Must-buy Clean at Sephora Products

Mar 07, 2022   |   4 min read


Must-buy Clean at Sephora Products


Sephora is a well-loved beauty store among beauty-buffs and for good reason indeed - as they have wide-ranging collections of all things beauty in one place. If you are a loyal Sephora customer, you would know of their clean at Sephora product category. You would also appreciate the fact that clean beauty products at Sephora are incredibly easy to find.

The store offers a large variety of products to choose from. These clean beauty products include your favorite skincare and beauty products that have been categorized at Sephora. Don’t forget to check out Sephora’s free birthday gifts and Sephora’s gift cards.

You can play your part in sustainable living by choosing the clean at Sephora beauty products. Another reason to love the store is the fact that they have labeled clean products with a green and white seal, used to identify products that the store has vetted as clean. Here are reasons to love another great brand: Bath and Body Works.

What is Clean at Sephora?

Let’s take a closer look at what Clean at Sephora really is. The program was launched by Sephora in June, 2018, when it deemed 13 ingredients in beauty products to be harmful, which ranged from hydroquinone to oxybenzone to mineral oils and parabens. Almost a year later, the store widened its list of problematic beauty ingredients to include 50 ingredients.

The same year, Sephora also introduced its own brand of Clean at Sephora beauty products at affordable price ranges. To date, more than 90 companies have been included in the Clean at Sephora’s list of brands that the store approves of. The total range of products is in excess of 1680 beauty products. The clean ingredients include Niacinamide, squalene and Vitamin C to name a few.

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The best Clean at Sephora Beauty Brands

Here’s a list of clean makeup brands that offer the best clean products, which, Sephora has given the green signal to for being clean:

1.Drunk Elephant

This skincare brand was created for people who want to restore and replenish their skin to its healthiest form. The brand offers products that target the skin’s pH level to suit any skin type. Each product caters to a different skin type so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Here’s a list of the best skincare beauty products in 2022.


This Japanese-inspired beauty brand works with high-quality natural ingredients and extracts that are also clean. This brand serves the purpose if you are looking for the perfect clean skincare beauty brand.

3.Youth to the People

This California-based brand focuses on sustainability as its priority. They have also replaced plastic containers with glass ones for the same reason. Sourcing their ingredients from local suppliers, their products are cruelty-free, vegan and biodegradable - all the more reasons to opt for this brand for your skincare routine.


This unique named brand makes cruelty-free makeup with skincare in mind. The makeup nourishes, hydrates and soothes your skin - formulated with the best clean ingredients. No wonder the brand is known to make “makeup for skincare freaks”!


This gluten-and-cruelty-free, vegan, clean brand is known for making skin-friendly products in a variety of shades. Another reason to go for this brand is their rich in antioxidants, superfood ingredients that are great for skin. Go make the style statement with their long-lasting, bright hues! 


This is a leading clean beauty brand that endorses sustainability in addition to being vegan and cruelty-free. Their zero-waste goal by 2025 also means they’re using recyclable and renewable materials for their products. Another great initiative by this brand is partnering with other organizations to help save the lives of humans and animals. 


Ilia is another leader among the clean makeup brands. Their products are free of harmful ingredients and they are a brand inclusive of various skin tones. They have also partnered with other organizations to recycle leftover product containers.

8.Milk Makeup

With products that are gentle to the skin, this brand believes in transparency to the customers and reasonable pricing. You can also get great deals in Sephora skincare, Sephora cleansers, and Sephora face creams to name a few products, to support Sephora clean beauty program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sephora’s sheet masks are what Sephora is famous for. These masks are packed with powerful natural ingredients to help replenish your skin.

Yes. Tatcha has introduced clean beauty products and has now become a cult-favourite beauty brand.

As of now, more than 90 companies are part of Clean at Sephora, offering a whopping number of 1,680 clean products!

The word “Sephora” is derived from the Greek word “Sepos” meaning beauty, as well as from the name of Moses’s very beautiful wife, “Zipporah” as in the book of Exodus.

The company behind the Sephora brands is LVMH, which has its focus on high-end skincare and cosmetics brands as well as perfumes.

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