10 Ways to Honor Military Members This Memorial Day

May 18, 2022   |   5 min read


10 Ways to Honor Military Members This Memorial Day


The last Monday of each may every year is considered an ode to military members both men and women who lost their lives serving the country. The day is a national holiday with multiple events being carried out throughout the country to celebrate the pride of our nation in the best possible way. If you know someone from a military family or have a military member in your family, this is the day where you make them feel most special and thank them for all they do for you and the nation.

Wear a Red Poppy

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) members commonly sell paper red poppies in front of shopping malls around Memorial Day. The custom began during World War I and continues today as a well-known memorial emblem for troops who have fallen in combat. This is a simple gesture which doesn’t require much but definitely speaks volume about the honor and respect you hold for a military member in your heart. It can also be a great way to show unity as a nation and promise to be unified under one flag under all circumstances.

Visit a Cemetery

Attend a Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetery or pay a visit to the graves of dead soldiers to lay flowers. Soldiers and veterans are honored with memorials and paths in several cemeteries. You can also check out the list of cemetery where national heroes are buried and place some flowers on those brave graves.

Pray Wholeheartedly

Attend a religious service at your church or spend some time praying for the souls of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, their families, the future of our country, and world peace. While you might be doing other things this the best way to honor those which we have lost in the face of war.

Display the National Flag

Do you have a home with an American flag? If not then get one.  Because Memorial Day is a national day of sorrow, fly the flag at half-staff from sunrise to noon to honor those who have passed away. At 12 p.m., the flag is raised to full staff to honor live veterans. The flag hoists proudly for the whole day so the entire country shows their heart and love goes to all the military heroes.

Attend a Parade

A Memorial Day parade is one of the best ways to celebrate Memorial Day every year. By joining the parade you cannot only honor the heroes but also join other people and learn and grow as a community. It is a great social activity which shows how much patriotism lives in the hearts of people.

Social Media Campaign

We all know the world of today is all about social media. Run a social media campaign that involves sharing military members’ pictures their heroic stories in their own voice or video message, a funny moment from their life or anything they find worth sharing is a great way to create way to create something that will last long after the day is over. You can also create an online group where different military members can chat, join and comment over the stories of other military members despite of large distances.

Memorial Day Craft

If your family is more hands-on, everyone will enjoy doing a patriotic craft together. This flag-themed flower pot would look great on any front porch. This is a wonderful family practice and you can also gift this wonderful piece of craft to a military member to show them the love you hold for them.

Cookie Stall

This might seem out of basic but people love cookies and if they are homemade the taste gets even better. Setup a cookie stall to make cookie sales. The revenue goes to a military charity or old age home for military members. This is a great way to engage community and also actively make everyone participate in this traditional practice.

A virtual White House Tour

The White House Historical Association has designed an online tour for kids to explore the historic rooms and interesting history of the White House. It is a great way to start teaching them about the country and the history of the country.


If they willingly spend their lives for the benefit of country it’s only a bit of it to volunteer for a few hours. Look into local organizations that help veterans or active military service members and their families, such as the local VA hospital, USO center, or homeless shelter, and commit to volunteering on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

To honor the brave and lost soldiers on Memorial Day there are various speeches, ceremonies, parades and cemetery visits organized every year. By learning about their hard work, their life efforts you can honor them for what they have done for the country.

Yes Memorial Day is a national holiday where schools, offices and colleges all observe a day off to honor the military heroes.

Yes you can get huge discounts on Memorial Day on all categories. The discounts may launch on the same day or begin before the actual day.

Memorial Day is the best time to gift a military member something you know they will love. It is also one of the ways to honor a Military member.

Give them a gift basket with a thankyou note, write them a letter, send them homemade fresh cookies to make them feel loved and honored.