What to Know About Costco Return Policy on Electronics Before I Shop?

Jun 27, 2022   |   5 min read


What to Know About Costco Return Policy on Electronics Before I Shop?


Who doesn’t love buying new electronics upgrades? But granted, they come with both a higher price and an even bigger headache of making the perfect purchase. If one thing goes wrong, you know you will be staring at the machine at your house in disgrace and guilt. Another purchase down the drain, right?

But here is a bonus tip we want to let you in before you read ahead on the Costco return policy on electronics. Use coupons to make your purchases. Why? Because even if you want to return it, you won’t be sad about spending too much at the end of the day.

Now that the bonus tip is out for you to grab for free, you can now focus on the costco exchange policy. Don’t worry, we will be discussing it from scratch so you can easily understand the concept behind it.

In this guide, you will learn about Costco’s Return Policy, how to make a return in case a purchase is not to your liking, and Costco’s perspective on returning electronics. So, let’s start right away!

The Costco Return Policy

Do you want to return a product because you do not like the color? Is the brand not a good fit for you? Or is it just because it does not fit with your personal preferences? Whatever your reason may be, the return policy of Costco is quite simple and user-friendly.

The best part about the Costco shopping experience is that you can assure yourself that you will have plenty of days to return it. Their generous return policy is present in almost all of the departments of the store. It is such because they want their customers to have the best shopping experience, knowing they will walk home with the best product in the market.

Their return policy is so accustomed to users that the customers can even return their membership if they are not satisfied with it. Now, that is something, right?

Costco Electronic Return Policy

But what about electronics? What does Costco say about returning electronics? Well, Costco may be a bit strict about its electronics return policy but in comparison, it is still quite simple.

It allows up to 90 days for the consumer to see if there lies any problem with their purchase. If so, then they can return their electronic machine quite easily. The electronics that fall under this policy include projectors, computers, touchscreen tablets, smartwatches, cameras, drones, and MP3 players.

We did not include televisions because they come up with tech support and an extra year of warranty. So, if your TV is displaying some problem, you can ask tech support to fix it before you opt for the return.

How to Return Electronics at Costco Store?

As we mentioned before, the Costco electronics return policy is not generous but easy too. So, if you want to return the machine you have bought, you can return it in-store to your nearest Costco branch or even online through their website. Here is how to do it in-store;

  1. Make sure your product is in its original packaging.
  2. Show the receipt of the purchase. If you do not have it, then you might have to inquire with customer service about whether they will accept your return. But if you are a member, you won’t need a receipt.
  3. Then, go to the Membership Counter at the nearest Costco store.
  4. Ask for a Members Service Team member.

Costco Online Return Policy

If you want to return the electronic machine you purchased online, there is a simple way to do that! You do not have to go to the nearest store. Do it within the comfort of your home! Here is how;

  1. Login with your credentials in the Costco account.
  2. Go to Orders & Returns.
  3. Find the order that you want to return and select the return items option.
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Print the return label to take to the store or schedule a Costco pickup. No, you will not have to pay the shipping fees.

While this is applicable to most electronic items, there are some that may not be picked up through the online return exchange. These items include generators, solar and water treatment equipment, and some Apple products.


All in all, it is quite easy to make a return at Costco. If you do not like a certain product, you do not have to shy away from returning it. Costco will take care of it by picking it up from your home or attending to your return in person. Just make sure that you have read the Costco return policy for electronics or Costco’s return policy on other products depending upon your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends upon the type of product you have purchased. Sometimes, Costco allows it while other times, it does not. But if you have the membership card, you will not need any receipts. They will have all the data they need.

Yes, you can. But you will either need the receipt of the purchase or the membership card number of the person who purchased from Costco.

Unfortunately, no. You can only make the return if you are an active member of the Costco membership plan.

Only if they are listed in your membership plan. Otherwise, nobody can make the return except you.

Yes, you can return the product whether you have bought it online or in-store. Just make sure it fulfills the Costco’s return policy conditions.