What to Buy in January?

Jan 14, 2022   |   8 min read


What to Buy in January?


January is the month right after Christmas and New Year’s night. Everybody is too tired and exhausted from the festivities to think about anything. Most of all, the going back to reality phase brings everybody right back to where they were before the sales and joyfulness.

But this is a time when you will find a lot towards your liking. If you did not get anything in last year’s sales, do not worry. The sale season never ends. You just need to find the right way to shop so that you budget never suffers in the long-term. So, without further ado, let us see some of the best things to buy in January.

Winter Clothing

Winter clothing is the best thing to buy in the month of January. The season is changing which allows for the change of the clothes in stores. Many stores finish off their stock at 70-80% off just to make room for the new stock. If you could not get anything in the holiday season, this is the time to go and shop while you can.

Gym Equipment

Is it your new year’s resolution as well to stay fit? We know the drill. Eat all year and think about change near the end of it. Yes, we are all guilty but buying a machine could help you out with your commitment issues. The fitness equipment is a great buy in January as there are many stores offering a wide range of different machines. You will find a great range according to your taste and some really good prices falling in your budget.


Before the sports season, there are only two things coming in the households, a new TV set and the reviving spirit that this year, the team is going to win. January is the month before the Superbowl starts and if there is one thing you need, it is a good TV. Televisions are on sale during the holiday season as well but January brings the good stock to the market. You will find them to be moderately priced and coming with high quality screens that will keep you near the edge of the seats. 

Beddings and Bath Items

January is the month when white sales originated. Hence, it would be a foolish idea not to go and buy bedding and bathing items. From pillows that will keep your neck straight up to fresh bed sheets that will keep you warm, the sale goes crazy.

You can find many stores providing a whole collection of different items that are sold in different colors so there is not a shade missing in your house. Although the white sale originally started as a sale of white products, now it has caught on the trendiness of different patterns and colors.

Holiday Décor  

Another one of the best things to buy in the January sales are the holiday decorations. What would you do with them? Stock them, of course. You will find these products at prices that will be unheard to your ears because they go extremely low. The stock is running out and stores just want to sell the few products that are left before they are of no use to literally anybody. Hence, what you can do is stock them up and use them next year.


Now, flowers are something that you cannot stock. If there is a birthday coming, that person will be very happy to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers. You will be the happy sender as well because the prices are quite affordable this time of the year. You will find a huge variety as well. It is not like flowers have made someone upset so there really should not eb any specific reason when giving someone a fresh bouquet.


The prices of houses are extremely low at the time around. If you are looking to upgrade your house or buy a new one, you will find a whole market that can help you with great houses in a good budget.

However, with houses, there are many factors like distance, schools, market places nearby, and environment that one considers before buying. These factors cannot be guaranteed as well. But you will find that there are great neighborhoods around that will get you good prices for the houses. Just know where to look and research before you buy anything.  

What Not to Buy in January?

That was the section of what to buy in January. Is there something that you should avoid buying in this month as well?


Are you looking for a new car or one to upgrade your previous? Wait a while because January is not the month that you should be getting a new car. Obviously, getting a car is one of the main success stories that everybody loves to flex. We are sure you are waiting to tell yours too. Hence, we would not be stopping you from making this decision. If you do not need it on an urgent basis, then this decision needs to have a solid ground that can accommodate more towards your savings.


Although January is the month where you should be buying bedroom items, it is not the time when you should be changing your mattress. Now, the idea may be tempting when you have bought fresh pillow cases where you can just bury your head in but the mattress is not providing enough comfort to straighten your back.

That may be an odd ratio and one that does not suit you well in your sleep but mattress prices can go quite heavy during January. Unless it is urgent, we suggest you wait for more holiday sales to come around. After all, the National Pie Day can be the day you spread out the pies on your old mattress and just enjoy a contest with your friends.

Electrical Appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines, and driers are the few machines that should have been on your shopping list before the holiday sales. But if there has struck an emergency now, you need to wait a bit more. The holiday sales for the Veteran’s Day can get you far better deals on these appliances than what you will get right now. They will be priced quite high that may push your budget to the wall.

Snow Gear

Even though the winter clothes can be found at quite a discount around this time of the year, the snow equipment may not show you a similar favor. You will need to wait a few months more for its prices to go down because in some parts of the country, the winter season go for a longer time. Tourists find this time to enjoy hiking and snowboarding hence the prices remain same during this time of the year.

Wrapping up

Still not sure about what to buy in January? We suggest going through the stores to see what sales are up and what deals are new to get a hold of the best products out there. Whatever you do, just remember to do your research before buying. Even with low prices, there are products that are off good quality and products that may just scam you. So, be on the lookout, and happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many sale events that pop up in the month of January. You might not find big sales but there are discounts floating around on many products that you can take advantage of this time of the year.

The winter collection is comparatively cheaper in the month of January. You will find all the stock of December clearance sales to be present in January. You can also shop in the months of February as the prices keep going down as the season departs but the stock also reduces with time.

You can search out deals and relevant sales on the internet. Compare prices to see which company is selling the product of your choice at the best rates. Moreover, you can use promo codes and coupons to see if the purchase can be made at a lower price than the original.

Although there are many factors that affect the prices, January is known to provide good rates on housing. You will find the house prices comparatively lower in this month.

A White Sale usually occurs in January. Its origin may date back to centuries ago but the concept is still being used today. It refers to the sale of bed and bath items and is quite popular during this time of the year.

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