Does Amazon Take Apple Pay (A Complete Guide)

Dec 01, 2022   |   5 min read


Does Amazon Take Apple Pay (A Complete Guide)


Can you use Apple Pay on Amazon? Apple Pay can be accepted by Amazon sellers, though not many do it right now. I'll demonstrate how to use your Apple Card and how to move money from Apple Cash to your bank account so that you can use the associated debit card to make purchases on Amazon.

In this article, we'll find out more...

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Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

Sadly, as of 2022, Amazon will not accept Apple Pay. Amazon does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment, however, it does accept Apple Card and Apple Wallet. Additionally, this business takes the following forms of payment:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • EBT cards
  • Personal checking accounts

There is a list of places that accept Apple Pay if you're curious. What about online retailers, though? Does Apple Pay work on Amazon? Yes, Amazon now accepts payments made using Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass through digital wallets, but each vendor is responsible for making the service available. We'll need a workaround till Apple Pay is conveniently available on Amazon. Here are two methods for using your Apple Wallet app to buy things from Amazon. Visit our free Tip of the Day for more fantastic Apple Wallet guides.

If you want to learn more about other options for Apple Pay on Amazon, let's have a look at all the intriguing information in our guide below.

Why Amazon does not accept Apple Pay?

Simply put, since there isn't a direct agreement between these two companies on the use of Apple Pay, you cannot use it at Amazon. The ability to pay with a smartphone rather than a physical card makes Apple Pay popular for making direct transactions. You don't need to be anxious because it accepts digital payments.

In spite of not accepting AP, this retailer doesn't lose a lot of customers. With $386 billion in annual revenue, Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world and it is still growing without using Apple Pay. Instead of accepting Apple Pay, the company will let users use Apple Cards to make payments.

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Does Amazon Take Apple Pay- Apple Card

You can accept Apple Cards as payment on Amazon if you don't use Apple Pay. Launched in August of this year, Apple Cards has the stamp of the industry leader in credit card technology. It mostly supports this app on iPhones and Apple Watches.

Businesses that already accept Mastercard or Amazon also accept Apple Cards because Apple integrates Mastercard into its payment system. When making a purchase on Amazon, all you have to do is provide your Apple Card-related information. After logging into your accounts, you can add a new payment method option.

Please quickly type the following information.

  • Apple Card number
  • Security code
  • Expiry date

You can benefit from AP better after saving your new payment method, Apple Card, on your account. For instance, you can pay with Apple Card or your other credit cards and purchase anything you want on the Amazon app or website,, with just one click. Apple Cards is renowned for offering the same practical payment option as other Amazon customers. Although this retailer does not accept this form of payment, it always finds a way to make paying easy.

Using an Apple Card on Amazon

Unfortunately, Amazon's checkout procedure does not seamlessly include Apple Pay, unlike other online retailers.

If you have an Apple Card, however, you can enter your card information exactly like you would for any other credit or debit card. The first two stages in this method are finding your Apple Card number and entering it into the Amazon entry field.

You are able to add a card right instantly to your account for potential future checkouts. Following the completion of the online checkout process, you can still do this.

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How to connect your Apple Wallet or Card accounts to Amazon

1. Download and install Amazon on your Mac or PC.

2. In the top toolbar, select "Account & Lists" by clicking the dropdown arrow. A search box is adjacent to this greeting, immediately below your name.

2. Select "Your Account." 3.

4. On the following page, under "Ordering and shopping preferences," choose "Payment options."

5. Find "Credit or Debit Cards" by scrolling down.

  • Amazon accepts all major credit cards, and you can start entering a new card by choosing the first entry box. If Touch ID and Keychain are configured to save credit cards, these options should appear in a dropdown menu.

6. In the checkout screen, you can also add a card by following a nearly identical procedure.

  • Next to your current payment method, click "Change," then "Add a credit or debit card." You can add a stored card to Keychain or enter your information by clicking the pop-up that will display.

How to Transfer Apple Cash to Your Bank?

If you don't have an Apple Card, you can transfer Apple Cash to a bank account. After completing this, you can shop on Amazon using your debit card as usual.

And that's how using an Apple Card to shop on Amazon works. This is a decent option while waiting for more retailers to support Apple Pay on Amazon, which will definitely happen shortly.

Final Thoughts

You can still make purchases on Amazon using other ways, like debit or credit cards, including Apple Cards, if you prefer this mode of payment. Because Amazon never divulges customers' payment information, you may choose the card you want to use to charge, exactly like with Apple Pay, and enjoy very quick payments and straightforward online checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Pay is compatible with all locations that allow contactless payments, such as grocery stores, taxis, and metro stations applications and online. Use Safari on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to make purchases using Apple Pay.

Both the Amazon mobile app and do not support Apple Pay for online purchases. To make purchases on Amazon, you can use your Apple Card just like any other credit card.

You may use Apple Pay to make purchases wherever the button is present, including in apps, App Clips, and Safari on the web.

You can send or receive up to $10,000 for each message. Within a seven-day period, a maximum of $10,000 can be transferred or received.

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