Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas that Look Expensive

Oct 25, 2021   |   5 read


Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas that Look Expensive

Can you absolutely feel the Halloween spirit if there is nothing for you to setup the craziest Halloween décor? Halloween isn’t just about tradition and the clock striking 12th on 30th October, but Halloween is the spirit when poky fun takes all over. And how can you enjoy the actual day when you haven’t been prepared (read: excited to death) about this crazy day?

We seriously don’t believe Halloween can be done without a real fun take on costumes and Halloween decors and if your budget isn’t allowing you to get both of these then by all means get the costume you need because we have the cheapest Halloween décor for you. Yes, we have gathered an ultimate list of Halloween decorative that are extra affordable and light for your pocket.

Punch Brew

Potions are a part of witch’s life and can you be a good witch if you don’t know to brew a potion or two. This easy idea for classy Halloween decoration needs you to have some dry ice (perfect for the spooky effect) and any punch mix. Just make your punch mix in a bowl and surround it with some dry ice vibes.

Scary Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is fun but not so easy and buying carved pumpkins are expensive, surely. But here is a good idea. Get few pumpkins, they don’t cost more than $3 or $5 each and get a few cans of spray paint. We would recommend you to opt for scary colors like black, red and spooky green. Spray paint the pumpkin and place them on the entrance.

Baby Breath Branches

What pops in your mind when you think of scary things? Fallen leaves, dried branches and hauling ghosts? Well that’s all in your backyard. Well, not literally. Spray paint dried baby's breath branches and fallen leaves black and use them as a centerpiece to instantly add drama to your decor.

Pumpkin Ghost

Is it even Halloween if ghost doesn’t pay a visit to your home? Hence call a ghost that isn’t too heavy on your pocket. All you need is a medium sized white cloth, a small table cloth would do. Get some paints or marker to draw some scary hollow eyes. Place it on the top of a pumpkin or another great idea is to disguise the lamp in it and light the lamp underneath. If you can get red bulb the fun will become even more.
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Skeleton Faced Candy Packs

Get some egg boxes, spray paint them white inside and out and let them cure completely. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the skeleton face templates from black construction paper, or build your own! Apply a light layer of sticky glue to the paper face pieces and ensure that they are properly pressed down because the egg is circular.

Bat Leaves

We do deserve a pat on the back for this bat idea! Don’t we? This is an excellent one to try with the kids! Collect some leaves, spray them with matte black paint, and create small faces on them with a white marker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I decorate my House for Halloween on a Budget?

Deciding ahead and picking a theme allows you to spend in controlled limits hence you can decorate in your budget.

2. Where to shop for Affordable Halloween Decorative?

Using your chance to find good eerie stuff at the dollar store is what wise people do. We don’t think it is worth spending hundreds of dollars on Halloween décor.

3. What Decorations Can I Make at Home for Halloween?

Colored pumpkins, scary eyes, spider webs and printed Halloween banners can all be made at home.

4. Are there any Halloween Special Deals?

Yes, there are many Halloween special offers and deals on costumes and decorations.

5. What is the Best Way to Look Scary on Halloween?

Getting yourself some face paints and investing on scary makeup makes the unique and scary look for everyone.

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