Dominos Vs Papa John’s

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Dominos Vs Papa John’s

Who do you think has the best cheap pizza? Wait wait, you cannot just have an answer ready. We need to balance it out and weigh each eatery. Have you already done that? Let’s see if you agree with us. 

Papa John’s and Dominos are two of the biggest and oldest pizza places in the US. They have made their name in the industry and each one has a loyal fanbase to support them. Although there are a lot of names that have popped up in recent years, we will not be talking about them. Because when it comes to the best cheap pizza, Dominos and Papa John’s are in the lead. Let’s see who takes the first spot with pizzazz in this battle between pizzas.   


Let’s start with the easiest factor and the safest, the price. Out of the two in comparison, Papa John’s had a higher price. It was far more expensive than Dominos. Maybe it is the delivery charges but even if you cut them down, Domino’s pizza services cost quite less. 

An argument that comes up in defense of Papa John’s is that they use better ingredients. But that still does not amount to the quality they offer. More on that later. The idea is that with a cheap pizza, you rarely care about the quality. Plus, you can always use coupons to lower the price. But in this battle, we believe all factors need to be considered equally, and hence, the point goes for Dominos.  

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Winner: Dominos 


Pizza size is important. If you are getting a small pizza, you would expect it to at least make you full for the evening. Hence, comparing pizza sizes is an important factor. 

Both of the chains have four different pizza sizes; small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL). This standard size is often found in many pizza places but the XL one is often ignored. But in the battle of pizza size, neither of the parties takes the lead. For both eateries, the small is sized at 10 inches, the medium at 12 inches, the large at 14 inches, and the XL at 16 inches. Hence, it is a tie. 

Winner: Tie 

Feasibility of Delivery 

Now, I know what you are thinking, why consider delivery as a factor when pizza is the one thing you can always count on to get delivered? That is not the case for all pizza places. 

Unfortunately, Dominos does not offer the delivery service at all of its branches. You can pick up the order or dine in but delivery is not a service available everywhere. A thought may come to your mind that this may be the reason they are costing lesser than Papa John’s? But no, that is not the case as we mentioned above. Papa John’s, on the other hand, offers delivery services far and wide.  

Winner: Papa John’s 


When we talk about the menu, there are two things to check; menu options and variety in those menu options.  

First, let’s talk about Papa John’s. It has a great menu with choices of pizza, beverages, sides, desserts, sauces, and some extras you can put on your pizza. Next, Dominos comes. It also has a delightful menu but with one or two extra categories. You can find pizza, drinks, sauces, bread, salads, desserts, pasta, wings, and oven-baked sandwiches. 

When it comes to variety, then Dominos takes the lead again. Here, we will only consider the common categories present in both eateries. For pizza, Papa John’s has only two options, thin-crust and original while Dominos has various crust options, the most popular of which is the hand-tossed pizza.  

Both the eateries have two dessert options but only one similar dessert, a large chocolate chip cookie cake. But the place where Dominos takes the point is the sauces. They have an extensive number of sauces that are both unique in name and taste.  

Winner: Dominos  


Both Dominos and Papa John’s have their applications set up for the feasibility of online ordering. But it is seen through various customer reviews that Papa John’s does not have the best application. It seems to be that the Papa John’s app is complicated to use and has many features take a notable time to find. Hence, Dominos again takes the vote.  

Winner: Dominos  

Best Pizza: Papa Johns or Dominos? 

Now, to the question you have all been waiting for, which is the best pizza?  

When it comes to the dough, Papa John’s likes to keep it fluffy and light. And not to forget, they are generous with their toppings at times. Moreover, the sauces are quite the hit too on the pizzas especially if you order an extra on the side. But Dominos takes the lead because of its balanced texture. Its crust is both crunchy and fluffy and the toppings are all there perfectly combined with cheese. In addition, it provides sauces that hits the right note in a perfect mouthful of a pizza bite.  

Papa John’s had a good pizza but it is your average one. Dominos, on the other hand, had the right balance and it all mixed well. Hence, it was the winner in this round.  

Winner: Dominos  


To wrap up, Dominos is the clear winner out of the two. But we have to say both eateries on their own work amazingly. They have a good service, great menu options, and a wholesome experience waiting near you. However, if there were to declare a top winner in the battle between papa johns vs dominos, you know our answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Pizza at Papa John's?

Papa John’s is known for its high-quality cheese and generous toppings. Hence, cheese pizza is the one that is top on the list for many customers.

How Can I Buy Pizza at Low Rates?

You can buy cheap pizza of good quality using the coupons. You may only be able to use one coupon at a time but they are free to use any day.

What Place Has the Cheapest Pizza?

There are a lot of places offering cheap pizzas. The top three choices are Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa John’s.

Which is the Most Popular Pizza in the US?

The most ordered pizza is the pepperoni pizza.

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