Beauty Items you Need for Holiday Glow

Dec 06, 2021   |   6 min read


Beauty Items you Need for Holiday Glow


Holiday season means that you are not just buying gifts for others but also taking care of yourself. After all, after the entire year of hustle, you deserve to treat yourself to nice evenings of self-care. Lying in your pre-made bed with a glass of your favorite wine while a charcoal mask exfoliates your skin is a pretty picture everyone dreams of during all-nighters.

Well, guess what? The time to bring that picture to life is here. The best part is that you don’t even have to go to a fancy spa for this. In fact, you would be bringing the spa to home with the beauty items available on sale this season.

We know that your routine has been tough and you barely managed to complete all the steps of skincare routine with the sleeping beauty items before your head hit the bed. But now, there are a lot of dinners and parties to look forward to where you would be trying out new makeup looks which means you have to take care of the skin. Plus, it is winters and during this time, you need to pay extra attention to hydrating and moisturizing.

So, let’s look at all the beauty items that every girl needs this fall season.

1.Double Cleanse

This is the first and the most necessary step. You have to begin each of your skincare routine by deeply cleansing your skin to remove all the dirt particles and makeup residue. You would be going out a lot during the festivities and with the strong winds, your face is bound to carry a lot of impurities by the time you come back home.


This is why you need a cleansing oil that can provide a clean skin for the rest of the products to do their magic. One of the true beauty items you can get for cleansing is the Paula’s Choice fragrance-free and luxurious cleanser. It works great for dry skin because it also provides hydration instead of most of the cleansers that leave your skin without any moisture.



After you are done cleansing, you need to remove all the dust and impurities that has settled inside your skin. For this, you need exfoliation. Experts usually recommend using chemical scrubs as they already contain all the beauty supply items to enhance your glow.


The exfoliator from Origins is great and has remained on top of the best-seller list for the longest time. It contains apricot and mango seeds that are great for bringing out the hidden glow and papaya seeds present in the formula provides you with the desired exfoliation.


Just dampen your skin, apply the scrub and wash it after 5-10 minutes. This should thoroughly clean your skin of any surface-level or deep impurities.



It’s your favorite time! Masks allow you mobility which means you can just put them on and carry out any tasks. Be it workout, cleaning, sorting through your wardrobe or just texting your friends about the plans, you can do anything while your skin hydrates. We suggest you just relax and put on your favorite TV show so that your stress lines are eased.


The mask from Peach Slices works like a charm to give you a smooth and refreshing glow. You can even put it after a tiring day of work before an evening celebration and notice visible change on your face. Also, it contains 95% nail mucin which sounds quite off-putting in theory but fantastic in practice because the ingredient is known to even your skin tone.



Then comes the most important step of the entire routine, moisturizing. The weather is already very dry which means you need constant nourishment to make sure your skin does not break out or lose its glow. From the beauty items wholesale, Olay Hydrating moisturizer does the job very well.


You have to apply it in upwards circular motion for a massage to improve circulation. The consistency of this product is so brilliant that it stays on your skin for 24 hours, providing the much-needed moisturizing, especially if you need to step outdoors.


The Collagen peptide in Olay’s cream has known to care the driest of skins to return the refreshing and vibrant glow to their faces.



You are end of the skincare facial routine! If you are a fan of organic products, you are going to absolutely love this step. The Gua Sha facial toolkit might sound unfamiliar but it is literally a magical product that has healing qualities. It is recommended in the beauty promotional items and is being used for centuries.


It helps with lymphatic drainage and massages your skin to enhance blood circulation. The ingredient, jade, present in it is associated with happiness and the stone is said to provide a very soothing experience.


You have to apply it in sweeping motions along your face and neck. The obvious recommendation by the experts is to use upward motions for the best results. After you are done, rinse the tool so that the next time you pick it, it is ready-to-use.


Voila! You are done with your facial routine and now you can relax and go to sleep with the promise of a beautiful skin the next day. The most amazing aspect of these steps is that you don’t have to leave your house for it. You can even add an additional touch of steaming in between if your skin is too dehydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the steps that you usually do but just reduce exfoliation because you might be robbing your skin of oils.

Products from Ulta and Nordstrom can make your job extremely easy so check out their collection.

Olay’s moisturizer has done wonders for many and it is also cheap.

Yes, cold winds can break out your skin tone so you always need to have a toner with you.

It can help with hydration and it also has healing qualities but make sure you use it in small amounts.

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