Black Friday Streaming Deals Of The Year 2023 - Save As Much As You Can

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Black Friday Streaming Deals Of The Year 2023 - Save As Much As You Can

In the realm of entertainment, customizable and budget-friendly streaming services provide a convenient way to indulge in your favorite shows. However, despite the initial promise of cord-cutting as a savvy approach to trim excessive entertainment and cable expenses, the prices of streaming services continue to rise. With an ever-expanding array of services, you might find yourself shelling out over $100 per month to access the shows you cherish.

We bring you exciting news if you've already attempted to cut your streaming costs and are searching for additional ways to save money. This Black Friday, in addition to enjoying fantastic deals from your preferred brands, you can also enjoy significant discounts on streaming devices as well as the indispensable streaming services you love. Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, HBOMax, Paramount+, and others are rolling out enticing bundle offers in anticipation of Cyber Week, and mysavinghub has compiled a comprehensive list for your convenience. Continue reading to uncover the current top deals on streaming devices and services.


Check out our list of best Black Friday Streaming Service Deals here at mysavinghub and save as much as you can on streaming services. So let’s check them out now!


Netflix, widely recognized as the pioneer in streaming services, boasts an extensive library with tens of thousands of hours of content, encompassing movies, television shows from major studios, and its own original productions. Regrettably, it seems that Netflix will not be partaking in Black Friday discounts this holiday season, consistent with its historical pattern over the past 15 years. To the best of our knowledge, Netflix has never offered any Black Friday deals. But you can save a lot from the Netflix sales section and Netflix promo codes especially offered for Black Friday.

In recent times, the closest semblance to a discount is the introduction of a new advertising tier, "Basic with Ads," which lowers the subscription price in exchange for the inclusion of advertisements. This ad-supported tier is priced at $6.99 per month in the US or £4.99 in the UK.

Unlike Netflix, other streaming services such as HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Roku, and more are offering substantial discounts of up to 80%. It's worth noting that Google, which used to provide discounted Netflix subscriptions with Chromecast purchases on Black Friday, has now shifted that deal to HBO Max.

YouTube TV

The Black Friday sale from YouTube TV offers an exceptional deal with a $50 discount! The promotion period does not come with a specified time limit, so it's advisable to take advantage of this offer promptly.

Notably, there is no specific Black Friday YouTube TV Promo Code. To access the deal, all you need to do is enter the Zip code for your area, allowing you to view the available channel lineup based on your location. Typically, a standard YouTube TV subscription is priced at $72.99 per month. However, for a limited duration, you can currently enjoy this streaming service at the discounted rate of $50.99 per month for three months.


Anticipating Black Friday Hulu deals to once again provide an incredible opportunity to subscribe to the streaming service for the modest price of just $1.99 a month over the course of a year. Hulu has consistently rolled out such deals in the past few years, and there's no indication that this trend will wane any time soon.

This offer is likely to become available in the week leading up to Black Friday, commencing on November 20, and extending through the weekend until the conclusion of Cyber Monday on November 27. Additionally, keep an eye out for potential undisclosed Black Friday deals from Hulu at our Hulu Promo Codes page. In the previous year's sale, Hulu surprised subscribers with offers like discounted Disney Plus as an add-on, allowing users to subscribe to both services for under $5 a month.


In the previous year, HBO Max, now known simply as Max, initiated its inaugural Black Friday sale. During this sale, new subscribers to HBO Max had the exclusive opportunity to access three months of streaming for only $1.99 per month, marking an impressive 80% discount.

Presently, Max is enticing subscribers by offering its sports add-on package at no additional cost upon signing up for the base subscription. It's worth noting that once this promotional offer concludes, the live sports package will be priced at $9.99 per month. Also, If you are in search of the perfect HBO max promo code, Exciting HBO max deals visit our HBOMax Promo page at mysavinghub so don’t wait and visit.


In Black Friday 2022, Paramount+ took a significant step by offering a 50% discount on its Essential plan. The overall service had a more budget-friendly pricing structure last year, resulting in the Essential plan being available for just $25 per year and the Premium plan for $100. If this trend persists for Black Friday 2023, and Paramount+ receives a similar discount, the Essential plan could potentially be reduced to $30 for a year, while the Showtime plan might drop to $60. It's important to note that this discount has not been officially confirmed by Paramount.

Although Paramount+ deals are not uncommon, there haven't been any notable ones in recent times. The Essential version of the plan is already attractively priced, and Paramount often relies on its free trial to attract subscribers. It's hopeful that Paramount is strategically holding out until Black Friday to unveil another enticing promotion. Save more by using our paramount plus coupon code.


As of now, Peacock has not officially announced any Black Friday deals. Typically, companies withhold such announcements to avoid deterring potential sign-ups in the lead-up to Black Friday. However, based on last year's promotions, it's reasonable to assume that Peacock will likely offer a deal this Black Friday.

During Black Friday 2022, Peacock discounted the Premium plan to an incredibly low $1 per month for a year, facilitated by the use of the popular Peacock promo code. While there is no confirmation of a discount for this year, considering that Peacock's monthly rate has increased from $5 to $6, it's conceivable that a promotional code might bring the service down to $2 or $1.50 per month. Nevertheless, until an official announcement is made by Peacock, these details remain speculative.


In 2022, Disney+ did not roll out a Black Friday deal, and instead, they increased the price of Disney+ a few weeks after the Black Friday period. It's possible that Disney considered postponing the price hike as a form of implicit discount. Given this information, the likelihood of a Disney+ Black Friday deal appears to be low.

Currently, there are options available for purchasing Disney+, although none of them are technically discounted. Disney+ does not even offer a free trial, so to test out the service, you'll need to make a monetary commitment. One cost-effective way to subscribe to Disney+ is through the Disney Bundle, which offers several options. If you purchase Disney+ and Hulu together (both with ads), the cost is $10 per month. Opting for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ together (all three with ads) is priced at $15 per month. There are also ad-free versions of these plans available at a slightly higher cost. While this may not save you money if you're solely interested in Disney+, it can be a money-saving option if you are already subscribed to Hulu or ESPN+ or have an interest in those services. Also, you can try our Disney plus promo codes for more savings.


With discovery+, subscribers in the United States and Canada can delve into a rich collection of top nonfiction titles from HGTV, Food Network, Discovery Channel, and other compelling channels, alongside captivating original content. Our Discovery+ promo codes will help you in saving much more money on this saving season.

Avail yourself of the limited-time Black Friday and Cyber Monday streaming deal for Discovery Plus, where you can enjoy the platform's diverse offerings for only $0.99 a month for the first three months, saving you a substantial 80%. Ordinarily priced at $4.99 a month, this special offer provides an excellent opportunity to explore popular channels such as HGTV, Food Network, and TLC at a significantly discounted rate.


BritBox is currently offering a substantial discount, cutting 30% off its annual subscriptions just ahead of Black Friday. To secure these savings for a full year, sign up today without a BritBox promo code—simply redeem the offer through BritBox's website. It's important to note that subscriptions made via Apple or Google Play are not eligible for this discount. Additionally, there is no trial period before this deal kicks in, and it cannot be combined with any other offer.

BritBox, known for its collection of all things British, features popular shows such as All Creatures Great and Small, Ghosts, Victoria, and Payback, with fresh releases becoming available each week. As one of the more cost-effective streaming options currently available, this discounted annual subscription provides an excellent opportunity for British content enthusiasts.


Redbox, a movie rental service offering online streaming and local kiosk rentals, is featuring discounts on movies, games, and TV shows as part of its Black Friday sale. The sale encompasses significant discounts, particularly on physical DVDs that the company aims to clear from their kiosks. This presents an opportunity for customers to enjoy impressive deals on popular movies and games.

During Redbox's Cyber Week, customers can avail themselves of kiosk deals at the attractive price of $1. Additionally, the sale includes all-week streaming deals, $0 freebies, and more. This Cyber Week Sale is available from now through December 05, 2023, offering a variety of cost-effective options for entertainment enthusiasts. Add on more savings to your cart by using our Redbox Coupons & Promo Codes.

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In the year 2023, it's quite possible that Amazon will have Black Friday bargains. It's been customary for Amazon to join in with Black Friday celebrations, supplying exclusive markdowns and special offers on a diverse assortment of merchandise.

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Despite the trend of shifting Black Friday sales to online platforms, there are advantages to considering physical retail shopping. While having all your purchases delivered straight to your doorstep is certainly a convenience, it can come with a waiting period between your order and its arrival.

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