How to Celebrate Valentine’s 2022 at Home with Bed Bath and Beyond

Jan 21, 2022   |   8 min read


How to Celebrate Valentine’s 2022 at Home with Bed Bath and Beyond


 Are you someone who loves to save Pinterest home décor ideas or follow décor idea pages on Instagram? We are sure, 90% of us secretly wish we had the skills to pull off a stunning party décor at home. Many stores have a décor goods section. Sadly, either they don’t offer a variety of their items are poor in quality. However, there is one store that is forever in our good books. The store is none other than Bed Bath and Beyond.

The store is older than our grandparents but knows well how to keep up with the changing trends. Bed, Bath and Beyond are located all over the US with over 1500 outlets. Each outlet has a massive collection of home goods. The sections are further sub-categorized into different décor and essential pieces for each corner of our house. 

Now the real question is what separates Bed, Bath and Beyond from other home improvement stores? Well, the store offers an equally colossal range for bath goods, furniture, and accessories as their home goods range. Bed, Bath and Beyond’s range of products also feature items for our children, pets as well as health and beauty. You can plan an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner and you can also get gifts for your loved ones from the store. We have narrowed down a list of items that will help you celebrate Valentine’s with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

Lights for Brightening the Room

Name one thing that is cheap and glows for the longest time? Don’t think too hard, the answer is lighting. They are a one-time investment that serves you for the longest time. Just like rugs, check out What are the Best Places to Buy Rugs From? for rug information. Coming back to lights, Bed, Bath and Beyond has dedicated a whole section to lights. And they categorized the section as per our requirement of light bulbs. 

Celebrations are incomplete without scrumptious food. And if you have the cooking skills, we recommend you to put them to use this Valentine’s. To help you set the vibe, The Lalia Home –Light Beamer is a perfect light source. The 4-light set comes in light brown and dark brown wood color. You can choose as per your kitchen theme. The set is perfect for open space kitchens. Set the lights and serve your loved one some hot, right out of the oven meal. Check out Top 5 Grocery Retailers in the USA for your meal ingredient shopping.

You can also get the Mini Pendant lamp by Uttermost. The lamp comes in water-shaded glass which helps you set an expensive dinner table vibe in your outer space patio. And for someone who is into novelty lighting, Bed Bath and Beyond have a wide range of novelty lights. You can get the Kikkerland 100 LED Mini Bulbs that are a perfect alternative to fairy lights. Set them any way you want and they will instantly brighten up your space.

Candles to Set a Romantic Vibe
What comes to your mind when we say, intimate, cozy, and serene? It is candles or a romantic date night with your better half? Well, for us it's them both. Candles are magical beams that should be applauded for their instant vibe. We have never heard of a dinner date that didn’t have candles. Luckily, Bed, Bath and Beyond is a hub for our candle needs. Their candles and fragrances have a fan base all across the globe. 

Bed, Bath, and Beyond have an ongoing clearance sale on their candles and fragrances range. This only gives us more reasons to buy as many as we want. The Lavender + Sage relaxing candle is a must-have if you want to enjoy a relaxing, warm bath in the tub. We recommend you to make the most of Bath and Body Works Sales | Reasons to Shop and shop for your bathing essentials. For a more relaxing vibe, you can also get the Bergamot + Patchouli scented candle. 

It is truly sad when candles from different brands melt out in an hour or so. We are glad Bed, Bath and Beyond’s candle jars are available in multiple sizes. Each jar lasts for a good 2 to 3 months even if you light it up regularly. The Yankee Candle is among customers’ favorite from the store. Its lavender, lilac blossom scent lasts in a room for long hours. You can gift the Bed, Bath, and Beyond candles to your loved ones and introduce them to your favorite scents. For more Valentine’s gift ideas, check 15 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner 2022

Massage, Spa, and Sleep Items for a Couples Spa Date
Do you and your loved one like to do things together? If yes, then the spa idea will be a success for your Valentine’s celebration. Bed, Bath, and Beyond have a separate section for massaging needs. You will find products that elevate our serene experiences. We all know how risky it is to pamper ourselves at salons during pandemic times. And the tight work schedule always keeps us occupied. What better way to spend quality time with your partner than relax and enjoy serendipity? 

Get a HoMedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa from Bed, Bath and Beyond. HoMedics specializes in products that are home-friendly. The foot spa has a heat boost pad instilled in it. You can enjoy a relaxing spa day with your loved one and then wrap yourself with Haven’s Organic robe available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can also find other HoMedics items at Walmart, check How to Get Free Shipping at Walmart? for your delivery orders.

When you enter adulthood, you realize the worth of a good massage. This year, Valentine’s is falling on a weekday which means we will have a hectic workday and no time to party. Fret not, we have a better idea. You can try giving each other massages with the Sharper Image’s Power Boost Massager. The massager is designed to target are stiff muscles and supply heated pressure. There are other massagers available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well.

Outdoor Cooking for an Intimate BBQ 
We cannot imagine a celebration that doesn’t prioritize food. Luckily, Bed, Bath and Beyond have our cooking needs covered with its cookware range. We all know, it’s hard not to go out and celebrate Valentine’s. But you can throw an intimate party for your friends and celebrate Valentine’s on your patio. 

Bed, Bath and Beyond’s extensive range of outdoor cooking essentials have it all. Grillers, Pans, Utensils from different brands are also available under this section. Since it’s an intimate dinner, get the Just Grillin’ non-sticks pans with holes on them. The pan is a popular one for its design. You can use it to grill your vegetables or sauté them.

Another must-have is the Pizza Stone which is nowhere else to be found. The stone is by Out Table. You can bake your pizza and serve it on the round stone as well. It is a 15-inch stone that comes with a stainless-steel tray. There are two side holders for holding purposes. If you are a steak person, then Out Table’s sizzlers are also available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You may also find a similar version of these appliances at Macy’s. Check Macy’s Kitchen Appliances and Kitchenware | save up to 40% 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find their gift cards on multiple sites, including their own. You can get gift cards from their store as well. The good part is, if you buy something at a discounted price, you will get a further reduction with the gift card.

Yes, the store is 100% animal-friendly. They even have a dedicated section for pet items. You can find pet furniture, goods, and toys under this section. Dogs are Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s favorite.

The store knows what its customers are obsessed with. A full range of Yankee candles is available. Mid-Summer night is a popular one among all.

Surprisingly, yes. The store entertains expired coupons. No matter how old your coupon is, it is accepted. No other store accepts expired coupons other than Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

No, there are no shipping charges. You can get your order delivered for free anywhere in the States. Delivery charges apply to international orders.