18 Brands with Great Birthday Discounts

Feb 07, 2022   |   7 min read


18 Brands with Great Birthday Discounts


Who Doesn’t Love free birthday stuff? Forget the birthday but free stuff is always welcome but the days like birthday are the ones when we desire the best treatment. Hence we often end up searching on ways to get free stuff on your birthday and birthday freebies. From availing free birthday dinners to getting a voucher to any birthday restaurants, the search never ends.

But what exactly are the free things on your birthday and how to get the right birthday deals. Below are some popular stores that are just too excited about your birthday and want to make this day special for you as much as possible. Keep reading to find the best free birthday gifts and birthday rewards.


One of the top places to go for your birthday. Abuelos is your treat for the Mexican cuisine lovers. You can get a special gift on your birthday as well as the tasty flavors. All you need is to sign up to their reward programs and hence avail the best offers.

Game Stop

For gamers, there is nothing that gets better than this, well unless we are talking about more of gaming deals. Gaming stop wishes you a lovely birthday and glad enough they also want to become a part of your special day. When you join their rewards program you get a special birthday gift.

Barnes and Nobles

If your little one is too excited about free birthday stuff then Barnes and nobles is the place you should head too. After all kids have all the reasons to love their birthdays while they can and not despair over growing older each year. With Barnes and nobles birthday surprise your little one can get their free cupcake and choose the flavor themselves.


You must have heard about the best gift in the town that is the sephora birthday gift. Sephora birthday gift is one of a kind and beauty lovers wait to grow yet another year older all because of this amazing birthday gift hamper from their favorite store. Sign up as soon as you feel the birthday month approaching and enjoy tones of wonderful products from them.

Body Shop

Body shop isn’t the one to give you lots of discount and deals so when they give you must grab every opportunity to avail it. The body shop $10 off on your birthday is one such deal. You can receive the special coupon when you join their initiative of love your body club.


Ultamate Rewards members receive a complimentary gift and double points on purchases made during their birthday month. A $10 voucher is also given to Platinum and Diamond members.
See Ulta Birthday Gift

Firehouse Subs

Members of the Firehouse Rewards programme can get a complimentary medium-sized sub. Add your children to your account to receive a birthday promotion for them as well.

American eagle

American eagle is all ears about your birthday wishes which is why they are not just treating you for the day but for the entire month. With American eagle you can get a flat 15% off on their items for the entire birthday month. All they ask is that you sign up to their rewards program and we all know that isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

Brooks Brother

When you sign up to get a Brooks Brother credit card (which you should) you get a $20 off for your birthday voucher. This isn’t a lot but it is definitely something.


With a $5 birthday gift certificate, you can go shoe shopping. To receive the promotion, you must first become a DSW VIP rewards member.

Bare Minerals

When you join the bare minerals loyalty program you get a free birthday gift knocking on your door on your special day.

J. Crew Factory

If you sign up for J. Crew's Factory First newsletter, you'll get 20% off your order and free shipping on your birthday.

Kidz Journeys

To receive a gift during your birthday month, join the Journeys Birthday Club. You can also join the Journeys Kidz Birthday Club to get a special offer for your child's birthday every year.

Smash Box

When you join their loyalty program and remain loyal you get a chance to become their top or middle tier customers. And these two are the ones that get a complimentary birthday gift which is worth the hassle and wait.


You are not the only one with birthday and feelings, your little furry buddy also deserves a way to feel special. Hence the Petco comes with an initiative to score a free gift when you join their pals rewards program.

Benefit Brow Bar

Since it’s your birthday there is no way your brow should not be on point. And thanks to the benefit brow bar who takes care of that for you. On this special day, head out to the selected benefit brow bar locations and get a free brow service done. This offer is valid for the whole birth week and not for just a day.

Old Navy

Old Navy lets you shop for your own birthday gift when you join their birthday club. You can get a flat 20% off on your birthday shopping. So don’t miss the opportunity.

Victoria’s Secret

Your birthday should be the day when you feel great about yourself hence one should do all they can to make themselves feel the happiest. This also means shopping till you end up dropping! Yes, and with the Victoria secret $10 off on your birthday you definitely get a reason to visit here, just once, maybe??

Secrets to Avail Free Gifts on Your Birthday

Some birthday gifts are only valid on your birthday, while others are only valid for a few days surrounding your birthday. Some of the top discounts and bargains may even be applicable for the entire month of your birthday! When you're ready to redeem, bring documentation of your birthday, which is normally in the form of a photo ID. Many birthday gifts, on the other hand, require you to join a mailing list, join an eclub or rewards programme, or download an app.

Make sure you follow whatever procedures are required to earn a freebie, coupon, or shopping discount in advance! It may take some time for certain offers to be processed.

Keep in mind that deals differ by area, and some may not participate at all. Alternatively, you're likely to find retailers who aren't on our list who will assist you in your celebration. Check with your favorite retailers to see if they have something unique to offer!

After your birthday has past, make sure to take advantage of the senior and student discounts that are offered every day of the year! Also, if you're a member of the military, check out all of the military discounts available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several stores take this chance to become your favorite and treat their loved customers a little extra special. A free birthday gift could be in form of any coupon, voucher, free shipping, $ off or a % off on the entire bill or certain product. You can also get discount in form of a free meal from certain restaurants.

Different stores have different policies set to let you avail the free birthday gift. You can always check on the terms and conditions to know how to get the free gift. And if you cannot find any clear instructions it’s always better to ask whether or not a store has a free birthday gift policy.

By using exclusive birthday discount or other daily promo codes you can save some special amount on your birthday.

If you get a discount from on official store on your birthday then it is valid and you can redeem it at any store or even online depending on the terms and conditions set by the store.

By shopping through coupons, promo codes and weekly deals you can save on all kinds of shopping.