I Hate Social Media: Reasons and Solutions

Dec 01, 2020   |   5 min read


I Hate Social Media: Reasons and Solutions


Many people have started chanting ˜I hate social media and have distanced themselves from constant nagging of notifications and buzzer sounds from one of their social media apps. People who hate social media take various measures to avoid it at all costs. Some delete social media applications from their phones, some throw away their phones entirely or some adhere themselves to strict schedules where social media is hardly a part of their day routine anymore.

But, no matter how much a person might use the phrase ˜I hate social media to detox social media out of their lives, one way or another we all are related to social media apps. This seems daunting especially when you had your share of depression and anxiety brought up in your life by social media. The truth, however, is that everything is still under control.

No matter how much we consider and envision ourselves as social media slaves, at the end of the day the power is in our hands. Sure, we did not even realize how slowly and consistently social media grew on our lives like a mildew on a rotten dough, but as soon as we do we can stop the influence or somehow control it.

To understand where it all went wrong from the point I need to check my social media daily to I hate social media, it is important to analyze the social media journey in general and into our lives.

The Evolution of Social Media

evolution of social media

The first time social media came into our lives everyone grabbed the opportunity to connect with their loved ones from far away. Nobody would dare say I hate social media but the first instinct was to get their profiles on as many social media apps as possible. This sudden chain of linking people miles apart seemed like a dream come true and nobody would have even thought that all this will come to the point where majority of the people will be saying I hate social media.

How did this downfall begin? How come social media which was once a major and positive addition in everyones lives become a curse?

If we go back in history the real advent of social media began on May 24th 1844. That seems like centuries away and its true that now the face of social media as compared to its past is extremely evolved and sophisticated.

While there are so many social media apps that gained popularity and faded into the background, Facebook was one of those apps that took the entire world by storm. After the popularity of Yahoo chat room, Orkut and Twitter somehow, the fame of Facebook starting from 2004 made many people open their social media accounts. Might it be because of user friendly interface or the attractive layout, Facebook can be considered the point where it all began.

Later on the social media world kept on growing and growing to the point that every sane person who knows how to use an internet is on social media making their way into the social circle. 

social media continous thrive

The use of social media has grown to such a point that almost 45% of the world population is active user of social media as per the statistics report published in 2019.

social media users

One of the reasons for this high use of social media is because mobile possibilities for users are constantly improving which makes it easier by the day to access social media, no matter where you are. Some social networking networks are either accessible as smartphone apps or have been designed for mobile surfing, making it easier for users to reach their favorite pages when on the go.

How Social Media Affects Our Lives?

Considering the social media as a significant part of our lives, it is of no surprise the impacts are commendable. We dont even realize how social media has shaped our personalities constantly over the years to the point where the new generation is entirely different from their forefather. Let it be in terms of awareness, habits, social standing, knowledge or several concerns.

Social Media and Addiction

social media addiction

A research states that 22% of the teenagers log on to their favorite social media site at least 10 times a day. Imagine the hold social media has over these tiny minds.

The graph above shows a depiction of most widely used social media application by the teenagers as of 2019. While Instagram remains popular among the teens what could be the ultimate reason?

Instagram has a social media influence far greater than any other social site on young minds. The direct opportunity to view their favorite stars and celebrities carry on with their daily lives, watching their stories, getting influenced by their daily routine has made many teens sweep away from their real life and admire the life lived by their favorite celebrity.

How is Social Media Affecting Behavioral Changes?

social media affecting behaviourial changes

The image below shows the impact of social media on the mood and behavior of young children as to how they feel because of social media.

As children spend their time more and more on social media, the parents start to see the negative impacts on the young minds of their kids. Their statement I hate social media is kind of justified when they see their kids drifting away from their basic life towards something which seems pretty delusional.

Not only this, parents have observed behavioral changes and mood swings in their children because of the social media. According to stats, 41% of the teens have had a negative experience in their lives because of social media and approximately 70% of teens know how to hide their social media activities from their parents.

This secrecy at such young age and the constant fear of getting into bad habits make many parents uncomfortable about their child being an active user of social media.

How is Social Media Affecting Families?

social media affecting families

Spending meaningful time with your family is considered as a therapeutic habit and lets you overcome daily stresses. A study suggests that spending time with your loved ones changes your perspective on life and helps you deal with daily life anxiety and battles more efficiently.

With social media taking a hit, there is a sufficient distance between family members. While we are sitting with family we still remain engrossed in our phones and ignore the people besides us. This habit of staying addicted to our mobile phones has ruined many relationships and is in way of damaging even more.

It was found that when a parent came home from work and their children were absorbed in technology, the parent was accepted 30 percent of the time and was ignored 50 percent of the time in other family effects of social media studies. And when kids who spent a large amount of time on social network sites said that their parents feel less supported.

Why Do I Hate Social Media?

People do not chant I hate social media for nothing. Some have had tragic experiences, some had seen themselves changing for the bad because of social media or some might have seen their loved one being impacted negatively because of social media. All of this results in people developing hate for social media and somehow its justified. There are various reasons as to why someone choose to hate social media.

Anxiety and Depression

social media anxiety and depression

Social media is an important factor when it comes to mental health. These mental health issues have taken a toll over the past few years especially among young people. Some of these health issues are in the form of low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, inferiority complex, insecurity and social phobia. In worst cases, social media can also lead to suicidal thoughts.

According to a research, people who actively use social media develop an unreal expectation from life and how life should be. In these cases, when the reality seems different people use social media as an escape and compromise their mental health by dwelling onto something which is not even real in the first place.

Fake Influence

The social media influencers are a new trend. Everyone strives to become a blogger quoting wonderful parts of their daily life as their entire lifestyle while ignoring the bad ones. This idea of perfection has put many young people into deep depression. As nobody shows their negative parts of life on social media people might often get the idea of too good to be true to actually true.

This is one of the major reasons why people claim I hate social media, as the idea of fake influencers posting about their fake perfect life has taken many people into self-pity and comparing their boring lives with them. The truth however is entirely different.


You see your friend bought a new car or visited a popular tourist spot. Now you want to do it too, maybe because of the need to make yourself happy or because you need better pictures at the same place. Social media has instilled the sense of competition in all of us. No matter how much we like it or not but most importantly the social media posts, status updates, posting pictures and snaps are all targeted to impress the people online and make them envy you.

Besides, nobody wants to waste huge sum of money on some latest shoe collection unless they find it necessary to keep up with the trend!

Waste of Time

The average person spends a massive amount of time on social media every day as noted earlier. Although claiming that all this time is wasted time wouldn't be right, it's probably fair to assume that a significant portion of it is. After all in one single day, how many status updates and news items and memes do you need to see?

Unrealistic Goals

I hate social media because it makes me follow unrealistic goals. Nobody ever said that, because we are too engrossed in chasing the trend rather than understanding whats beneficial and whats not!

The definition of unrealistic goals is seeing something online and having the need to achieve it. From getting a size zero figure to following a spicy ramen challenge we all deviated from our true path.

Uneducated Careers and Mindset

When you see these bloggers and tiktokers make hundreds of dollars just by posting videos what do you think it puts on young mindsets?

It is not unlikely to say I hate social media for someone who has spent 16 years on a quality education and get a degree just to see some tiktoker earn more because of their mimicry. This does not mean to belittle someone who uses social media as to earn their bread and better. But the truth is social media has created weird career paths.

You can now get more likes and views on something which does not even make sense and become a new social media sensation. This weird fan following around people who do weird stuff on internet is not healthy to say the least.

I Hate Social Media: How Do I Get A Break From Social Media?

Getting a break from social media seems like a good idea especially when you have become a part of ˜I hate social media clan but it is not as easy as it sounds. Imagine having something at your disposal for all day long then not having it just because you thought it was too addictive. At one point or another you can download those apps with a single click and forget the whole thing even happened.

This is the thing about addiction we do not even realize when we did lose the control. With a need to get a break from social media it is important you follow a proper social media cleanse shadowed by a mind changing behavior in your life!

What Does It Feel Like To Quit Social Media?

quit social media

A major change! Thats right, quitting social media brings a major shift in your life. It is a power of detox which may take many negative issues from your life away. Obviously if you have come this far into reading the ways to quit social media you probably have some genuine issues with social media. Lets not get into that.

There are many advantages of quitting social media. You can feel heavy weight lifting of your shoulders, if you chose to quit social media because you were not able to make your day more productive then now you can spend your time doing something better.

How about meditating or reading a book instead or actually doing the work which was being hindered because of social media?

You can also catch up with your friends and actually talk to them in person. You can jog and experience the real world you can feel the clean air when you step outside rather than watching your favorite vlogger having the time of your life. You can do so much more outside of social media. Give it a try!

Is Life Without Social Media Really Better?

life without social media

Giving up something which you have been so habitual of brings a lot of confusions! One step of quitting an addiction is asking yourself is it even necessary? Is my life really better without it or am I making a huge mistake?

In this case you will ask yourself: I hate social media or do I really hate social media? This is common! Trust us, its not your gut telling you not to do something its just your anxiety talking.

The truth is life is really better without social media! No more pressure of fake happiness, posting an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) picture every once in a while or stressing over why didnt your friends invite you to a party? And dont even talk about the stress of looking out of our best selves in a tagged picture, the worry is just too much!

By quitting social media you can ˜Be Present. As per ancient Buddhist philosophy, Mindfulness is one of the best ways to deal with depression and anxiety. It is part of a Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy which is suggested by many therapists to get rid of your daily anxious thoughts. If you are a part of I hate social media clan then this theory is a must for you.

When you have quitted social media you can live in the moment without having to worry about so many things.