will love this tiny bottle for their clean up session.

Laundry Detergent

Your baby’s wardrobe grows faster than your baby and that’s a fact. Babies need a lot of clothes. Well, a lot more than a lot! And, how much laundry does a baby require? Quite a bit. What is a decent, safe, and inexpensive baby laundry detergent? The answer is simple: Seventh Generation natural laundry detergent for babies. It's not only strong enough to get rid of the toughest stains, but it's also free of synthetic scents, dyes, and brighteners. It's also an EPA Safer Choice Certified product, meaning it's safe for both the environment and people.

Wall Décor

If you cannot go overboard with the paint then the right wall décor is achievable too. That too at an amazing price. With walmart, the wall décor stickers are one of a kind and they make the whole room shine with love and cuteness. And unlike other wall stickers, the wall décor at walmart are easy to apply and don’t damage the walls either. You can create an entire theme with these decals and call it a day.

Baby Wipes

Sure, the way your nursery looks is important but is it even more important that your baby’s health and hygiene. The baby wipes from walmart are known for their ultra-protection and all the smart parents love to stock up on them. Extra health friendly for even the freshly baked baby, these wipes are a game changer.

They're not only useful for washing a baby's skin during diaper changes, but they can also be used to clean your child's mouth or hands. Water Wipes is one of our current favorite brands. Why? Because there are only two ingredients in these wipes: pure water and a drop of fruit extract.

Baby Chair

Not something you need as soon as you are done bringing that baby into the world but when you need, you know where to look it for. The Walmart’s baby chair collection is thoughtful, reliable and affordable. It is easy to clean and child’s safety friendly. You can get many options and all of them are equally great so we don’t think it is of justice to name a single product.


If you think you will have a social life after baby, think again! Just a joke! You can plenty of mommy and me time and a walk in the park session with your little ones but to carry them on your shoulder is just plainly impractical. The baby stroller wagon from walmart can be a game changer. The simple 2 in 1 product is easy to carry and take places with you. It is foldable and has plenty of space for your baby as well as their belongings to keep everything safe.

Diaper Balm

A baby that grew up without a diaper rash is a myth. Diaper rashes are a common part of early childhood till the day a kid learns potty training. You may worry about the itching and pain your baby has on the rash but here is the ultimate solution. And a very highly affordable one too.

The Earth Mama Baby organic diaper balm is made without petroleum, parabens, or artificial perfumes and is USDA certified organic. It also has a near-perfect score of 4.9 out of 5 based on over 400 user reviews. Enough reasons to buy it, no?