Amazon Prime Day: Spend $10 on Small Businesses and Earn $10 Credit

Mar 01, 2022   |   8 read


Amazon Prime Day: Spend $10 on Small Businesses and Earn $10 Credit

Who doesn't love free gift cards, especially when they come from names as big as Amazon? You could spend any amount on Prime Day and it still won't be enough because of the stellar deals it puts out for customers. We suggest that you gear up today and prepare yourself for the biggest sale of the season after Christmas. There is nothing quite like browsing through hundreds of items knowing you could get them for the cheapest of prices. This is why Prime Day discounts are so popular among people. All you have to do is find the category that you want to shop in and go all in.

Along with the customers, retailers are also quite excited about Prime Day sales because they know that people would love spending money on their favorite items. They are quite efficient about restocking products and ensuring that you leave the store satisfied.

We know that Amazon Prime Day of 2022 is quite a few months away right now but if you are one of those customers who like to plan their shopping trips to the dot, you are in the right place. it is better to look through different items and know what you would be presented during the sale instead of just going in without any prior idea.

Amazon Small Business $10 Offer

The greatest thing that Amazon has started since last year is that it has now become a supporter of small businesses. This is a retailer that is known for having all kinds of brands and shops. You can interact with big companies like Apple or bargain with independent sellers. Even before, the platform has been known to bring together different organizations so they can conduct their businesses in harmony but it is good to see big retailers like Amazon taking an active interest in promoting small businesses.

Now the good news is that on the day of the sale, Prime members will get a $10 credit for spending $10 on small businesses. You are already aware that Amazon has a section on the website that is primarily dedicated to small companies but now they have given people an incentive to spend on them and promote small businesses. In fact, you will also find some top-notch brands there that classify as small to medium businesses and get those products for cheaper prices. So, Amazon’s small business $10 deal will not only be a massive hit among the customers but will help promote the brands that need it.

Once you spend the amount on the page, you will get a $10 credit through email. It would be stored on the app or your Amazon Prime account and you would be able to spend it any time within the next 48 hours. We think they are being generous with the time duration because who doesn’t want to immediately spend their credit and get the item they have had their eyes on since the beginning. If you are not a regular visitor of the small business section, you would be surprised to know that you can choose from more than 300,000 stores. This means you get even more variety than the last year.

Also, some celebrity-owned small businesses are also present in the category as Amazon has partnered up with brands like Karamo Brown, Kristen Bell, and Mindy Kaling. So, have the time of your life shipping your heart out at the greatest sale of the year.

What to Buy?

Now you must be wondering where to start when it comes to this sale. Don’t worry, because we have already taken care of the job for you. It is easy to get excited and miss out on some great deals but we wouldn't want that for you. This is why our experts have compiled the list of products that you should certainly get from Amazon small business $10 offer.

1.Benson Mills Pressed Vinyl Mats

What stands out the most in this offer is that you hardly have to pay any money to buy these vinyl mats. They might not be the most popular sale but it is a guarantee that you would love adding this to your cart for that extra $10. Available in a pack of four, you get the luxury of choosing from a variety of colors and designs. They give you such a homely feeling that it might be a waste not to purchase them immediately. Also, the mats have a 4.7 stellar rating on Amazon from 4000 reviews which means anyone who bought these immediately fell in love with them.

Price: $9.99

2.Homeries Acrylic Cake Stand

If you are a regular baker who loves to put their items on display or just wants to keep them fresh and protected until your kids come back from school, this acrylic stand would be the perfect purchase for you. Also, the brand claims that it can be used to serve a lot of functions other than a cake stand too. You can serve piping hot food in it, put punch for a house party, mix salad, and lay out chips and salsa for the guests. This all-in-one stand looks quite aesthetic at the first glance and it is quite lightweight due to the make being of acrylic. So, you can easily clean it up instead of handling it cautiously like the glass ones. It has a rating of 4.6 stars from 4600 buyers.

Price: $23.99

3.Lizush Spa Gift Set

There is no specific time for treating yourself because when a sale comes with this big of a promise, you are tempted to shop for the most amazing skincare products. It is one thing you can never get tired of because your skin requires constant nourishment. This gift set from Lizush, which is present in offers nine products for your treatment. You get a citrus bar soap, grapefruit, body oil, facial clay mask, shower steamer, natural lip balm, soy candle, cosmetic bag as well as a while sponge. The package screams “buy me” with the cute yellowish and orange finish. The box is well organized and you just instantly want to take care of yourself upon buying it. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon from 300 buyers.

Price: $69

4.Urban Industrial Craft Edison Desk Lamp

Are you someone who loves to work in a dark academic setup? If your house has a woodsy texture or even a corner that reminds you of vintage décor, this industrial lamp would be a great addition to it. It is made from steel pipes and has two 40 watt Edison bulbs attached to it. The socket color has a lot of variety and you get three wood finishes so it can suit the background of the wall or the furniture you will place it on. Just switch it on and you would be transported to the Dracula era of magnificent libraries and handwritten letters. The product has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon from 39 buyers.

Price: $89

5.Avantree Aria Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

We love how diverse the range of the sale is. You can get quite literally anything from the collection and that too in the cheapest of prices. Another favorite product to feature is here the Avantree Aria Headphones that can become your best friend if you love to study or focus without disturbances. It limits the noise surrounding you and you can enjoy any podcast, music, and much more with this device. It can run for 21 hours with 5.0 Bluetooth and with the regular one, it might even surpass a day. Use it to skip songs, control volume, summon Siri and enjoy a noise-free time. It has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon after being reviewed by 800 users.

Price: $79.99

6.Amalen Foldable Dog Water Bottle

If you are a pet parent who likes to take your furry guy on different adventures, this might be the product you are looking for. It works like a portable dispenser so when you are not using it, it can fold in half and reduce storage space. As soon as your pet gets thirst, just click on the button and the bottle will fill itself with water and you can give it to them. Everyone loves this foldable item for their buddies as it has a 4.5-star rating based on 600 reviews.

Price: $17.99

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Amazon giving $10 credit for shopping with small businesses?

Yes, on Prime Day you can get a $10 credit after buying products from the small business category.

2. How do I claim my $10 credit?

It would be sent to you via email.

3. Is the Prime Day $10 credit real?

Yes, the money is stored in your Amazon Prime account.

4. Is Amazon giving away a $10 credit for free?

No, you have to spend $10 on small businesses first.

5. When does my $10 credit expire?

It lasts for 48 hours from the time you make the purchase.

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