20 Thoughtful Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Feb 02, 2021   |   7 min read


20 Thoughtful Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other


The time to express your unlimited love for your significant other is here again. Of course, love does not need to be bound to a special day but searching for Valentines Day gift ideas while singing cheesy songs, sending bunch of flowers and going an extra mile everyday isnt practical. While you and your significant other might be waiting for the amazing Valentines Day to pull each other closer than ever, our Valentines Day Gift Ideas is a huge save.

Not only we have combined thoughts and Deals (to let you gift more for less), we have combined some of the most unique and romantic gestures which will bring a new color and extra vibe to your love life.

After All, Valentines Day is all about strengthening your bond with your favorite person and an opportunity to please them in a way they will cherish. With the top valentine gift day ideas (which are simple yet thoughtful) be ready to make this 14th Feb a memorable one!

¤ï¸ï¸Valentines Day Gift Ideas¤ï¸ï¸

1. Wireless Ear Buds

2. Mobile Accessories

3. Lenovo Smart Clock

4. A Night to Remember

5. A Time Away From World

6. Dine In Together

7. Bath Robe

8. Scented Candles

9. Bath Bomb

10. Cute Socks

11. Warm Sweatshirt

12. Some Gym Shoes?

13. Healthy Diet Subscription

14. Yoga Mat

15. A book Subscription

16. Book Mark

17. Mini Book Keychain

18. Show Love with Coffee

19. Cookie Cutter

20. Cocktail Maker

For Tech Geek

valentines day gift ideas for tech geek

Having a thing for technology is a common practice especially for the man in a relationship. If you are with a partner who loves technology and tech items (sometimes even more than you), its time to win them over again! These Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your Tech Love is a way to go to please your significant other.

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¤ï¸ï¸1. Wireless Ear Buds

A must buy for your high-tech valentine. The Skull candy Wireless earbuds is a great and considerate purchase when it comes to giving thoughtful gifts. Available in three colors this item is a must buy if you are going to show love an extra mile.

¤ï¸ï¸2. Mobile Accessories

Do they Love their phone and laptop more than they love you? While that could be a misconception but often times its true. Gift them something to accessorize and protect their phone so they are pleased with your care. After all, Valentines Day gift ideas are all about putting their needs before yours! You can also use the Sonix coupon to buy cool and latest mobile and accessories for their gadgets.

¤ï¸ï¸3. Lenovo Smart Clock

Alarm and the Alarm tone can sends shivers down your spine and it is often too cringe to wake up to a displeasing noise. With Lenovo Smart Clock you can wake your loved one with their favorite song each day. Equipped with google assistant, this product from Lenovo supports a tiny smart display and shows time, temperature and keeps you updated with the weather.

Gift of Time

valentines day gift ideas gift of time

Expensive Gifts are a way to go but nothing can make up for some quality time spent with your significant other. Especially when you have been busy and not able to give them the attention they deserve. This valentines day give them the gift of your time and make some precious memories that will last a lifetime!

¤ï¸ï¸4. A Night to Remember

How about spicing things up in the bedroom? After all no one forgets the intimate moments with your Love. Get a great night planned with scented candles, silk sheets or anything that turns them on. And the best part? You can also use the Adam and Eve Coupon to Spice Bedroom things up!

¤ï¸ï¸5. A Time Away From World

If they Love nature and travel and you two havent been able to connect in solitude since a long time then this idea is for you. Take them for a hike or a camping to reminisce the time you two first met. Its always a good idea to spend some time thinking about good old days while creating some new memories. If you are short on time and ideas check the Pink Jeep Tours to plan your next big romantic gesture.

¤ï¸ï¸6. Dine In Together

Sometimes Love is just sitting together, having your comfort food and looking deep into eyes or even a Netflix binge watch. We Dont Judge! If you are one of the introvert couples who likes to keep things to themselves then have a wonderful night at your place with little candles, a romantic movie and a homemade meal (for a special touch). A running deal is the dinnerly coupons. Get the instant ingredients for anything you wish to cook and eat together.

From Their Favorite Stores

valentines day gift ideas favorite stores

Women Love Sephora and Men Love Old Navy. Its about preferences, while your loved one may not be drawn to Sephora or Old Navy either, there is a one particular store they love to visit more than any other. Since, you have been together a long time or like to pay close attention to their likes and dislikes, you want to make them feel special. And there is no better Valentines Day Gift ideas that doesnt hold some thought.

¤ï¸ï¸7. Bath Robe

To give them a sense of comfort and smoothness after they shower. A warm bathrobe, made up of soft cotton against their skin will show care more than anything. Not just because it's unisex, everyone can wear it, and everyone's going to love it, it makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift idea. And it's not the perfect gift for Valentine's Day but it's practical as well as romantic.

You could wear it when it's cold, only in the bathroom, or in your pajamas. Moreover, you can also use the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon to get great deals on bath robes. How about buying two for both of you?

¤ï¸ï¸8. Scented Candles

Some Scented Lavender to let them sleep better! Scented candles are one of the best way to romance things up. Especially in cold weather when a warm candle flame can make your room cozy for a good nights sleep. And who says you have to stop at the candles? When there are so many choices make them a basket. The internet is full of Valentines Day gift basket ideas and its time to act upon that.

Whether it be multiple candles or some other things to make up the best Valentines Day gift ideas, get all you need with Bed Bath and beyond Coupons.

¤ï¸ï¸9. Bath Bomb

A Comfortable bath after a long tiring day is sometimes all you need and showing that you care for their comfort is one of the best Valentines Day gift ideas. We bet you are going to relax them with amazing bath bomb that will not only ease them but bring their mind at comfort.

After all love is not always about going extra miles to do something big but its about doing small things that leave a big impact. So gift your significant other a bunch of bath bombs to make their baths relaxing and therapeutic. You can also check the Kohls collection for bath bombs, they have some really amazing choices.

valentines day special offers

¤ï¸ï¸10. Cute Socks

A cute pair of socks can make your feet protected and give them a warmth that you desire. Especially in winter season, having a comfortable pair of socks will help you stay warm. With the Valentines Day gift ideas we are here to bring you something out of ordinary. So how about getting a couples socks with his and her matching or even getting them something with their favorite cartoon character on it.

Twinning together and warming your feet together is an adorable form of love and we think you should go for it. And with the coupons and offers on Target you can shop from their Valentines Day socks collection.

¤ï¸ï¸11. Warm Sweatshirt

A perfect day in this cold season. A warm sweatshirt as a part of your Valentines Day gift ideas is a cute gesture. They can wear it, stay warm and keep you close with this sweet memory even when you both are not around each other. Moreover, it is also one of the affordable Valentines Day gift ideas. You can buy matching sweatshirts for them and for yourself too!

How about checking the Old Navys collection of sweatshirts to get a bunch of them for your love! You can also use the coupon to buy more for less.

For The Fitness Freak

valentines day gift ideas for fitness freak

Is your significant other a fitness freak? Are they too worried about their abs and their calf muscles? Or maybe they want you to go with them on morning jog! Either way, fitness freaks are cool, not only because they are healthy but there are plenty of Valentines Day gift ideas for them which will make their day a whole lot better.

¤ï¸ï¸12. Some Gym Shoes?

They love running through the park and not missing their cardio on a treadmill. Sure, they like to lift weights and do some basic squats but without comfortable shoes we dont think they can get the best out of their workout. Here is an idea! If you love someone who loves running and likes to keep themselves fit, gift them a comfortable pair of shoes. Maybe they are a fan of high end brands or wanted to purchase those Reebok joggers since long. The best part? You can use the Reebok Discount code to save on high branded joggers.

¤ï¸ï¸13. Healthy Diet Subscription

Have they just started their journey towards a vegan diet? While switching to a healthy vegan lifestyle is really hard and is bound to bring some mood swings, there is nothing like the support of a loved one during this time. You could be physically present there with them take your part in joining the diet with them or even if you are not ready to stop treating your taste buds yet then we have other choices too.

How about getting them a healthy diet subscription from their favorite green store. They will be thankful and very much pleased about how supportive you are of their journey through this tough time. If they are not sure where to begin you can use the Gardein coupon to get them a healthy meal subscription.

¤ï¸ï¸14. Yoga Mat

Fitness Lovers know the importance of a peaceful and relaxing yoga session. While to some people yoga is just a part of workout, but the truth is yoga is lifestyle to many people. And if your loved one who is into yoga asana and learning new poses to stretch their mind and body every single day then you should gift them what would make them happy.

A comfortable yoga mat. And now with the technology there are so many choices to gift, how about getting them a self-rolling yoga mat that will their workout sessions even more fun.

If They Love Reading

valentines day gift ideas if they love reading

For someone who are specific about their choices and preference, finding the right Valentines Day gift ideas is a tough job. Especially if they are a book worm, who feels everything so deeply and gets into the emotions, you surely want to make them feel special on the big day. Dont worry about disappointing them since we have a category of Valentines Day gift ideas for your nerdy lover.

¤ï¸ï¸15. A book Subscription

What could be better than giving an unlimited supply of what they love! There is nothing as too many books for someone who literally breathes with them. Dont judge! Its just how it is. Gift your book lover (and yours too), a gift of monthly book subscription. You can fine their favorite genre and get them subscribed for a book a month from the top reads. As one of the most thoughtful Valentines Day gift ideas for your significant other, there is nothing better than this!

¤ï¸ï¸16. Book Mark

Letting them keep a tab on their progress with the book? Book marks are for people who love their books unlike book monsters who fold the page. Even though your lover may be habitual of folding pages to mark the progress but what if they got a better opportunity.

Gift them a meaningful bookmark which will be so close to their heart as sometimes little gestures are the biggest. Or you could also make them a specially crafted bookmark with arts and crafts. Check the hobby lobby coupons to get best collection of art supplies and make unlimited bookmarks for them.

¤ï¸ï¸17. Mini Book Keychain

Books and their Love for Books! While the love is not limited to just hard copies they would love to have something that reminds them of you. How about gifting them a mini book keychain. To skip the traditional bookish ideas and get them books plainly, you can give this cute little gift and we tell you they will be pleased.

Some Love for Their Tummy

valentines day gift ideas some love their tummy

It is true for some people that the way to their heart is through their tummy! And if this is the case with you and your significant other then we have some smart Valentines Day gift ideas for you!

¤ï¸ï¸18. Show Love with Coffee

Are they one of those grumpy people who need a coffee before anything happens in the morning? Well not to judge most of us are. Sure they are picky about their morning coffee and let a single mug govern their whole mood for the day. If thats the case then gift them something that will make delicious coffee very single day for the rest of their lives.

No we are not trying to get them a live barista but a coffee grinder. This thoughtful gift will definitely put a smile on their face. And the happiness to control their coffee every morning and get awaken with the smell of fresh coffee beans is a dream come true for them. You can also use the baratza coupons to get huge discounts on coffee grinders.

¤ï¸ï¸19. Cookie Cutter

If they like to bake then help them in making smart cookies. A cookie cutter is a happy gift for anyone who loves baking. And the special shapes and cute characters will only put a smile on all of your faces. Plus they will be impressed with your thoughtful Valentines Day gift ideas.

¤ï¸ï¸20. Cocktail Maker

This is not just a gift for them but for the entire family. If they like to experiment with cocktails then a cocktail maker is the best bet. After all you and your entire family can enjoy delicious cocktails and your loved one will love the praises they get.

Dont Wait Too Long Express your Love¤ï¸ï¸¤ï¸ï¸¤ï¸ï¸

valentines day gift ideas express your love

Short on Valentines Day Gift Ideas? With our above-mentioned collection of romantic gestures and Valentines Day gift ideas you are sure to instill some spark! Even if you are short on budget and dont have enough time to search through the entire internet to find the best Valentines Day gift ideas for your loved ones, our bunch of carefully crafted ideas are surely going to put a smile on their face.

Other Simple Gifts and Ideas for Valentines Day