30+ Best Items to Make You Organized

Jan 21, 2022   |   15 min read


30+ Best Items to Make You Organized


Out of the many New Year resolutions this year some of them must be to get more organized. Why wouldn’t they be? As if we all aren’t tired of not finding the other shoe when heading out or throwing the entire drawer out just when we couldn’t get our charger. Organization in life is very crucial and has many health benefits.

Many researchers prove that an organized home space or even an office space can lead to better energy flow, happier mood and an improved focus. Thus the next time you find it hard at work to complete a task that seems so easy, try cleaning up your desk a bit, you will find the ideas start to flow more effortlessly. Either way bringing organization into one’s life should be at many levels.

From discipline into daily habits, organization in schedule to organizing physical things on your table, you need a few tools that will help you remain more organized. Hence in this article we are going to put this debate to rest once for all and reveal the best items to make you’re organized in 2022. Beware, you are going to emerge as a tidy and neat person at the end of this article.

Organizing your Kitchen

Kitchen is where the magic happens and If the place where good things take place isn’t clean and tidy it is likely to reflect everywhere else. Hence one should plan on keeping their kitchen clean and organized. Here are some of our best picks to organize your kitchen neatly.

Kitchen Shelf

Each kitchen has a set of pots and pans that are not used daily but you cannot toss them away either. If you hide them away in a closet then you will be needing them every other day hence they need to be somewhere close by but not too much in the way.

Do you get this feeling? Yes we all do! Kitchen shelf has many uses and most importantly it can help you keep the items at place. If your kitchen does not have built in shelving (even if it does) then walmart is the place you need to head too.

You can get four tier, five tier and even six tier shelf unit from Walmart’s kitchen shelving section. These shelves come not so cheap so one might want to use the walmart coupons to make the deals affordable.

On Counter kitchen Shelves

With these shelves from Bed Bath & Beyond, you can make the most of every inch of your cabinets and optimize vertical storage space. They're also adjustable, allowing you to find the ideal height for your needs. It may be used to stack dishes and glasses without taking up too much room, as well as to store cleaning supplies like dish soap and paper towels.

You may even maximize storage throughout your home by using the shelves under your sink or in your pantry.

Pantry Organizer

With this pantry and spice organizer from The Container Store, you can make the most of your shelf space. The organizer is flexible to accommodate any size cabinet, and the riser has an unique three-level display that makes it easy to view what you have on hand. There's no need to be concerned about objects dropping because the pantry and spice shelf organizer has a non-slip surface.

Extra big Pantry Organizer

Some people love to use a lot more spices and herbs than you would find in a normal kitchen. After all that’s where the flavor comes from. But to help and organize such pantry is also a big task as one might not want to go through the hurdle of finding a single spice and burning all that’s on stove instead. Hence this 6 basket’ versatile pantry organizer from amazon is the winner.

Let’s talk about a bit. The pantry organizer can be easily mounted on your door with no hooks or screws required. It is extra spacious with enough space between the shelves so you can place the tall jars as well. The height is also adjustable as you need. And the best part? It is also very reasonably priced. Hence the Auledio pantry from amazon is a must have for every kitchen.

Hoojo Fridge Organizer

If your fridge is never clean then you need this set of 8 plastic trays from Hoojo. Hoojo has come up with a wise solution to keep the insides of your refrigerator clean and tidy. And this isn’t the only thing it does because it also allows you to keep the items separate hence they remain fresh.

With 8 trays that are ideally sized you can set the entire fridge in a go. It is easier to cook, easier to clean and gets even easier to make the next grocery list. The BPA free containers are also long lasting.

Cutlery Organizer

Cutlery organizers are both health friendly and user friendly. They ensure the cutlery doesn’t mix up nor it gets dirt and dust. With this bamboo expandable cutlery organizer you can change the organization game in your kitchen.

The best part is the wooden construction so there is no worry about rust or loss of quality over the time. This bamboo organizer by pipishell also ensures anyone opening the drawer in your kitchen is impressed to see the type of organization you have.

Food Container Lid Organizer

Too many containers but you can’t find a single one that you need. Maybe check the cabinets.

 And it’s OK to admit it: we all have that one cabinet in our kitchen that we're afraid to open because of the Tupperware lids and containers it holds. With this organizer, it's time to face your fear of spilling food containers. The lid organizer for food containers is made to fit 12-inch deep cabinets and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Broom Holder

Not something specific to just kitchen as your broom does the job well in the entire home but a broom holder is what you need to have on your checklist for the items to buy in 2022 for better organization.

You can easily get a broom holder from target, amazon and Walmart. Although we love amazon for this purposes too. Rather than naming just one product we recommend you opting for the type of broom holder that suits your needs.

Organizing your Closet

The tribute your favorite t shirts pay to you by falling down each time you open the closet door… well closet organization is an art only few people can master while the rest wait to wake up one day and get the best they can get in the closet space they have. We all know the closet we have is too tiny yet the clothes we have are too many though we still don’t find anything to wear.

Part of the reason why you cannot find what to wear is because of the poor organization in your closet. Especially if you have a limited space for your wardrobe you do need some hacks and easy to get items to organize all your clothes so they remain fresh and new and you look as great as ever.

Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

This shelf hanging closet organizer deserves several rounds of applauses. For starters it has four separate shelves to keep your day to day or even special items (folded). Secondly you get a lower rod to hand the hangers and clothes. This closet organizer is very smart because rather than occupying physical space it can be hanged and increase the space four times while occupying for one. You can easily get this foldable closet organizer from Amazon.

Cube Storage Set

If you don’t a space to even place a leaf in your closet then don’t place your clothes on the chair. We know this seems like a simple solution but there are other tidy and creative solutions too. Like the one we are going to propose.

This puroma cube DIY Closet cabinet is all you need. With a 6 cube storage capacity and a very nice design this looks no less than a modern shelf. The customized layout makes you to play with the shape so you can choose a set that matches your needs.

Wall Mounted Hooks

These nickel-plated, wall-mounted hooks from amazon each capable of holding up to 5 pounds, making it simple to open and close storage when you need it and close it when you don't. They offer a lot of options to solve many closet problems you didn’t realize you had. This includes creating a space for your bags, scarfs, stoles, belts and even jeans.

You can hang the semi-dirty (too dirty to fold in and too clean to wash) clothes in there and wear them just one more time. This is a very cheap investment that lasts you a long time. And if you are buying it then why not get two? Hang on behind the bathroom door to get some extra space.

Velvet hangers

With non-slip velvet material, these slender and elegant velvet hangers are meant to maximize closet space while keeping shirts and dresses firmly in place. The hangers have curved shoulders that protect the original contours of your clothes, as well as a robust structure that can support up to 10 pounds. They're available in 30-, 50-, and 100-packs.

Closet Drawer Organizer

Closet drawers are a great place up until you lose the sight of how to organize them. These drawers look spacious when empty but as soon as you place one item they are overflowing.

That being said, it’s difficult to keep drawers clean no matter how you fold, stack, or roll your socks, bras, or underwear... until now. To make the most of compact areas, a drawer and closet divider keeps everything neatly sorted in separate containers. Say goodbye to rummaging through drawers for a matching pair of socks.

Space Saving Bags

Waving winter goodbye soon? We all are somewhat sad. But don’t let your coats catch dust by hanging in the closet just because you don’t have enough space to store them. We have a smart solution for it that will keep your coats fresh from the dry cleaners up until the next year’s cold season.

With these huge vacuum-sealed reusable storage bags, you can easily store all of your heavy winter jackets, blankets, and comforters. Each bundle includes a travel pump for conserving room on the move, as well as six gigantic double-zip bags that can save up to 80% of your closet space.

Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

Honeycomb is a pretty design of nature so how about bringing this satisfying art into your closet? If you don't like the containers above, or traditional drawer organizers, consider these plastic honeycomb-shaped drawer organizers. They can hold up to 36 pieces (across all three sets) and make finding the correct match at a look much easier.

Shoe Organizer

This 15 unit shoe organizer is all you need. In a dark espresso color the shoe organizer keeps all your casual to fancy footwear as safe as it could get. You will love the space it occupies and thy spacious box each can hold up to two pairs. Easy to dust off the shoe organizer from Closet maid is high quality at an affordable price.

Air Purifying Bag

Not something to bring organization but to bring freshness. Trust us, you need this wise item from Amazon. By absorbing excess moisture, these natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free air purification bags promise to successfully eradicate any mould and mildew. They can also be used again and over again for up to two years. To refresh the purifying bags, simply leave them in the sun for an hour once a month.

Organizing your Home Office

Those who research and study online know a cluttered workplace results in a cluttered mind hence a cluttered performance at work. This is also try for a home office. Without proper organization you will be suffering a lot in terms of productivity and also end up hating the work desk setup you have. Hence here are some tools to organize your home office.

Floating Shelves

Setting up a home office is challenging for most of us particularly because we all are limited on space and don’t have large rooms or extra space to dedicate to a home office setup. Hence we are usually stuck with a small room or a small corner at home to dedicate to work.

Small rooms are overwhelmed by bulky furniture, so attach a desk to the wall and install a tracking system above it. To appropriately organize your art supplies, books, and other office essentials, add as many shelves as you need.

Chalkboard Calendar

Do you like to plan ahead about your upcoming week at work? It is both helpful and easy to manage. People who plan their work schedule are likely to experience better work performance and also manage the work stress in a better way. This DIY chalkboard calendar is out favorite for the New Year’s organization resolution.

Apply a layer of chalk paint to an empty wall and divide it till it resembles a calendar for a practical backdrop. Fill in any key deadlines or events at the beginning of the month, and then add to it as the weeks pass.

Organization Shelf over the Desk

Hang organizers directly to your wall to ensure you have enough space on top of your desk to read, write, and work. Fill mason jars with all of your office materials and hang a cork board to keep your calendar, timetable, or to-do list visible. You can also DIY this shelf by taking wooden cubes and mounting them to the wall. You can also use some other variations of boxes to get the job done.

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is a must have whether you work from home or from an office. This mesh desk organizer from furninxs is black in color which means it compliments most of the office themes. The desk organizer is very compact but don’t go on its small size to hold the items because it is constructed wisely. At the front it has a tiny drawer type to hold all the sticky notes and post its.

Above that you will get separate compartments of different size to ensure there is no office stationery that remains homeless. You can keep pens on one side, markers on the other, staplers, pins, paper clips, note pads, and what not. The desk organizer is very useful and due to its mesh construction will last you for years.

Pen Holder

A pen holder has been a part of our work desks ever since we can remember. Same is the story with this vaydeer metal pen holder from amazon. This is one of the hackiest tool to bring organization to your work desk because of its regal design which alone is enough to bring a touch of professionalism to your home office. We love the metallic body so your pens remain upright and don’t lost their reliability. This pen holder comes in a metal black color as well as a shiny color and both at a very affordable price.

Cable Manager

Office desk and cables, this is a story of every workplace. People who use complex desktop systems are greeted with a mess of cables all day round. This is also very unpleasing as well as unhealthy because the cables can cause a short circuit and even burst. Hence you need to rely on a suitable cable management system.

If your desk doesn’t have a cable assortment system then you can get a cable management box from amazon. This box is easy to use and very tiny to it does right under the desk or even in the drawer.

The insulated material ensures the box doesn’t heat up and the best part is it is also on 10% off if you shop right now.

Organizing the Makeup

Makeup and cosmetic products have a habit of taking up too much space in the bathroom. If your makeup drawers are out of control or your bathroom is lacking in storage, here are some organization suggestions and tools to help you get your beauty items in order.

360 Degrees Makeup Organizer

With this elegant acrylic rotating cosmetic organizer, you can save valuable bathroom counter space without having to shove your favorite beauty and skincare products into a drawer. The beauty organizer has several compartment sizes and heights to accommodate a variety of product sizes, and the 360-spin feature lets you to easily access any item.

IKEE Makeup Organizer

This clear makeup organizer gets our top selection thanks to over 29,000 favorable ratings and a sleek, streamlined design. It's basic, yet it does a good job of storing a range of makeup necessities. The top organizer has various compartments for beauty brushes, lipstick, and palettes, while the bottom organizer has four removable drawers for the rest of your belongings. In addition, mesh pads are included in each drawer to prevent sliding.

Drawer Makeup Organizer

The Expandable Drawer Organizer is a simple design with unlimited stuffing options. The organizer is made of translucent plastic and stretches from 10 to 17 inches wide, providing you more space as your beauty products or daily essentials increase. With this simple tool you can wave goodbye to the messy drawers that greet you each time you open the drawer.

Over the Door Makeup Organizer

When you don't have a lot of counter space, an over-the-door storage solution like this one is ideal. It can be hung over the door to your bathroom or even a closet. Compacts, brushes, pencils, nail polish, lipsticks, perfume, liquid foundation bottles, and much more are stored on seven acrylic shelves and compartments. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can even be stored on the inside of the door. What a convenient one-stop store!

White Makeup Organizer

This white organizer is ideal for keeping your makeup and beauty supplies organized. It has 12 sections and two drawers, so there's plenty of room for everything you need. It's made of sturdy wood with a white finish and antique bronze drawer pulls for a get-ready solution that will last for years. It can also be personalized with a monogram or a name.

Organizing your Daily Chores

Whether you are a new mom or know yourself well enough that you need a lot of effort to get the needful done each day, a little organization in life is what you need. After all you are the one who made this New Year Resolution to become more organized and disciplined than ever. Hence here are some tools and essential items to help you become organized and more systematic with your work this year.

Chore List for Kids

Even as an adult we get lazy with our chores but being kids, chores are hard to get done by. Just make sure you are doing anything wrong to push them so they end up hating their daily duties. This chore chart memo from good habit is all what you need and kids are going to love the simple creativity you get.

With a low price you can buy as many as you like and this daily to do list with interesting check mark button will push them to do more. And for an added motivation you can add a touch of prize for the one who gets the maximum chores done.


For someone who is really busy or irresponsible with the time, a little timer can keep you right on track. We love this silent timer from Secura because of carious reasons. Firstly in available in different colors if you want to interest the kids. Secondly the countdown is silent so there is no distraction, thirdly it allows you to set timers up to an hours which is how long most of the tasks are. With this timer at up to 30% off on Amazon, now is the time to bring the best organization in your life. Shop now and you will love the nudge this timer gives you in the right direction.

Dry Erase Magnetic Calendar

You must have seen many people getting creative with the fridge magnets but this one is definitely creativity plus results. The Dry Erase magnetic white board keeps you on track with your tasks.

You get a great grocery list so you don’t miss on buying the essentials, as well as a chore list to get all the needful done around the house. This magnetic pad is extra affordable hence it is on our new year’s resolution organization list. Shop this one from maalbok store now which is available at Amazon.

Time Management Planner

This daily planner will play a huge role in organizing your life for the best. With 48 sheets you can rely on it to last long and frankly this doesn’t cost you a lot as well. With 11% off right now the planner from TWONE brings your time management game to the next level. Get your life organized and also enjoy it for working. The best part? It is both suitable for home offices, business and home chores.

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