Christmas Party Games For Adults in 2022

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Christmas Party Games For Adults in 2022

You can pull out the old classics and throw in new twists to keep the party fun, but we know you want to go beyond that. So we’ve gathered 11 of our favorite Christmas party games for adults with the most magical ideas from those who host the best parties.

Whether you're planning your holiday party or just looking for a few good ideas, we have a list of Christmas party games in 2022 that will get your guests talking.

11 Favorite Christmas Party Games For Adults

When you are planning the perfect Christmas party, consider these holiday season favorite games for adults. This year, your Christmas game is going to be an adventure!

1. Gift Wrap Game

It is a fun and exciting game which involves your guests enjoying the game till the end. It is about a challenge, “as fast as you can.” The challenge is wrapping a gift as fast as you can. But, hey! It is not as simple as it sounds; here is a plot. Players must contribute to the game as a pair. The hands of each player are tied, and each person can only take help from one hand!

2. Murder Mystery Game

So, you don’t want to play those old tactics games every year? Try playing "Murder Mystery Games” this year, with different categories and get involved in the Christmas spirit with the concept of a rich old murder mystery. There is nothing like a Christmas murder mystery games to make your holiday gathering memorable. Spending time with the whole family playing these murder mystery games can be a great way to make the holiday season more exciting.

3. Christmas Story Card Game

Not everyone wants difficult or “follow the rules” games, right? Start your Christmas party with these casual card games inspired by award-winning Christmas movies. However, there will be no rules in the game; you can just put the cards on the floor, grab the guest’s attention and start playing. The complete gameplay is around 15 minutes, and there are no steps or rules to learn. 

4. Christmas Drinking Game

To play, each person in your group must take turns naming a Christmas-related name, song, or object for the letter of the alphabet they draw from a hat. If you can't think of something on the spot and blanks out for more than three seconds—you have to drink! It is also quite a funny game as you must tell the name as quickly as possible to win the prize.

5. Christmas Feud

RULES: A game begins with a FACE OFF, in which the host assigns each team one question card and asks audience members to give their most popular answer. The players whose answers match get points for their teams. The game is all related to the Family Feud and comes with plenty of questions/answers to cover the four rounds.

6. Would You Rather? New Christmas Game- Adult Edition

“Would you Rather,” a game that takes funny conversation starters and turns them into questions & answers? Perfect game to play at home, offices, or outdoor parties with your friends and family. Here comes the updated “adult edition,” which includes 18+ funny and naughty questions and answers to blow your mind. Take a moment and play this game this holiday season to make your guests laugh out loud till night.

7. Christmas Game “Who Am I?”

The first player chooses a card and holds it up, keeping their eyes closed. They have to guess what object is being described on the card by asking questions of other players until they know enough details to guess who they are! It is one of the best games for holiday festivals as it covers many guests in one around and also engages everyone till the end.

8. Never Have I Ever Christmas Game

Here comes another exciting and fun-loving game to play with your friends and make the night memorable. The game starts with someone who says, “Never Have I Ever” done XYZ, which they didn’t do in reality. And, among the other players who already did the thing before, should switch places or (it depends on the rules you have set).

9. The Caroling Challenge

Playing this game at home or a virtual Zoom party is easy. The game starts where players need to sit in a circle format, and one person begins the game by singing a holiday song line. No strict rules to follow; players can sing any song (if they don’t remember any Christmas special). The game doesn’t end yet; the person sitting next to the one singing a song must continue where the song ends. And those who can’t continue the song will lose the game.

10. Two Truths and A Lie Game: Christmas Edition

The purpose of this popular icebreaker game is for two people to tell the truth and a lie about their joyful experiences. It would then be up to everyone to guess which is real and which is fake. The person who doesn't guess has to drink their entire cup. It sounds too easy to play, but it isn’t! It becomes tougher as you gather more truths and more lies. So, if you are not in the mood to set up a theme party for your Christmas, simply play this game which doesn’t need any obstacles or props.

11. Flip, Sip, Or Strip Adult Edition Christmas Game

You should play this game with friends or couples who are comfortable playing the game. The only thing you need is a coin. It's a game of guessing the side of a coin by flipping it. In case of an incorrect guess, you must drink or remove a piece of what you are wearing. This game sounds fun to play on a chilly Christmas night, doesn't it? Give your friends a chance to guess the right side of the coin or lose the game!


The best Christmas party games for adults in 2022 to make the holiday night memorable with your friends and family. Furthermore, these games will give you more time to spend with your loved ones and build new memories.

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