How to Get Free Shipping at Bath & Body Works

Jan 13, 2022   |   8 min read


How to Get Free Shipping at Bath & Body Works


There are certain stores in the world that transport you to a whole other vibe when you enter them. The visual aesthetics, the heavenly smell, and the smooth calming music- all these things add to the environment that makes you want to revisit the store 30 times a week. However, busy schedules and workdays can prevent you from doing so but obviously, the thought lingers.

The best alternative is online shopping. You can browse through hundreds of different items while comfortably sitting inside your home. The only problem that arises with this is the shipment fee. We know a lot of people argue in favor of online stores saying that it saves you time and money. But, what about the high shipping fee like the one that both Bath & Body Works as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond charge. Unlike other places like Kohl’s and Target, you hardly ever get free shipping from these stores and that presents itself as quite the confusion.

Bath & Body Works charges $5.99 shipping if your orders exceed $10. Otherwise, you have to pay the standard $9.99 which can sometimes equal the exact amount of product you are ordering. You wouldn’t want to do that and might think it is better to just go and pick the product from the nearby store. Before you skip to that idea, we have certain Bath & Body Works free shipping tricks for you that can easily solve this problem.

Browse through the simplest ways that you can get the shipping fee off at both Bath & Body Works as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

1.Find Coupon Codes

Now like we said, Bath & Body Works doesn't really offer free shipping but does have a coupon codes section where you can find many offers and discounts. Sometimes, those also include free shipping. But, you have to remain extremely vigilant because the codes disappear in a day or two.


They are usually applicable on orders of $25 or $30 so make sure you save your big purchases for the day they release the coupon. Check the expiration date, put in the code, and enjoy the perks of . You will find these offers right on the homepage of the site so don't miss them.


2.Make Use of the Holiday Season

You are all aware that the greatest time for retail across the world is from October to December when the holiday season begins and both buyers and sellers are buzzing with enthusiasm. To attract more customers, even high-end stores like Bath & Body Works release hundreds of coupons and some of those include free shipping.


Usually, the offer shifts from promo code to being applied on all orders between $25 and $50. For instance, in 2020 Bath & Body Works went all out during Cyber Monday and waived free shipping on all orders above $50 and people made use of this convenience.


So, obviously, you would have to wait. But, considering that most people choose to buy gifts and upgrade their personal collections during the holiday season, it can work out for you.


3.Subscribe to Their Email List

It is very annoying when you visit a page and they keep showing the pop-up where you have to enter your email to become eligible for a discount. As irritating as it may appear at the time, this trick can help you get 25% off and free shipping from Bath & Body Works with this. Incredible, isn’t it?


Just open their website and enter the email to receive promotions and offers directly in your inbox. Sometimes, they might send unnecessary information but look at it this way, you would be one of the few people who would become aware of the coupons directly from the store and can get down to shopping immediately. Sometimes, these promotions also include free shipping so keep praying for your luck and it might just work.


4.Buy Online and Pick Up

If you are a regular buyer at Bath & Body Works, you would be aware of the term BOPIS. It means to buy online and pick it up in-store service which is pretty self-explanatory. You order without moving an inch from your house and then just go and collect the stuff from the outlet.


This way, you can make sure you are satisfied with the purchases, as well as avoid any additional shipping fee. But, before opting for it confirm from the nearby Bath & Body Works if they allow it because very few stores have this service.


It is quite difficult to get Bath & Body Works but if you follow these hacks, you might just be among the lucky ones. Subscribing to the email is the safest option because there is a good chance the promo code will work in your favor.

Besides this, another store that gets a lot of traction from customers for free shipping is Bed, Bath & Beyond. This place is perfect if you want to redecorate your home in style. The variety you get here is astounding and just like Bath & Body Works, you find it impossible to leave such heaven of furniture and aesthetic bath bombs.

So, how do you get free shipping on Bed, Bath & Beyond? We are going to list down similar tricks that will help you get things delivered to your house without paying any additional money.

1.Orders Above $39

Alright so, one easy trick whenever you are browsing through Bed, Bath & Beyond is to order it in bulk. This way, you can save a lot of money. Whenever the holiday season arrives, along with additional discounts you can get free shipping on orders above $39.


If you are ordering to different places, for instance to your friend’s house, the additional charges would build up. But, you can always check out some merchandise of the store that is available without any additional shipping fee.


2.Subscribe to Beyond+

Bed, Bath & Beyond has a program that you can join to reap endless benefits. Not only will you get 20% off on every purchase with the subscription but also be eligible for free shipping. You don't even need to put in any additional effort.


Beyond+ will recognize you as a member and will automatically put the discount on your final cart items. The membership costs $29 a year but if you are a regular buyer, it is quite an investment that you can take advantage of.


3.Pick Up from the Store

This is one of the most convenient stores to utilize the pickup option at. All you need to do is go to your mobile app and order the items you need.


  • At this point, you should select the option closest to you so the staff knows that you would need it and doesn’t sell it.
  • If it is in stock, the product would be added to your cart.
  • Continue shopping or just check out like you normally do by selecting the Pick-Up option.
  • Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation email along with a notification that would ask you to come to pick up your order.
  • If due to some emergency you are unable to do so, you can switch to delivery too.
  • As for pick up, confirm who would be getting your order for you, go inside the store, and click the "I'm Here” option.
  • Your stuff would be all packed to be received at the checkout counter.


4.Bed, Bath & Beyond Curbside Option

A very interesting choice released by the store recently, Curbside Pick Up works just like any normal pick up, except that you don’t have to leave your car. It is more like a drive-thru. If you don’t have enough time to step out of your car, all you need to do is press the “I’m Here” option when you reach the nearby store and wait for the staff to see it.


They respond almost instantly and ask for your car details. Since you are parked nearby, they immediately come and deliver your stuff to you. There are no additional charges with this one.


So, these are some of the hacks you can use at both stores to avoid free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is only possible with coupons or if you place an order above $30 and select standard shipping.

Apply a coupon, subscribe to the newsletter, or just simply go to MySavingsHub and find a promo code.

It works but only above orders of $39.

No, you can use one promo code with one purchase. What you can do is buy the items differently but you need to check the limit too.

The discount applies to products but you can get the overall price reduced.