Best Online Stores for Thrifty Shoppers

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Best Online Stores for Thrifty Shoppers

Have you heard stories about finding some rare, unique, and precious items on flea markets? These aren’t tales, as well as no tale is an opportunity of buying the most famous brands for almost nothing. It is why searching for some interesting thrift is a popular hobby.

You might visit your favorite thrifty shops and the most popular flea markets regularly. Though the chance of finding hidden gems is far from sure, searching for treasures is always a good thrill. However, when the global pandemic came, such activities could not go on.

Many shops were closed, social-distance requirements made the buyers' habits out of reach. And though there are troubles much more severe, each time you deny yourself that small joy, it does not help you or the shops and other sellers and buyers. On the other hand, the pandemic crisis stimulated many businesses to switch online, and second-hand business was not an exclusion either. And who didn’t miss the opportunity to get cheap clothes that look amazing, even though Thrift stores aren’t the only option to save some money, you can use coupons too!

Can I buy from thrift stores online?

The answer is, yes. Now, you can address the online thrift stores and get everything you wanted, safely, and with more comfort. In fact, lots of thrift shops had their online presence, and some of them were purely online. Besides, the possibilities that the Web brings also let these thrift websites get prominent and distinguished by their features.

In this article, we have reviewed the most popular and reliable e-thrifting stores. They are selling everything, from brand clothes to household items. Note that they are mostly located in the USA and Canada, but it is not a problem these days. If there are geographical restrictions, refer to the reliable method of how to unblock a website with the help of specialized solutions. VPN allows for accessing the resource directly. Moreover, you can even benefit from discounts offered to locals.

So, let’s have a look at these best online thrift stores now.


Swap is a huge online thrift shop and a portal where you can find absolutely everything. It offers sporting goods, home decor, games, and, of course, clothes for women, men, and children. Altogether, it offers more than 2 million items for sale.

However, if you are looking for Gucci or Louis Vuitton, Swap would hardly be the right place to go. Still, if you are fine with H&M, Gap, and other popular mass-market brands, this thrift store will offer you all the possible choices. It is definitely worth applying the website unblocker if you can’t access it from your current location. Where else will you find yourself a pair of excellent shoes at a cost of a cup of coffee?!

Besides, Swap allows its users to purchase different things from various sellers and get them shipped together. There is a money-back guarantee and the option to return purchased items.


ThredUP is one of the biggest and best online thrift stores. It sells clothes for women and children from almost any brand – there are about 35,000 of them, covering both mass-market and designers’ labels. The platform is available in the US and Canada, so, get your VPN unblocker prepared. You should not miss this store if you feel like Prada, Dior, and similar brands.

The supply is tremendous, as there are 50+ million sellers on this platform. You can see it may take time to find the thing you like, but your chances of success are high. One more big plus is that ThredUP is among the cheapest thrift websites.


Poshmark is a huge thrift store. More than 70 million registered users sell more than 200 million items across the USA and Canada. You can find clothes for women, men, kids, and even pets, from any brand, including such big names as Prada and Gucci. There is also a section for home decor.

The Poshmark app is available for iOS and Android. It is as popular as the platform itself. Even with such a variety of offers, you can focus your search and get the precise things you want. Also, it is possible to “like” some item and save it in a kind of a wish list. Then, you’ll be notified about the price drop.


Flyp is another famous thrift shop that accepts items in good condition only. Its focus is on clothes, shoes, and handbags. Thre is an important note. The store focuses on designer brands and does not deal with non-branded or mass-market items. Does it seem a decent motivation to use the web page unblocker if your access is blocked?

The disadvantage is higher prices. While other online thrift stores sell such items at about 10% or 20% of the initial price, Flyp usually reduces the rates less by 30% or 50%. On the other side, the store provides high-quality service for researching items, posting offers, packing, and shipping.


Luxury Garage Sale is an online thrift store that sells only designers' clothes and accessories, such as bags, shoes, and jewelry. You can save up to 80% of the initial price and get yourself a piece of the top brand collection. This company hires exerts who inspect every piece and ensure it is authentic. So, buying at Luxury Garage Sale is the easiest way of making yourself a stylish look. You can wear the most famous brands in the world without ruining your pockets. Instead, you are saving a lot of money.

There are more online thrift stores, of course. In addition to the giants with dozens of millions of users, you can find smaller, regional stores, eBay, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and many other options. If you enjoy this thrift treasure hunting, all the powers of the Web search are at your service. And you already know that you can unblock all websites if they are unavailable to you due to regional restrictions. VPN remains the safest and most reliable method of secured access to resources. Should you wish to try such an unblocker, you can always get the solution at VeePN.

Well, it can be the best time to start searching for an authentic Dior dress to match your mood!

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