Honoring the Front Line Workers 10 Best Freebies for Healthcare Workers

Dec 08, 2020   |   5 min read


Honoring the Front Line Workers 10 Best Freebies for Healthcare Workers



To present a little token of appreciation and lots of gratitude here we have combined a series of 15 best freebies for healthcare workers that offer free food and healthy snack boxes to workers who are tiring themselves in pursuit of keeping the whole community safe.

There arent enough ways to present the gratitude and warmth we have in our hearts for our frontline heroes. Especially this pandemic, which has made everything crystal clear and turn all the everyday operations upside down, everyone has come to a realization that doctors and nurses have played and are playing a major role in fighting against this deadly virus.

As the long shift hours, filling wards and the number of people suffering from coronavirus is increasing and the medical system is facing sever crash downs, the only thing standing between the people and pandemic is the high spirit of our frontline warriors health care workers.

That being said, it is no easy job to compromise your health, time and wellbeing and protect people day and night from something so uncontrollable and deadly.

Tip: Keep your work ID in Handy so that you have no trouble availing the huge benefits of freebies for healthcare workers.

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Dinnerly is a food subscription service that offers food portions and mixed ingredients all ready to be cooked in a time much lesser than before. With dinnerly coupon codes and deals as a part of freebies for healthcare workers group, you can take advantage of the healthy food items packed in a box and without any compromise on taste.

For hard workers as healthcare professionals, dinnerly has taken this initiative to creative something simple yet affordable. Health care professionals and all the front line warriors can make use of dinnerly coupons and deals to keep themselves healthy and fit with the right amount and portion of food.

2.Clinical Supplies USA

An authentic name in the supplies of clinical masks, hand sanitizers and other protective gears for people who are at greater risks of being susceptible to virus. For healthcare professional and medical heroes, clinical supplies USA has introduced various deals and discounts as their initiative - freebies for healthcare workers.

Whether you are a medical professional or not, buying from clinical supplies USA and keeping your health as the first priority is now affordable for everyone!


With Reebok, the comfort comes first. Many people do not buy comfortable shoes and authentic quality sole because of the high prices. Reebok is a renowned name in the world of comfort and fashion simultaneously. Especially for medical health professionals, where healthcare workers have to spend hours working in the wards running around to ensure each patients health and safety, Reebok is the best solution.

Use the Reebok promo codes and coupons to save $100 on Reebok shoes and sportswear.


Never compromising on quality vision, Lenspure is a brand that offers high quality visionary items and glasses as well as contact lenses to people. With Lenspure coupons and codes you can shop at affordable rates and get the best savings.

Lenspure also brings exclusive deals and discounts for medical professionals. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of your vision and to make sure your eyes do not hurt after long working hours Lenspure organic and natural lens freebies for healthcare workers solution is the best.

5.Old Navy

Old navy is a popular brand when it comes to choosing comfort every day. Considering the valuable contribution of our healthcare workers to the community Old navy has also come up with to be a part of freebies for healthcare workers! Shop for casuals and everyday items as well as a little formals as a way of Old Navys thank you for your efforts.

6.Papa Johns

Papa Johns makes one of the most delicious and realists pizza in town. With healthcare worker discounts and various other deals Papa Johns is playing its role by becoming a part of freebies for healthcare workers gang!

7.Dough Donuts

Get on to Dough Donuts website to learn about their latest frontline sweet support program. Playing its role as freebies for healthcare workers, dough donuts provides free treats. One of the perks and freebies for healthcare workers is getting packaged treats by the dough donuts to hospitals in all of the tristate area.

8.Macaroni Grill

Get the famous Moms Ricotta Meatballs and Spaghetti as a token of appreciation for freebies for healthcare workers. Macaroni grill is doing its best in delivering special and fresh meal when you purchase with the first responder meal option on their website.

9.Nandos Peri Peri

Freebies for healthcare workers during COVID is a minimal way to appreciate all the hard work and selfless efforts pursued by our medical professionals in this pandemic. Nandos Peri Peri is playing its role by giving a free takeout to any nurse, doctor or medical professional. A Little way to say a lot!


Throughout the month of December, Starbucks is providing a free, tall brewed coffee (hot or iced) to front-line respondents "to show appreciation for those who keep our communities safe during COVID-19." The deal at Starbucks U.S. company-operated locations and selected approved stores is fantastic.


Many brands and famous stores are playing their roles by honoring the healthcare professional and offering freebies for healthcare workers in a time where morals are down and everything seems to be falling apart. As much as we stay strong on the outside we all are bound to fall apart every once in a while.

Especially the healthcare professionals who have to witness tough times, depressing moments and tiring working hours as a part of their everyday routine. This year has been a tough challenge for all and with a little collection of freebies for healthcare workers we choose to make a difference. A little gesture will do a lot! Dont forget to gift your loved one medical workers a little token of appreciation in form of freebies for healthcare workers coupons and deals.