Restaurants for Fathers Day

Jun 16, 2022   |   5 min read


Restaurants for Fathers Day


Are you a daddy’s child who always need attention or are you someone who likes to make their parents feel loved? Whichever category you fall into, we all love to celebrate days where we can show our parents what they mean to us. Often a times, we try to hide our love and emotions for them. Luckily, days like Father’s day helps show our affection and acknowledgement of all that our dad does for us. 

Unlike mothers who are more expressive of their love, men like to keep their affections at bay. Especially, as a father many men tend to portray themselves as a rock solid, less emotional practical person. This puts the kids in a dilemma, whether or not to express their love for their father’s. However, we believe it’s the little things that matter. A cup of morning coffee with them, or getting them their habitual pair of socks for an ancient old shop.  

You don’t have to be vocal about your emotions when there are other ways to express your love. Sharing a meal tops the list. Which is why, we have narrowed down a list of best restaurants for Father’s Day, places you can take your dad to. Be it an Indian style dosa, a Chinese meal or an all American style bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys, the list covers it all. Use the Five Guys coupon for discounts  

Burger Places for Burger Lover Dads 

You can never go wrong with an all American style burger when it comes to dads. If your dad is always on the move and has little to no time to share a meal, you can simply order a bacon cheese burger from Five Guys. The burger joint is known for their American style meals. Their hand kneaded buns are what makes their burgers so special. You can order their little cheese burger at a discount with Five Guys coupon. 

Another old as gold burger place most adult men love is KFC. Their temperature accuracy, frying technique and most importantly the chicken freshness puts them in our forever favorite list. You can order their family meal with some mouth-watering chicken strips and Cajun fries for a game night with dad. Watch/play his favorite game over this meal with cold beers and you’ll cherish such simple yet intimate moments for a life time.  

We recommend you to place an order for Wingstop fries for your dad when he comes home back from office. Spend some quality family time in your patio while sipping his favorite beverage. Wingstop is known for their range of sauces and styles. You can add-on your favorite toppings which include: meat cuts, bacon, pepperonis, cheese, vegies and a lot more. Use the Wingstop coupon for discounted prices. 

Pizza Joints for Pizza Lover Dads 

Junk food is undoubtedly youngster’s favorite but some pizza places have stolen the hearts of our elders too. There are a zillion pizza places all across the States, including some that have been serving us from Adam’s era. Dominos and Papa John’s are among those joints. Be it there extra cheesy double layered pepperoni pizza or a flat bread one, some flavors never disappoint. If your dad is a meat lover, the Cali chicken bacon ranch pizza will set his good mood. The thin crust topped with marinara sauce and chunks of meat is beyond scrumptious.  

For someone who is on a diet, the spinach & feta pizza is a safer option. You can also order pacific vegie pizza for your vegan dad. Papa John’s also has some nice flavors and crusts you can choose from. Don’t forget to use the Domino’s and Papa John’s coupons for extended discounts. For your extravagant dad, place an order for extravaganza pizza which has it all.  

Breakfast Deals for Early Bird Dads: 

Do you agree, men have a tight schedule to follow? Especially, if it’s a week day. Luckily, this Father’s Day is falling on Sunday, which means we can go out for a breakfast date. We love breakfast meals, and did you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, yes it is. Our survey suggests that there a few places for amazing breakfast deals and meals.  

Denny’s is one such place. Their slams are fulfilling and oh-so-yummy. The lumberjack slam represents the true American style breakfast, mostly loved by all. It includes ham, hash brown, grilled bacon strip with egg and bread of your choice. Other breakfast meal options include fit slam which is all about calorie control meal. You can build your own slam at Denny’s

If you are looking to take your dad out on a Greek cuisine breakfast, then we highly recommend you Pete’s kitchen. The place is known for their rich Greek flavors. Or you could grab your dad’s favorite coffee with bagels or any other bakery item that he really enjoys to munch on. The Starbucks hot breakfast menu includes burritos, egg and cheese sandwiches and avocado spreads. Use the Starbucks coupon for discounted prices. 

Father’s day is just another regular da, but we have made it special by celebrating it. Similarly, every day is Father’s day and gives us the opportunity to express our love and gratitude towards our parents. Little actions like sharing meals with them matter the most to them. This father’s day try to spend as much time with your dad as possible, out time is the most valued Father’s day gift for them.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Father’s day is on Sunday, 19th June ’22.

Many restaurants offer deals to pay their respect to the day.

Sadly, no. There is no official holiday on Father’s Day.

There are numerous places curating gifts for Father’s day. Make sure to place your order timely. 

Interestingly, no. there is no deal specifically for Father’s day