5 Trendy Ideas to Surprise your loved ones this New Year

Dec 29, 2020   |   5 min read


5 Trendy Ideas to Surprise your loved ones this New Year


Its time to open those piggy banks and get the stash of cash out of the cupboard because the holiday season is on the roll and you do not want to enter the New Year without making your favorite people feel extremely special. Whether it be a New Year Eve party dress or a collection of scented candles we have compiled some of the best surprises for you to please your friends and family.

Sure, you are tight on budget considering all the pandemic fiasco and the hit on our economic status but dont worry with our wonderful ideas you can make the New Years one of the most memorable time for your favorite people. Dive in!

  1. How about a Spa trip?
  2. Surprise the little ones
  3. Make them feel at home
  4. Matching Hoodies go a long way
  5. A wonderful movie night

How about a Spa trip?

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We all know a girl in our squad who loves to doll up like nobody else. While she is all set with her New Year eve party dress dont you want to help her out with her styling and stuff? After all who does not love makeup and cute little spa trips that take away the stress of a hectic year from your tiny head.

And once you sign up for a spa day for your loved one we think you need to give yourselves a little break too. Dont worry, with our idea you dont have to stress about breaking your bank. Use the Glamsquad promo code for you and your fashion buddy to have glamorous day at the salon. You both will be bonding over hot manicures and comforting pedicures like never before!

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Surprise the little ones

surprise the little ones

A toddler or an infant is always there on the holiday party to cry and ruin all the fun. While babies demand extra attention and care all the time, the parents need a break too. If you know someone who could use a little time for themselves while their little one is busy with something squishy and cute then you have come to the right place.

We havent added the wonderful collection of little stuffed toys on our list for no reason. Get a cute little cuddly buddy from squishable to keep the babies hooked while the rest enjoy the New Year party. Also you could use the Squishable coupon to make the best of the deal. Afterall there must be some squishable toy that goes with the little buddys New Year eve party dress theme.

Make them feel at home

make them feel at home

Christmas lights are a wonderful way to greet merry Christmas but New Year décor is just another thing! You can make your guests feel happy and cozy in your home with the choice of stuff you have in your home to decorate the little sitting place. Yes! It is that much impactful.

We advise you to keep it light, warm and simple as you may not want to overexcite the colors and overdo hangings so there is lesser place to hangout. Our advice is to check out some of the best holiday décor collections at smarty had a party where you are all set for all family and friends gatherings at your place or if you are looking for a touch of sophistication and elegance nothing goes better than bed, bath and beyond!

Matching Hoodies go a long way

matching hoodies go a long way

Already bought your New Year eve party dress or all set on ideas? Whatever it is you may want to do a cute twinning sesh with your favorite cousin this time. Or nothing is better than siblings rocking the New Year eve party dress together.

If you are going to have a short shopping trip to buy dress for New Year eve party our suggestion is get more than one. After all gifting someone else what you chose for yourself is another kind of love. We would advise you to begin your search at Old Navy where you can get matching hoodies or even something as classy as Macys, after all you can have huge discounts on both!

A wonderful movie night

wonderful movie night

Everyone has a different idea to chill and let all their worries go away but with us binge watching your favorite TV show or having a movie night with friends seals the deals. We are giving you a wonderful gift of watching something you and your friends love on binge as you use the YouTube TV promo code to surf the unlimited content online!

This way you all are sharing quality time and special moments that will relax you all and create some wonderful memories.

Make this New Years Count

make this new year count

This New Years is different than previous ones for many reasons which makes another valid point to go an extra mile to show your loved ones you care and cherish them despite the circumstances and the distance. So get all creative and ready and take out your New Year eve party dress because with our trendy surprises and tips you and your friends are going to have a wonderful New Years party!