14 Memorial Day Gift Ideas to Honor National Heroes

May 18, 2022   |   8 min read


14 Memorial Day Gift Ideas to Honor National Heroes


If you pick the history of national heroes it is filled with love, devotion, sacrifice and eagerness to protect the country and any cost. Veterans are the top in line whenever there is a harm planned towards the country. While we can never pay off their debt nor greet the lost ones with respect no matter how much we yearn too, the ones who live with us or the ones who sacrificed their loved ones for us deserve all the praise.

Here are our top recommendations for veteran’s day gift ideas for a military member or a brave family member of a military member.

A Photo Frame

Not just an ordinary photo frame but a frame that they will dearly hold to their heart. This great idea is a way to warm their heart and bring a tear of pride and joy to their eyes. Use a simple wooden photo frame (the simpler the better) or you can also choose this army themed photo frame from amazon. Pick a photo of their loved one they love and always have admired. It’s better if it’s a family photo reminding them of a wonderful memory from the past. Print that photo and paste it in the frame. You can also customize it with some meaningful message or a quote that will remind about the great things the honorable departed has achieved for them.

Memorial Garden Flag

Do you want to tell that one of your loved ones belongs to the honorable military? After all appreciations like these should be silent. Use this idea to boast a proud memorial garden flag with a picture of loved one. You can honor a departed soul by planting a flag in the community or honor a living legend with a nice thankyou message. This way they will be loved and appreciated and people nearby will realize what a true hero lives nearby them.

Superhero Book End

Do you want to express your gratitude to an active duty service member? For army, navy, air force, and marine veterans, this bookend will suffice. It's a surprising and amusing method to keep you close, and it's a terrific present for enthusiastic readers. The silhouette is sturdy and artistic, and it preserves books everywhere!

Although we all know that superheroes don't wear capes and instead wear dog tags, this is a terrific present idea for veterans who will overlook the fact.

Freedom Quilts

If the fought for the army they probably wear the flag on their heart and the nation’s love on their mind throughout the life. So a freedom quilt is only a tiny gesture to excite their deep love for the country. It can be made in any size, customized with a message and can be used as a home decoration piece or even a drape over the couch.


Sometimes you can make the biggest impact with the smallest things and this is the perfect definition of that. The thankyou veteran’s t-shirt is a way to honor casually, our national heroes. They can wear it to the bed time and sleep with a nice prideful smile on their face. The can also wear it like an accessory when they go out so people will know what a wonderful hero is walking amongst them.

A Headphones

Veterans and military members are into too much fitness and they take their health seriously. If you know a veteran member then you must know they are the ones to run in the morning and enjoy a nice jog. A pair of headphones will be a great companion for them to enjoy their run time and have some fun as well. They can listen to their favorite music, enjoy and also learn about the history through many audio books.

Veteran Audio Books

Veterans love to make stories as well as hear about the stories of heroes before them. So how about giving them a kindle book subscription where they can update their library with the top army related books. This will be a wonderful gift to accompany them for long hours of travel or to spend their time in a nice way.


Sometimes you run out of ideas for Memorial Day specific gifts and that’s okay. After all the day comes every year and you can only have a few of Memorial Day themed gifts. But accessories never go out of style no matter what the occasion. Make a collection of accessories and invite the superheroes in your life to celebrate this fantastic day.

Badges, brooches, bracelets, armlets, and pendants are popular among army men. The finest advice is to put together a collection of various accessories and give it to your veteran loved ones. You can simply buy a single piece of jewelry, package it up attractively with a greeting card, and give it as a present. Don't forget to include some sweet treats to elevate your gift.

A Customized Mug

What do you want to say to them? Thankyou? A salute or a prideful quote? There are too many things to say and you want make the best impact so here is an idea. Surprise your seasoned heroes with something extra special. A quotation, portrait, or personal note can be added to your personalized mug to express the uniqueness of your love and gratitude for the special one. This Veterans Day present is sure to please and make your loved ones feel more festive on this important occasion.

A Good Watch

The Casio G-Shock is an excellent present for anyone seeking for a tough and durable watch in a range of styles. The GA110, is ideal for those who like bright colors but still want Casio's legendary durability. The watch is shockproof, magnetically resistant, and water resistant to 200 meters. It is tough like a veteran member who doesn’t give in to any coming challenges and conquers all.

Personalized Whisky Barrel

This gift will definitely earn a laugh or two but they are going to love it like nothing else. And you bet, if they're veterans, you can bet they enjoy a glass or two with their buddies. And what’s better to get them something that makes their chill time even more fun and enjoyable. This personalized whisky barrel from amazon is a treat to eyes and their home.

It can be used as a decorative or some serious chat over a glass of their favorite drink. Not only it will be their new favorite but their drink will have a unique taste, color, and aroma thanks to a personalized oak whiskey barrel.

Gift Basket

If you have some spare cash, gather all the items and place them in a basket to present to all the loved ones who have served in the military or are still working as national heroes. Fill the baskets with useful items, jewelry, and chocolates, and finish with a thank-you message.

You can even give a hamper of snacks to militants who are separated from their family to make them feel appreciated.

Homemade Meal

You think this is a not-so-good gesture? Think again. Army men and women live away from their homes facing all kinds of hardships and tough times in the face of protecting the nation from any harm. So how about holding a nice homemade meal party for the veterans in your block who are here to celebrate the national holiday.

Bake some tasty treats, keep the options open with different dishes and plan out a nice dinner gathering. All you do with your heart will truly and deeply be appreciated by them.

Takeflight Tactical Pen

You know how military members are always in the fight mode and ready to defend the people around them? This Takeflight tactical pen seems like a pen but is a perfect gift for them. It has a high grade aluminum construction with several interesting features. You will get a LED flashlight, a bottle opener, and refillable ink cartridges so you don’t run out of ink and a glass breaker to escape tough situations. This pen is a usual product for military members so they will definitely love this product dearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Day is a national holiday celebrated to honor the efforts, lives lost, lives dedicated and patriotism of military members for the nation.

Depending on what they love, there are many gift options you can buy for a military member.

Yes, Veterans and military members would love to see gifts and appreciation for their efforts for the country.

People visit cemeteries to place flowers on the passed away vet graves, they hold out parades, have dinner, gift veteran’s members’ special items and make the most of Memorial Day with various activities.

Memorial Day 2022 is on 30th of May which is on Monday this year. The Memorial Day will be counted as a national holiday where everyone will observe a day off to honor the military members.