How Much Does Bagster Pickup Cost? All About Bagster Waste Management

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How Much Does Bagster Pickup Cost? All About Bagster Waste Management

Do you want to try Bagster waste management? Wondering How much Bagster pickup cost? Don’t worry we have all the answers. It's quite important to research before acquiring any service. A "dumpster in a bag," the Bagster is a product made by Waste Management.

This product is viewed as an innovation in garbage collection and is a very economical, on-demand solution for both DIY (do-it-yourself) enthusiasts and professional contractors in the event that a dumpster is insufficient for the job. Due to its size, full-sized items like drywall, cabinets, doors, windows, bathtubs, and even hardwood floors could fit within.

To possibly save time, money, annoyance, and potential property damage, use the Bagster bags rather than phoning a neighboring company to rent a dumpster. It serves as an alternative to the large metal roll-off waste dumpsters. Let's find out all about Bagster pickup cost, Bagster bags, and Bagster waste management in this article.

A Little About Bagster

The cost of a Bagster, a Waste Management bag that serves as a portable dumpster bag, ranges from $29 to $49 at Home Depot, however, you might be able to get one for less if you use a Bagster Coupon code. The individual then transports it to their home and fills it with any unwanted garbage, construction rubbish, or other stuff they can fit in and want to get rid of. Once the waste bag is full, Waste Management will dispatch a truck equipped with a crane to pick up the bag. Under the excessively optimistic premise that a service is an affordable option for customers to get rid of anything and everything with the tiniest bit of bother, Waste Management sells this idea to both homes and business owners (apart from Hazmat).

Sounds like a great plan: it's easy, cheap, and straightforward. The same is true here, as your parents may have previously told you, sometimes when things look too good to be true, they typically are. The cliché is accurate when it comes to Waste Management's Bagster. According to our analysis, customers that used Bagster spent 30% more than what we would have charged and even had to do all the labor themselves. We perform all the work when you choose our waste removal service.

How Much Does Bagster Pickup Cost?

Waste Management has created the Bagster for those who are too busy to handle their waste. After you pay a monthly collection fee for this service, Waste Management will pick up your bags at convenient hours. According to most estimates, each bag costs between $99 and $129, mostly depending on where you live.

Before you can start the waste pickup process, there are a few things to finish. Your initial purchase should be an official Bagster bag, which can be found at most big-box stores like Lowe's or Home Depot for about $30. It's important to be aware that cleaning prices normally start at around $140 and go up from there, according to Waste Management.

Due to their great experiences with the Bagster bag, many consumers think it is well worth the price. With a $20 discount on her order, she was able to pay just $80 for pickup. This does not, however, include the bag's $29 purchase price.

How To Save Money At Bagster Pickup Cost?

The Bagster company offers discounts for extra bags at pickup. For all the bags, excluding the first one, a typical discount is about 40% off. You may frequently discover a $20 discount online if you search for Bagster coupons.

If there are several goods we can give, we discount the load since we do not have to pay to dispose of that amount of weight. This benefits the less fortunate in the areas we serve and prevents usable items from going to the trash.

If there is a significant amount of iron or precious metals, we will not charge you to have them removed since WE will recycle them for you, and we will then pass the savings along to you, our consumers.

We will reduce the cost of your removal if there are things that can be repaired and sold again. If an item can be sold again without needing to be fixed, we'll figure out its fair market value and deduct 50% of it from the fee for your garbage disposal.

Why Choose Bagster Pickup?

Locals and business owners increasingly use Bagster as a bin option for small and medium-sized cleanup projects. Each Bag is purchased own at a reasonable price, so there are no leasing expenses; the only ongoing cost is the Bagster collecting fee. Although there are weight and size constraints for both Bags and dumpsters, Bagsters are less explicit about their limitations, and loading heavier objects can be more challenging.

Bagster assessments typically fall into multiple groups as a result of the expectations of various users only some of them can really accomplish work with only one Bag.

The cost of a Bagster pick-up in New Hampshire and Massachusetts ranges greatly, with an average costing $119. Additionally, the bags must be purchased for $29.99 and above from stores including Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart. To eliminate unwanted trash and garbage, there are undoubtedly more affordable choices on the market.

Bagster Waste Management Top Tips

  • The Bagster, which has a cubic yard capacity for heavy materials including brick, rock, dirt, concrete, sand, asphalt, gravel, and sod, may be placed in locations where a dumpster cannot. Anywhere that is within 16 feet of the driveway or the road is acceptable for placement.
  • Waste Management will pick up your Bagster bag using a big vehicle equipped with an overhead crane that can reach up to 16 feet from the side of the road, driveway, or alley, even over a five-foot fence. The Bagster bag must be placed close to the road in order to provide the Waste Management vehicle convenient hook access. A driveway, roadway, or lane must be no more than five feet from the fence's structure.
  • According to Waste Management, there are a few things that customers CANNOT put inside Bagster bags. The bulk of these substances paint, batteries, oil, fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts, electronics, appliances, railroad ties, tires, pesticides, chemicals, and food waste is toxic or dangerous. Some locations may not take yard waste.
  • This service is only available in select locations. Visit their main page to see whether they serve your zip code.
  • After pickup, Waste Management will keep the bag for the sake of safety.


The process of hiring a dumpster is rather straightforward. Once you have chosen the best size for your project, research a nearby retailer and contact them to learn more about their prices and availability. Online estimates, product details, and trash reservations are often also available in most locations. Verify that you are in one of WM's service zones on their website before considering purchasing a Bagster.

After entering your zip code, you may choose from a number of merchants, look at the estimated cost, and set up a pickup time and location. The ideal trash can for one job might not be the finest one for another. If you need assistance choosing the right container size for your project, get in touch with a local shop to request a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bagster bags be reused?

An on-demand garbage removal service called Dumpster in a Bag by Bagster is perfect for small projects or locations with limited space. is a cost-effective alternative to dumpsters and metal dumpsters for lesser operations. is a strong, reusable, and unbreakable woven bag that is guaranteed for life.

What cannot be placed inside a Bagster?

Anything harmful or dangerous placed in Bagster bags will not be accepted by Waste Management. This includes, but is not restricted to, paint, oil, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts, appliances, electronics, food waste, railroad ties, tires, toxic waste, pesticides, and other materials.

How many times may green bags be reused?

The average green reusable grocery bag made of polypropylene should be used 37 times. 43 times should be utilized for paper bags. Use cotton bags 7,100 times in total.

Can a Bagster be put on the street?

The center of your Bagster bag has to be placed in your yard or driveway no further than five yards (two Bagster bag lengths) from the edge of the road, alley, or driveway.

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