17 Best Cheap Spring Dresses to Shop From Amazon

Apr 14, 2022   |   13 min read


17 Best Cheap Spring Dresses to Shop From Amazon


Riddle us this, what's the one thing that never goes out of style and you can use throughout the year however you want? Dresses. Since it is the season of colors and we are experiencing the first somewhat normal spring in two years, it is time to milk the opportunity to the fullest. Lots of brands have already brought out their collection for the month and we couldn't be happier to report that there are great options available in the market that will make you want to fill your wardrobe with the latest designs.

The thing about summer dresses that appeal to us the most is the vibrancy. Sure, during the summers you also get bright colors but that are mostly two pieces since most of us are heading out to the beach. But, as far as spring is concerned, it is still windy and light enough to wear a dress that will make you the talk of the town. If you are someone who shops for every season and would love to get on board with the idea of upgrading your collection, then we have just the right kind of suggestions for you.

Hundreds and thousands of brands exist today, making it difficult for women to decide which article of clothing to wear. While we have already said that color fairs really well during the season, the experiments that come with different designers prove to be the game-changer. But, what is the one place where you can find spring dresses for women of all qualities and price ranges without any problem? Of, course the number one retailer of all your favorite items, is Amazon. It has a wide variety of options from all the outlets that you would otherwise have to visit individually. So, let's begin sorting out your summer collection for you!
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Best Spring Dresses on Amazon

1. Half Sleeve Ruffled Flow Dress

Do you know what is the best place to find the latest trends and how to tell if they are a good fit for you? TikTok. The app has taken everyone by storm and like every other fashion, you will also find amazing options for women’s spring dresses on the app. This is where we found this one. Just one look at it had us wanting to search for it online. The color scheme, the A-line design, and of course the flow of the skirt- all of these features will make you feel like a Disney princess. It has very back-to-school vibes as well so all women above the age of 16 can rock this look. The greatest thing about this dress is that you can wear it on a date night, casual picnic lunch with your friends, or even for a college class.

2. Wrap V-neck Mini Dress

This dress is everything that we love about the spring. The dress is extremely comfortable to wear as it wraps around the lower half of your body and again, you can style this one however you want. It has the rare quality of looking great on every shape regardless of the size. It is slightly baggy so we suggest that you fasten the belt it comes with on the side and rock whichever fashion look you are in the mood for. The layering makes it even more stylish and just with the right set of heels and earrings, you can look red-carpet ready.

3. Terry Drawstring Waist Dress

No other option on our list wins the competition of cute spring dresses like this one. As we mentioned earlier that the spring season in most places still has the chill and the terry material that this one is made of would be a great addition to your wardrobe. If you ask us, it has very functional vibes so you can easily wear it to your workplace or have a casual Friday nights drink session with your girls. Oh, did we forget to mention? You can find this dress in 10 different colors so order yourself a pack of 5 and always be on you're A fashion game. You can also pair it with tights to achieve a more formal look. Find these Amazon spring dresses and have the time of your life during the new season!

4. Tie Back Lantern Sleeve Mini Dress

We all love the fashion of the 80s and the parties that college students throw with the theme of retro are evident of that. But why do you need a party to celebrate the polka dot culture? Bring it back with the help of this mini dress that will fit you like a second skin. It has the greatest neckline we have seen in spring dresses and even though it is black and white, it fits in with our theme so well. Plus, all your end-of-the-year parties would be covered with the help of one fit. So, get a straw hat and a tote bag and get ready for a stroll across town to reminisce the glorious 90s fashion of polka dots mini dresses.

5. Halter Neck Knitted Dress

Let’s be honest, if there is one thing we cannot give up while buying high-quality dresses from Amazon is the fabric. This one is a tad bit different from what you are used to. It falls in the knitted variety and even though we know that people usually go for this type during the winters, it is surprisingly very light and breezy. Our experts say that it is all due to the halter neckline that accentuates your curves and chest in the best possible way. Plus, the spring color dresses are always getting our attention and the vibrant blue is exactly what you need to match the sky that looks just so beautiful during the season.

6. Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress

Did you say you needed chic, modern, and comfort all wrapped into one? Because this dress is the answer to just that. It has a very college and high school vibe but that doesn't mean you can't wear it to a luncheon with friends. In fact, if you pair it with a blazer and add a couple of hoops and high heels into the mix, you will look all the businesswoman you want to achieve with a black mini dress. It is one of the cheap spring dresses that will accompany you way into the summers and you will find yourself reverting to the comfort that the fabric provides.

7. Tie-Front Button Down Dress

The midi dress styles are quite a in fashion if you are fishing for spring color dresses. It speaks of the arrival of the summer with the light yellow shade and we love how it feels against tan skin. If you are planning to take a vacation, this is the perfect dress for it. There is a tie at the front waist so you can adjust it as per your desire and rock any look you want, depending on the mood. We love the brightness that comes with this dress so putting it on will instantly brighten up your day as well. It is great for a beach to hang out or even a casual stroll on a Sunday afternoon.

8. Long Sleeve Floral Print Backless Dress

The flow dresses are all the rage right now and if you still haven’t got one, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe to the latest designs. The long sleeves and deep neckline makes it fabulous to wear on any day of the spring and the light shade adds character to your overall outfit. We think that it works out really well as nighttime wear so you can pair it with high heels and some great jewelry to instantly become the talk of any party you step into. This outfit will work just as well during winters too as it reaches till your thighs and you can wear tights underneath to complete the look.

9. Silky V-Neck Midi Slip Dress

If you are in the mood for something simple, this should be your pick. Even though it doesn't have anything fancy and comes with a sleeveless strap, the polka dots make it an interesting choice as one of the cheap spring dresses. We recommend that you wear it with either white sneakers or high-heeled boots. The spaghetti straps will shine out as the most defining feature of the dress if you keep it simple. Plus, you can use this for winters as well.

10. Make Me Chic Floral Long Sleeve Dress

The reason why we love Amazon is that it covers all types of fashion and this dress is just proof of that. You would be getting it for $30 from the retail store but it looks far more expensive and can be worn at any champagne party organized by your workplace. What makes it extremely different from the rest of the options on the list is the denim color which is usually associated with the casual look. However, the flow and the square neckline add a sophistication that is unmatchable which means that your wardrobe will be a whole lot more versatile with this in your collection. Also, the greatest news for ladies is that the support this dress provides means you can wear it without the bra too!

11. ASTR the Label Gaia Dress

Who doesn’t live the instant glamor and grace that the color olive adds to your outfit? Honestly, we have fallen in love with this boatneck dress that has such a silky feel against your skin which makes you feel like royalty. You can walk into any ballroom and feel like a 2oth century Regency princess with this strap sleeveless dress. It does come with a modern touch of a slit though so you can feel both beautiful and sexy and draw attention to your high heels. It truly feels regal owning something like this which you can use to stun all your friends and loved ones.

12. Tank Swing Dress

The spring collection is all about keeping it casual because it does tend to get hot in some places so you need to ensure that the breeziness of the outfit isn't compromised. Most of our March and April is spent keeping up with the tasks of the midyear and if you are a student or a working professional, you usually have to step out a lot during these busy months. This is exactly why this dress is the perfect choice for you. You can pull it up for any occasion and pair it with sandals to add to the casualness of your outfit. We are sure you would turn a lot of heads on the street with the great fit it provides around the waist.

13. Floerns Boho Floral Off-Shoulder Dress

This falls under the best-selling category on Amazon and one look at the dress is enough to tell us why. Just look at the small details that you can use to your advantage for different events. We feel so giddy just knowing how perfectly the dress will blend with so many accessories. It is a strapless maxidress that highlights your collarbones and shoulders in the best possible way. Tight around the bust, your chest would look amazingly flattering with it and the floral print is enough to tell you how fantastic it would look during the spring. Do you have a flower show to attend during the month of April? Add a straw hat to your outfit and prepare to blend in well while simultaneously standing out in the theme.

14. Goodthreads Georgette Smock-Back Maxidress

Owning maxidresses is never enough and the more you fill your wardrobe with these, the more you crave the vibrant colors that can become your great partner during the spring season. This cherry red is a good option to pair with something light on your head and feet. The color is so bright that it will shine on a regular day, instantly making you feel better about your choice. As per the reviews on Amazon, this fabric doesn't wrinkle so you can wash or fold it anyway and it would never crumble, eliminating the stress of ironing your clothes before heading out.

15. Pretty Garden Sleeveless Floral Maxidress

When it comes to elegance, nothing can beat the ruffled hems and halter neck. It transports you back to the fashion of the 80s and we can’t say we miss how amazing the polka dots used to look on every item of clothing. If you too have a soft spot for that style, this dress would work great in your favor. The best thing about this outfit is that it comes in a navy blue color which is not quite vibrant. Therefore, the funkiness of polka dots coupled with such an elegant color adds a beautiful touch to the dress. It is available for all body types.

16. Free People Adella Slip Dress

Now, this is what we call the height of fashion. Spring season comes with lots of cocktail parties and if you are in the search of a dress to make yours a memorable one, you have come across the right outfit. Adella is something that this brand excels at and its reputation isn't for nothing. You just have to take one look at the dress to know that your evening would soon turn into a night of compliments because of how sultry and delicate the work of the dress looks. It gives you an almost angelic touch with the pastel color and if you have been recently tanned on a vacation, let’s just say you won’t be able to look away from the mirror for quite some time.

17. Kirundo Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

Your wardrobe also needs something cute and casual that you can wear on a lunch or breakfast date. This ruffled mini dress looks so comfortable that you can't help but desire one to be in your wardrobe. In the winter, you can use it as a top and pair legging to complete the outfit. It completely leaves the choice of being dressed up and down to you so use the brick red combination to bring out the stylist in you and turn this simple outfit into something magical with your skills.

So, which dress would be your pick?

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of maxi and minidresses are quite popular, especially the ones with the floral print.

We suggest that you shop from Amazon for maximum variety and diverse price range.

Halter neck maxidresses with polka dots have made a comeback.

Always check the ratings of the customers and consider the fabric before making a decision.

Absolutely, but spring calls for more vibrant shades like pastel colors, orange and yellow.

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