Cyber Monday Monitor Deals: Enjoy The Best Saving On Professional And Gaming Monitors

24 Oct, 2023   |   5 min read
Cyber Monday Monitor Deals: Enjoy The Best Saving On Professional And Gaming Monitors


This year on Cyber Monday you can easily get your hands on the best monitors for your work and gaming station. The best part about Cyber Mondays and Black Friday are that you get the most outstanding discounts on electronics that are too expensive to buy on regular days. This is the time of the year when you can save a lot of cash on the most expensive monitors. So, if you want the latest monitor of 2023 with a Cyber Monday discount, you are at the right place because we are here with the mind-boggling Cyber Monday monitor deals. We are well aware of the fact that deciding on the deals from so many available options is not an easy task. So, stress no more and get the best deals right here.

When do Cyber Monday monitor deals begin?

This year Cyber Monday monitor deals will begin on the 27th of November and keep going till Thanksgiving shopping weekend. The Cyber Monday monitor deals are the best opportunity for those who miss out on Black Friday deals. In addition, some best Cyber Monday TV deals are also available to help you save big on your investment.

Incredible Cyber Monday Deals

Monitors deals without any doubt are the most attractive discount of the year. If you are also looking for similar deals, then you are on the right page here, It’s such a great time to think about setting up your home office so you must get your hands on these amazing Cyber Monday Printer Deals as well as the Cyber Monday Monitor Deals, Google Pixel 7 Cyber Monday Deals, and Cyber Monday Chromebook Deals. Because we all need a perfect workspace to get work done faster, for that we need to have the best computer setup.

If you are thinking of surprising your kids there are plenty of Cyber Monday Toy Deals as well so you would not want to miss your chance to get the best this year, hurry up and grab on before you lose your chance. There are plenty of Apple products that will be on huge sale this year, such as Cyber Monday iPhone Deals, Apple Watch Cyber Monday, and Apple AirPods Pro Deals.

To be fair not only on Apple products you find some outstanding sale on other electronics as well, if you are a fan of movie nights and loves to host game night you must get your hands on the great Cyber Monday Soundbar Deals, also TV set whether 75-inch or 65-inch or even 85-inch TV because what’s best for you and your family.

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday monitor deals?

Cyber Monday deals are almost offered by every retailer. So, this might be challenging to find the one or two best places where you can find the best monitor deals Cyber Monday. That’s why the best place where you can find the best Cyber Monday deals is amazon here, you can find the best Cyber Monday deals on all almost every item. Other than this, you can also find some incredible deals at best buy and Walmart. Be with us till the last, and dig out the best deal on your favorite monitor.

LG - 43-Inch UltraFine 4K UHD Monitor (Best Buy) LG - 43-Inch UltraFine 4K UHD Monitor (Best Buy) See Details
Samsung Odyssey 49-inch 1000R Curved Dual QHD (Best Buy) Samsung Odyssey 49-inch 1000R Curved Dual QHD (Best Buy) See Details
LG 65-Inch Class 4K UHD 2160P (Walmart) LG 65-Inch Class 4K UHD 2160P (Walmart) See Details
ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Premium IPS 1440p Ergonomic Monitor ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Premium IPS 1440p Ergonomic Monitor See Details
Sceptre 20 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor Sceptre 20 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor See Details
SAMSUNG 32-inch UJ59 4k monitor LU32J590UQNXZA SAMSUNG 32-inch UJ59 4k monitor LU32J590UQNXZA See Details
SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 Curved Computer Monitor SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 Curved Computer Monitor See Details
LG 29WN600-W 29 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor LG 29WN600-W 29 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor See Details
SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor See Details
LG - 43-Inch UltraFine 4K UHD Monitor (Best Buy)
Samsung Odyssey 49-inch 1000R Curved Dual QHD (Best Buy)
LG 65-Inch Class 4K UHD 2160P (Walmart)
ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Premium IPS 1440p Ergonomic Monitor
Sceptre 20 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor
SAMSUNG 32-inch UJ59 4k monitor LU32J590UQNXZA
SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 Curved Computer Monitor
LG 29WN600-W 29 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor
SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

LG - 43-Inch UltraFine 4K UHD Monitor (Best Buy)

Best Review

Affordable priceA UHD 4K monitor that maximizes workspace and minimizes glare. At an expanded 42.5" and 16:9 screen ratio, LG's Ultrafine Monitor with UHD 4K IPS Display reduces glare and features lifelike color, contrast, clarity and detail at wide angles. It shines as a productivity powerhouse, delivering a flexible workstation experience and easy setup, yet amplifies gaming with cutting-edge features and elevates entertainment with HDR10 and rich bass.

Reason to Buy

  • Excellent picture quality
  • High resolution
  • Affordable price

Reason to Avoid

  • Light weight
  • Quite adjustable
  • Bezel
Buy LG - 43-Inch UltraFine 4K UHD Monitor at Best Buy

Such a great monitor and it truly presets for HDR and shines. I bought 27’4k monitor previously only because I wanted to expand my work station but 4k font was really unreadable. So, I bought LG and even Samsung just to compare it because of the pros and cons of the VA type of display the Samsung and the IPS type for this LG. After reading about both styles, I did see the lack of black in IPS and more faded viewing angles at the edges of the monitor. If I didn't need to see all the font this would be a great choice or even if you wanted to scale down the resolution.

Would make a great monitor for most other things like gaming as it is very bright and vibrant or watching movies etc. I almost kept this one instead of the Samsung because of the lack of brightness even with contrast and brightness all the way up. The last thing I did on the Samsung was turn "Game Mode" On and it was the perfect brightness, clarity, and Black color I wanted. I am really happy with my purchase so here's that, my workspace looks exactly how I wanted it to look.


Samsung Odyssey 49-inch 1000R Curved Dual QHD (Best Buy)

Best Review

At 49-Inch, and arced to match the curvature of the human eye, the G9 marries unmatched immersion, with unbelievable performance, pixel perfect image quality and incredible visual design.

Samsung’s largest 1000R gaming monitor: Get your head in the game with the 49-inch Odyssey G9, which matches the curve of the human eye, for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. With the screen space of two 27” panels, you can truly take command on the battlefield.

Cutting Edge QLED Technology: From deepest blacks to vivid colours, Samsung QLED ensures pixel perfect picture quality with every frame.

Unparalleled Depth, with HDR 1000: See your games as they were meant to be seen, with Samsung HDR 1000. Bring unrivalled depth to every world you choose to explore, and experience insane levels of detail in every scene.

Reason to Buy

  • Great widescreen design
  • Amazing 240Hz AMD
  • Beautiful HDR
  • Dramatic 1000R curve

Reason to Avoid

  • Wide design won't suit everyone
  • Does not have more ports
  • Underwhelming lights
  • Extremely heavy
Buy Samsung Odyssey 49-inch 1000R Curved at Best Buy

Wonderful monitor, truly unique. I mostly use it to get work done, but sometimes I play games on it. I chose this because it has a stronger curve and I thought it would be better for my eyes. I really like it! Very simple to set up and use. Keep in mind that it's heavy. There is really only ONE monitor stand that can hold this up. Everything is great, and there have been no problems yet (knock on wood). Others have told me terrible things about this monitor, but I decided to give it a shot. I did buy the extra warranty from BestBuy just in case.

The monitor crackles every once in a while because the technology is getting hot, but unless you're really picky, you won't notice it. It's easy to read the text because the resolution is good. I just got a PS5 and have been setting it up with PIP/BIP to have split screens.


LG 65-Inch Class 4K UHD 2160P (Walmart)

Best Review

Everything you need to bring your favorite content to life with the power of 4K and the extras you crave

webOS22: Customize your viewing experience with separate accounts and personalized recommendations for every member of your family

a7 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K: Experience a lifelike picture with more depth and richer colors thanks to our advanced a7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K that adjusts picture and sound qualities to give you a fabulous experience no matter what you’re watching

Ultimate Streaming: Find your faves fast with built-in access to Netflix, the Apple TV app, Disney+, HBO Max* and instant access to over 300+ free LG Channels** with everything from comedy to movies to sports

Magic Remote: Quickly point, click, scroll or use voice control to find your favorite content faster with the LG Magic Remote

Game Optimizer & Dashboard: Make it the best gaming experience by quickly adjusting all your game settings in one location

*Internet connection and subscriptions to streaming services are required. HBO Max ©2022 Warner Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. HBO Max is used under license. **Number of LG Channels subject to change.

Reason to Buy

  • Quite affordable
  • Amazing image quality
  • Improved design

Reason to Avoid

  • Not durable
  • Very fragile
Buy LG 65-Inch Class 4K UHD 2160P (Walmart)

I love this TV so much! It's beautiful and of such high quality. The only problem we had was that the feet were too wide for our TV stand because it was so big. We bought a new set of feet that screw into the spot where the TV mount goes, and that was an easy fix. Now it works great in my home. I love how simple it is to set up and how easy it is to use the remote.


ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Premium IPS 1440p Ergonomic Monitor

Best Review

Are you setting up a workplace? Want a good monitor with all smart features? Then this monitor is specially made for you. It includes all the smart and fantastic features you will not find in any other monitor. This offers you an amazing quality picture with astonishing color precision. Why buy?  

Large display: This monitor features a 27-inch large display 

High resolution: It offers a high resolutions of 2560 x 1440

No back pain: Say Bye! Bye! to back pain, with this monitor, you will get features like height, swivel, tilt, and pivot

Various ports: The VP2756-2K supports laptops, PCs, and Apple/Mac operating systems with USB Type C, HDMI 1.4, and DisplayPort inputs

Price during Cyber Monday Sale: $299.99/ $379.99

Discount: 21% off

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Reason to Buy

  • Good quality picture
  • High resolution
  • Support various other connections like, laptops, and PCs, with USB type C.
  • no back pains

Reason to Avoid

  • Doesn’t support HDR, 60hz
Buy ViewSonic VP2756-2K 27 Inch Premium IPS 1440p Ergonomic Monitor

This is by far the best monitor for a Mac used the provided HDMI cable to plug and connect to the Mac mini M2. Then I changed the monitor's picture mode to macbook and wow! The only thing I'll ask the ViewSonic company that made the monitor is why the downloaded Display Manager didn't recognize it after they installed it. For the Mac mini M2, the other question is whether using DisplayPort instead of HDMI has any benefits. This time the question is for the manufacturer.


Sceptre 20 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

Best Review

This monitor is best for both work and play. It seems a little pricey, but it is not really because with the massive Cyber Monday discount, you can get this at a reasonable price. The monitor features an HDR large screen display that features you a clear picture. Why buy? 

Adaptive sync technology: Come with a great adaptive sync technology that closes the gap between the graphics cards and the monitor refresh rates while also eliminating image tearing and stuttering

Built-in speakers:  come with fantastic built-in speakers, that provide you good audio level to enjoy engaging audio while listening to your favorite tunes

High refresh rate: With the high refresh rate of 75 Hz images, changes faster and smoother

Faster response: Offer instant response that makes your streaming easier and skip ghosting and blurring while streaming

Feature multiple ports: now you can easily stream, offering various ports, HDMI 1.4, and audio in for more support

Price during Cyber Monday sale: $79.97/ $99.97

Discount: 20% off

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Reason to Buy

  • High audio
  • Mind-blowing display 
  • Multiple ports
  • Quick response

Reason to Avoid

  • HDMI is a little short
Buy Sceptre 20 1600x900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

The sRGB 99% color scepter 20" 1600 x 900 75Hz LED monitor with 2x HDMI VGA built-in speakers is a great deal. This is great quality for the price. I like how clear the screen is more than the last monitor I had, which cost twice as much. Taken care when packing and sending this monitor. It was simple to put together, and the two screws that were needed were accompanied by a nice screwdriver. To put it mildly, impressive.


SAMSUNG 32-inch UJ59 4k monitor LU32J590UQNXZA

Best Review

Samsung is the top choice of most people, whether it’s about smartphones, TVs, monitors, or any other smart device. This monitor is exactly made for you, featuring some amazing things you would not find in any other monitor. The monitor comes with 4K screen that offers you an ideal gaming experience. We know these monitor bit out of middle-class people's range, but with this Cyber Monday 4K monitor deals, you can get this with a big saving.

Why buy?

Widescreen: It offers a 4-pixel HD screen that is perfect for every type of streaming and gaming

A billion colors come with a billion colors, and skip the chance of blur or a less clear image. This feature is good for someone who is looking to get a realistic feel while streaming

High refresh rate: offers a high refresh rate that supports the high graphics and reduces image tear and stutter. This feature minimizes the delay between the mouse and the keyboard

Slim bezels: stylish matte black look featuring an elegant and slim look

Eye saver mode: Have an eye problem? Don’t worry because this monitor comes with fantastic eye-saver mode that keeps your screen protected 

Price during Cyber Monday sale: $299.99/$339.99

Discount: 12% off

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Reason to Buy

  • Amazing refresh rate
  • Fantastic colors
  • Large display
  • Multitasking features
  • Eye saver mode

Reason to Avoid

  • No speakers
Buy SAMSUNG 32-inch UJ59 4k monitor LU32J590UQNXZA

Basically I bought pre used monitor at a great price, since it was not used a lot the packaging was secure and no damage to the item. Color and resolution were great, but at first, I was worried this was not going to work well for me with my MacBook Air (Ventura) due to the text being too small on this monitor when used in 4K. After much trial and error and Googling, I found that using the 1920x1080 gave me the window text size I wanted but without any blurriness. Not sure if I needed 4K after finding this out, but I am really happy with this monitor now.


SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 Curved Computer Monitor

Best Review

Want a curved monitor with a discount? Then this immersive viewing monitor is especially for you. Its 1800R curvature of the screen provides you with a clear display. The amazing monitor lets you enjoy the big, bold and stunning panoramic view. Best for both work and play. Why buy?

Immersive screen: this monitor offers enjoyable and comfortable viewing that is not found in any other monitor

Ultra slim design: This monitor measures less than 0.5-inch-thick design, along a 24-inch curved display

AMD free sync technology:  Offer the fastest on-screen motion with a clear view and up to 4ms response time. Due to all this, you will get less blur, judder, and ghosting

Eye saver mode: now your eyes are saved from harmful tv rays while streaming because it features great eye saver mode

Price during Cyber Monday sale: $119.99/$189.99

Discount: 37% off

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Reason to Buy

  • Amazing picture quality 
  • Eye saver features
  • Slim design
  • 3000:1 contrast

Reason to Avoid

  • No in-built speaker
Buy SAMSUNG 23.5 CF396 Curved Computer Monitor

So, to be very honest this is my second time around buying this computer monitor only because I have had the other monitor for a year and it’s held up just perfectly fine. A while back I accidentally dropped it while I was changing my setup around and surprisingly it’s still going strong and didn’t even leave any crack on the screen. Once I saw it on sale again, I went ahead and bought it again. Definitely worth the purchase if you’re looking for a really good-sized monitor grab this one for sure. It’s also hard to pass up on the price especially if it goes on sale again.


LG 29WN600-W 29 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor

Best Review

Ever dream of realistic streaming that takes you inside your streaming? Then this year, it is possible with a massive Cyber Monday discount. LG WFHD HDR10 monitor features completely realistic, accurate color that is far almost impossible to find. Why buy? 

Realistic streaming: features an accurate color that results in realistic streaming with enhanced contrast, clarity, and wide angles with a large 29-inch display

HDR10: Its high HDR features a dynamic visual experience, which makes it the ideal choice for photographers and designers

Comfortable reading: now be safe while watching your monitor because it also offers you to reduce blue light for hurdle-less reading and checking

Real-time gaming: perfect choice for gamers as it offers you streaming that takes you inside your gaming

Price during Cyber Monday sale: $179.99/ $229.99

Discount: 22% off

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Reason to Buy

  • Realistic images
  • Ergonomic design
  • Screen Split
  • Flickering 
  • Maxx audio 

Reason to Avoid

  • The headphone jack is on back
Buy LG 29WN600-W 29 21:9 UltraWide WFHD IPS HDR10 Monitor

It is one of the best monitors for those looking for a little more screen space at their desk or work area, this monitor is a great addition. It is slim and wide allowing for the use of multiple tabs open side by side without the need for a multi-monitor setup! It is a cheaper-priced monitor so keep in mind the light panel isn’t the best in class but for the price, the colors and viewing angles are very nice!


SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

Best Review

If you are looking for an affordable gaming monitor, then here we have got a great Cyber Monday deals gaming monitor. This Samsung gaming monitor features the best and smooth hurdle gaming experience. It offers an ideal contrast ratio with deep blacks and white to make your gaming outstanding and captivating. Why buy?

Great viewing experience: Now with this amazing Samsung monitor, your every scene is incredibly defined because it comes with a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1

Outstanding refresh rate: Its AMD Radeon free sync keeps your monitor and graphic card refresh rate in sync, automatically reduces image tear and stutter. With this, you have a chance to enjoy the fast action scene seamlessly and smoothly

Curved screen: Its captivating curve design makes it perfect for both work and play. Featuring a 1800R curved screen with a 27-inch large display that helps you remain focused

Protect your eyes: Now enjoy flicker-free streaming because the eye-saver mode is here to minimize emitted blue light

Price during Cyber Monday deals: $199.99/$229

Discount: 13% off

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Reason to Buy

  • Screen protection features
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Outstanding curves
  • Bright view offering a blurless experience 

Reason to Avoid

  • Little expensive
Buy SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

I swear when I say this, I love the picture quality and even the colors they really pop and it is not harsh on the eyes at all, but the only problem I am facing is that I wish it had a display port, the HDMI port. I've had it for almost a year now and it's showing no signs of wear or tear! So, I must say it is an amazing quality product.

Tips to choose the right monitor

The monitor is the soul of your overall pc system. So, for the best streaming, work, and gaming it is mandatory to have the right monitor. But choosing the right device from thousands of available is an overwhelming task. However, now you don’t need to worry because we are here with our best tips to help you out in this daunting situation.

Determine the purpose

Generally, there are three main purposes for buying a monitor: gaming, work, and general. As different PCs come with different specifications, so it is mandatory to determine the purpose first to get the right PC based on your purpose. Here, we have defined the best specification choices for each

Gaming:  gamer considers the monitor with a fast refresh rate as gaming include some high graphic. So, a monitor with a high refresh rate allows you to blur less playing experience.

Work: people with professional work always choose a monitor with a normal refresh rate and look more for the right color accuracy.

General: in this condition, people don’t look too much for the specification but simply opt for a high-contrast VA panel monitor.

Decide on resolution

You can find out the width x height (or the number of pixels) of a monitor by looking at its resolution. The minimum resolution of the monitor should be 1920 x 1080, usually referred to as 1080p, Full HD (FHD), and HD. However, QHD and 4K will give you even sharper visuals. The 4k resolution is mostly chosen by gamers, as they want clearer picture during their gaming.

Monitor size

When choosing a monitor, the size of your monitor is the most crucial point. The right size of the monitor can take your usage to the next level. The monitor range from 20 to 70 inch and beyond. There is no one size fit for all solutions. So, you need to choose the right one for the best usage or streaming. 32 inches is the most appropriate site when you are sitting at the typical distance, but if you are more distanced then the size of your monitor will also increase.

Consider ports

Every self-respecting monitor must have HDMI ports. But nowadays, it's not only enough, with the increase in technology and smart device, there is also an increase in the number of ports. So before choosing the one for your work, home or play, consider the devices you have, as now you will also find different USB, VGA, DVI, and display ports.

What’s your budget? 

Your budget is the main point in choosing a TV. You can buy a TV that your budget doesn’t allow. So before you went out for TV, make sure to know your budget. As most monitor price ranges from $50 to $2000 and beyond, depending on the specification. 

Have Fun

Hopefully, the information and the deals gathered here will help you snag the best discount on your monitor. All the monitors mentioned here, are offered by the most famous retailer. On the account of Cyber Monday, all these are put on massive discounts. So please give your precious time to this post to get the best deals.

AOC U2790VQ 27 4K 3840x2160 UHD Frameless Monitor (11% off)

SAMSUNG 32 Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor (14% off)

Sceptre 27-Inch FHD LED Gaming Monitor (7% off)

LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor 34 (8% off)

ViewSonic VP2468_H2 24-Inch Premium Dual Pack Head-Only (16% off)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best monitor for gamers?

For gaming, most people think about getting a monitor. The best monitor for gaming is the SAMSUNG 27-inch CR50 Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor, which is currently on sale for a very low price in honor of Cyber Monday.

What savings are available on Cyber Monday monitor deals?

There are big sales on Cyber Monday, especially on tech-related items. Thus, this event gives you a chance to get a monitor for up to 50% less.

What are some of more deals you can find on your monitor?

There will be a large number of Monitors available for purchase at the largest shopping event. These are some of the best deals you can find on Cyber Monday.

How much discount can you get on the Cyber Monday sale?

Monday through Thursday is the best time to shop because deals are at their best. You can get the MacBook Air for up to 25% less on Cyber Monday.

How long will Cyber Monday last?

This year, Black Friday ends on November 28 at 11:59 p.m. That's when many of the best store sales end, but not all of them. From the end of October to the beginning of December, Cyber Week is a sales event with even more deals.