Subway vs McDonald's: What's the difference?

Sep 21, 2022   |   5 min read


Subway vs McDonald's: What's the difference?


Subway vs McDonald's - A major difference between them is that McDonald's is famous for its hamburgers that come in all sizes and can be tweaked according to the customer's palate. In contrast, Subway became famous for its submarine sandwiches, much healthier than regular sandwiches in fast-food restaurants.

Fast-food chains such as McDonald's were introduced to this world for the first time. All the methods that are now popular are imitated by other fast-food chains were started them. As well as customizing their food to meet customer needs, they stay up to date with current trends that are followed by youth and seniors.

Fast-food chains like Subway and McDonald's also emerged with the development of many other famous fast-food chains. Motivational stories about their introduction have been floating around for a long time.

Subway vs McDonald's: Which is Healthier?

A recent study assessed whether adolescents aged 12-21 purchased foods with very few total calories at a restaurant that is advertised as "healthy" compared to one of its competitors. The restaurant studied was Subway, while its competitor was McDonald's. According to the study, ninety-seven adolescents consumed an average of one thousand calories at McDonald's and nine hundred at Subway. The difference in calories between the two restaurants was not statistically significant, implying that there were no differences. The fact that Subway advertises its foods to help people lose and manage their weight is very interesting. According to research, adolescents should consume approximately two thousand four hundred calories per day for their total calorie intake over the course of the day. This means that this meal contributed more than 40% slightly to their total calorie need for the day.

Researchers looked at both total calories, and the breakdown of where and what the calories were coming from, and they found some differences:

  • Drink calories averaged around sixty calories at Subway and one hundred fifty at McDonald's
  • The average sodium intake at Subway was two thousand mg, while it was eighteen hundred mg at McDonald's. 
  • The overall daily guideline for healthy individuals is not to exceed two thousand three hundred mg.
  • At Subway, the complete meal had an average of forty-one grams of protein and thirty-two grams at McDonald's.
  • And the Subway sandwich averaged seven hundred eighty-five calories; meanwhile, it was five hundred seventy-two calories at McDonald's. Wow!
  • Side dishes such as fries and drinks contribute an average of around thirty-five calories at Subway compared with two hundred at McDonald's
  • There was an average of thirty-six grams of sugar in a Subway meal and fifty-four grams in a McDonald's meal.

At McDonald's, normally, the sides are fries, chips, potatoes, and drinks, which provide more calories; however, at Subway, the sandwich, let alone contributes more. 

In terms of sugar and protein, at Subway, the meal is somewhat better than McDonald's because it contains more veggies; however, it is always higher in sodium.

Remember that both meals contributed the same number of calories but also a large number of calories.

This study shows that at McDonald's, we can cut a lot of calories by reducing the size of our sides and drinks or getting rid of them altogether. At Subway, we have an option to choose smaller-size sandwiches, and we can request less meat, etc., and then pack whatever the veggies offered as toppings.

Health Problems

While healthier junk food has an exceptional impact on our basic health and well-being, it is vital for disease prevention; especially when we talk about weight maintenance and weight loss, the total amount of calories is more significant, and there is a high likelihood that consuming these kinds of meals would lead to an overconsuming of calories for the day.

We can try to do things if we want to or need to eat these foods or if we like them and want to eat them. 
One of the most vital health problems in the world today is obesity.

It is linked to a lot of diseases, and a lot of people die from these diseases.

Some of these diseases are diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, cancer, and others. Of course, overeating is what makes people fat.

But did you know that eating fast food every day is one of the main reasons people get fat?

Not only that but too much fast food is being linked to more and more diseases that are linked to being overweight. Polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes infertility and is most common in obese women, and Dyslipidemia, which happens when too much weight is put on growing bones whether its Subway  vs McDonald's


Both Subway vs McDonald's is fast-food chains that are growing quickly and are well-known all over the world. Even though the basic ideas behind the two chains are different, they both deliver fast service and meals as promised.

The main goal of the sandwiches at Subway is to put as many vegetables as possible on them and to include salads in the different meal packages. On the other hand, most McDonald's food is high in fat and has a lot of cheese. The burgers are also made with fatty patties.

People who go to each food chain are different because of these small differences. People on diets or with health problems may go to Subway more often than McDonald's. On the other hand, McDonald's customers are more likely to be younger or in school.

Read on to find out which fast food chain is better: Subway vs McDonald's, and why it matters. When it comes to fast food, most of us aren't sure if we should choose a "healthy" option or just a tasty meal full of calories, yet we always seem to gain weight anyhow.

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