11 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

May 17, 2022   |   5 min read


11 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day


Memorial Day is around two weeks later with the festivities and spirit of patriotism growing in the heart of each American. From kids to adults, girls to boys, army person or any civilian we all hold this special day so dearly to our hearts hence want to make most of the celebrations on Memorial Day. While each year there are some fixed and repeated activities to do on Memorial Day it is natural to urge to do something new this year. If you are searching for out of the basic Memorial Day ideas then below us are listing some of the best (yet Easy) for you.

Pull out the Decorations

Whether it’s your home, your car, your patio, your pet dog or yourself, don’t let anything slide away from boasting the pretty colors of flags. Take out the red, white and blue and use these colors to depict patriotism like never before. No we are not talking about flags as one flag on your door is enough but the colorful ribbons? You can never get enough of them.

Memorial Day Marathon

This one is for the kids who love to cheer up the entire community. Little ones, come out with your bikes and bicycles use the Memorial Day flags, colorful ribbons and different patriot posters to decorate your ride. Gather the kids from community or college and take a long bicycle ride along the street. And who says you cannot chant and cheer in honor to the military heroes. And the best part? You can get all the Memorial Day decorations at amazon for less than $20.

Silent Honor

We observe all kinds of silent honors for the heroes, fighters and everyone who goes through something tragic. After all what’s more tragic and honorable than giving your life for the country? And it is also a national tradition of Memorial Day which is practiced all around the country every memorial’s day.

Take a minute of quiet at 3 p.m., wherever you are. In honor of the National Day of Remembrance. Send your gratitude, love, and prayers to active military, veterans, and the countless men and women who have died while serving our country for at least one minute. While you're doing it, remember to pray quietly for the country's peace, health, and prosperity.

Learn About the History

Is there anything more honorable to our country and our fearless heroes than to know about them? Learning history never goes out of style and for days like these it is always highly recommended so not only you enjoy the holiday but also find out the reason behind it and feel the love and respect deep in the heart.

And what’s better than learning the history of Memorial Day on Memorial Day? It is now, if there was ever a moment to do it. Before you get started on your Memorial Day activities, remind your kids (and yourself) why we celebrate Memorial Day and how it varies from Veteran's Day.

A Nice Dinner

Since its memorial day and a long weekend spend some time with your family. To commemorate the unofficial start of summer, gather for a casual dinner outside. Keep the food and decor simple; the centerpiece of this summer meal is a bouquet of fresh-from-the-garden blooms. Serve recipes with seasonal ingredients like berries, asparagus, and greens.

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Educational Sessions

Schools can play a wonderful role in building a humble and honorable society by teaching about the importance and history of Memorial Day. Hold some skits, speeches and educational session where you speak all about Memorial Day, its importance, its history and how one should celebrate this special day.

Buy Some Flowers

Even the whole garden isn’t enough for those who fight and fought for this country. Purchase pretty flowers to decorate the graves of national heroes and honor them with love. While you are at giving flowers don’t forget to honor the current military members or those who have served their entire life to the army and are living an honorable retired life.

Plan a Picnic

Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to visit a local park and dine al fresco. Fill the car with ready-to-eat recipes and a picnic blanket. Bring games, decorations for Memorial Day, and other fun family activities.

Don’t Forget the Flag

We know you are already set with that and we know we promised something unique this year but doesn’t flying the flag always deserve a special reminder? Memorial Day is a fantastic opportunity to flaunt our red, white, and blue! Allow the kids to participate in the festivities by hanging flags from the home and on the yard.

There's never been a better opportunity to show your patriotism, and those stars and stripes will look fantastic in your yard! Consider joining others across the country in lowering the flag to half-mast from daybreak to noon as a show of respect.

Watch Military Movies

Kids might not be up for a study session but they would love a movie that teaches them. After all this is not the weekend to be stuck inside! Set up an outdoor movie screen with the family. It's simpler than you might think, and it's a great Memorial Day idea that you can use all summer. Not to mention the popcorn.


If they can so willingly and whole heartedly sacrifice their lives can’t you sacrifice a bit of your time? After all there is no better sense of comfort and elevation than serving the humanity. Volunteering is a terrific opportunity to pay it forward in a positive way, whether it's for a buddy in need or an elderly neighbor. Volunteering mirrors the spirit of Memorial Day.

Take the initiative to do something unselfish, just like the countless men and women we honor on Memorial Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to make the most of memorial’s day but many people celebrate it by honoring the loss of natural heroes, visiting cemeteries, holding ceremonies, distributing gifts or donating to a charity.

This year the Memorial Day falls on Monday 30th of May. People all around the USA celebrate the national holiday by honoring the military heroes and identifying their efforts through various speeches and programmes.

Yes Memorial Day is a holiday where schools, colleges and offices observe a holiday. This year Memorial Day will fall on Monday making a 3 day long weekend.

The holiday was created to commemorate soldiers who died in American conflicts. It began during the American Civil War, when locals would lay flowers on the graves of soldiers who died in battle.

Yes majority of the stores put up huge discounts on the occasion of Memorial Day. Not only they put up big savings for military members but you can also get savings for everyone to enjoy.

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