Best Black Friday Hotel Deals You Must Try

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Best Black Friday Hotel Deals You Must Try

Are you looking for the best hotel on your next trip? Well, it is the right time to get the best hotel because it’s a Black Friday time. Here, you will find the best Black Friday Hotel Deals of this year. November has already started, and Black Friday is almost here, so it's the time of the year when hotels and resorts worldwide are providing some great deals for their customer.

Traveling is the most luxurious and expensive hobby. When you travel to a new place, you definitely need the best hotel. We always stay in a hotel that is comfortable and affordable, too. Thankfully, hotel booking is best on Black Friday time. Booking during this time means you will get some decent and best Black Friday Hotel Deals. Are you curious to know some of the best Black Friday Hotel Deals?

So, you can easily find these Black Friday Hotel Deals just everywhere. But here we provide you with some of the amazing and best Black Friday Hotel Deals collection through which you can take advantage on your next holiday trip. If you are really planning a family vacation or another trip before the New Year. So here we will provide you with a complete guide about Black Friday Hotel Deals of the year 2023. So take a look…

Do Hotels Have Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Hotels really have Black Friday Deals. There are so many hotels and resorts that provide the best Black Friday Hotel Deals. You can also see that many hotels' online websites provide a serious markdown during this month. Such as, provides a 55% off discount on rooms, and last year Expedia offered 75% off on hotel rooms.

Not just this, there are also home-sharing websites such as Airbnb & VRBO that provide Black Friday coupons, and you can save 20% to 30% Off. So you can also avail discount from these platforms. However, it is clearly seen there are so many hotels and resorts that provide the best Black Friday Hotel Deals. So keep scrolling to learn more about these Black Friday Hotel Deals.


Salt Hotels

We have another great Black Friday Hotel Deal for you. Salt Hotels is a collection of boutique hotels in Miami Beach, Hudson Valley, Provincetown, Los Angeles, and Long Branch. and they offer more than 40% Off discount on The Wave Resort, Hotel Greystone, Hutton Brickyards, The Aster, Salt House Inn, and The Bungalow. Their Black Friday Hotel Deals runs from 21 to 28 November. You will get bigger savings the more night hotel you book.

Matachica Resort And Spa

Matachia Resort or Hotel is one of the best hotels to stay in. It is located in the second largest world barrier reef, which is a water lover’s paradise. You will get one of the best Black Friday Hotel Deals here and get 35% Off for a night stay in November. You will feel amazing, and they also provide onsite kayaking, aquatic excursions, a pool, an oceanfront pier, and paddle boarding. So don’t wait; just grab this deal.


Priceline hosts a major Best Black Friday hotel deals this year. Priceline is one of the most famous platforms around the world. Every year, they provide so many Best Black Friday hotel deals. This time, they also offer deals from 6 to 27 November. Through this, you can save more than 30% Off on so many selected hotels.


Make your plan amazing for this year after getting Black Friday Hotel Deals. Book now for limited-time Black Friday offers. So participate in a ready collection of hotels or plan a getaway to Noella and enjoy more than 24% discount on guest rooms also, get $24 to spend on dining and drinks & 24% off retail purchases. So check out Noelle's Best Black Friday hotel deals on 16 November.

Moderne Hotel NYC

You can also check out Moderne Hotel NYC's Best Black Friday hotel deals. They started Black Friday from 23 November to 28 November. This one is the best hotel for any family or other trips. You can also avail discounts on this Black Friday Hotel Deals that is, you can save more than 40% on room booking.

Silverado Resort And Spa

Silverado Resort And Hotel is also one of the best hotel which is located in Napa Valley. They also provide Best Black Friday hotel deals and you can receive a $175 resort credit for a two night stay. They offer a luxury touch with amazing guest accommodations such as 10 tennis courts, fine dining, a full-service spa,  and two championship golf courses.  So don’t wait and just start to avail discounts from this Best Black Friday hotel deal.

Which Hotels Offer Best Black Friday Hotel Deals Last Year?

So many hotels were offering Best Black Friday hotel deals Last year. Smaller vacation spots and boutiques also provide Black Friday deals. So here we will highlight to you the list of Best Black Friday hotel deals of Last year:

  • Marriott International:  Marriot International hotel is also offering Best Black Friday hotel deals in which they were offering a 25% discount for Marriott Bonvoy members and also a 15% discount for nonmembers.
  • All Accor Live Limitless: The parent company for Fairmont, Sofitel, and Raffles last year offered 25% discount stays and 5% Off for Accor Live Limitless members.
  • IHG Hotels & Resorts: Last Year, they historically offered during black Friday a more than 10,000 bonus points to members per two-night stay booked. Also, Reward members can also save more than 30% Off on selected worldwide properties.
  • provided last year more than 30% discounts on all hotel bookings. But customers have to note that you have access to this Black Friday Hotel Deals.
  • Hilton: They provided lots of different markdowns and deals last year. They provide 40% Off for two-night stays.
  • Airbnb: They do not outwardly advertise Black Friday deals but they provide coupons and codes through which you can save 30% Off on selected bookings. 
  • VRBO: You can also get coupons and codes on Black Friday deals and save more than 20% to $200 Off your stay.
  • Last Year they also provided Best Black Friday hotel deals through which you can save 30% on hotel stays and 25% Off on car rentals.

In short, you can also expect the best Black Friday Hotel Deals this year. So you can also check out the link in this section for the Best Black Friday hotel deals of the year 2023. So, just tap on our above-mentioned links to get more Black Friday Hotel Deals.

Best Black Friday Hotel Deals Predictions

We predict that if this year is also like the past couple of years so you can also expect Black Friday Hotel deals to bring more than 30% to 50% savings on hotels around the world. You just need to keep in mind that the Best Black Friday hotel deals are mostly reserved for reward members, but most of the time, you will gain rewards by just signing up on the hotel's official page. You just need to make the best decision and select the best hotel for your next trip.

Which Is Better, Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are best, and both occasions are a good time to find the best hotel deals. Well, this is Black Friday time, and most of people want to travel around the world in this month. And we also mentioned so many Best Black Friday hotel deals, so right now, you can avail of discounts from Black Friday. You don’t need to wait for Cyber Monday sales or deals. Hotels are motivated to provide the best discounts during the week of November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hotels provide Black Friday Deals?

Yes, Hotels provide Black Friday Deals. Black Friday is the best time to save money on any trip. You will get some amazing discounts on Black Friday season. So here we mentioned so many hotel links, so tap on your favorite one and start saving now. The best deals come out quickly, so make sure you sign up for newsletter notifications and follow brands on social media for the latest Black Friday Hotel Deals.

Would Black Friday or Cyber Monday be a better time to book any hotels?

You're better off booking a hotel on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday. We see the biggest offers around Black Friday, while Cyber Monday tends to be reserved for stock that didn't run out on Thanksgiving.

How soon will Best Black Friday hotel deals be available?

The first Friday after Thanksgiving is now known as Black Friday, which falls on November 24, as is a fact of the universe. Best Black Friday hotel deals are appearing earlier and earlier due to the hotel's eagerness to get our attention and money over others. We are seeing great deals from October onwards, which might not be true Black Friday prices, but discounts in November are probably the best deals.

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