20 Best Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try in 2023

Oct 18, 2023   |   8 read


20 Best Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try in 2023

If there is any time of year when putting things off till the last minute is appropriate, it would have to be Halloween. Regardless of whether you visit Party City or Spirit Halloween weeks before Halloween makeup ideas to buy a full-body costume, a well-stocked cosmetics bag will always have your back well, face at the eleventh hour when it comes to coming up with a creative look for Halloween.

Sure, you could be thinking, "I am not a makeup artist." However, applying makeup does not have to be complicated. These Halloween makeup ideas are so simple that even a novice can pull them off.  Well-executed Halloween makeup will offer your costume the additional flare it requires, whether you and your best buddy are going for an outstanding duo costume or you need a work-appropriate costume that won't force you to modify your uniform too much.

A straightforward lesson on how to apply Halloween eye makeup, a winged black eyeliner, and a steady hand are really and honestly all that is required to whip up a costume that is either terrifying, adorable, or has never been seen before.

Our team at Mysavinghub has collected a wide variety of Halloween makeup looks to match every need and skill level. Whether you're ready to break out the face paint and go full scary witch or are trying to keep it chill with a little vampire blood, one of these tutorials is sure to be the perfect fit for you. Even if you are starting with makeup, you should be able to duplicate a good number of the looks on this list with enough practice. If you don't already have any talents, it shouldn't be too difficult to pick some up, though.

Just in time for Halloween 2023, here are some of the coolest and most creative ideas for Halloween makeup. You've arrived at the perfect website if you're looking for spooky easy Halloween makeup looks! We at Mysavinghub have included our favorite frightening makeup looks for you. In case you want to look into more of our blogs related to Halloween, Add these simple and delicious yet creative Halloween cupcake ideas to your party menu, and get creative and Now is the time to get to work, so grab your most impressive makeup palettes, face paint, and fake blood and get to it.

1.Candy Corn Halloween Makeup

Candy Corn Halloween Makeup

As a real treat, yes it’s a candy corn? Very meh. But candy corn as easy Halloween makeup? 100/10, yes. This look requires no costume and only a few makeup items, like glossy lipstick and white, orange, and yellow eyeshadow from Urban Decay. Eye makeup and a black sweatshirt are about as easy as it gets.

2.Joker Halloween Makeup

Joker Halloween Makeup

You can wear this look if you're planning on dressing as a joker for this Halloween and want something creepy but not too creepy. Spray your hair with this temporary green hair spray, and with this amazing pigmented face paint, give off the real joker vibes Halloween clown makeup.

3.Cute Clown Halloween Makeup

Cute Clown Halloween Makeup

This adorable getup is not only very attractive but also flawless. Go for a bloody, gruesome look with drizzles of bright colors and slashing blue cuts with NYX blue eyeliner on top of a very simple Halloween makeup rhythm.

4.Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampire Halloween Makeup

One of the most easiest yet horrifying makeup Halloween vampire makeup look, simple Halloween makeup do smokey eye look and wear red lenses, splash some Realistic SFX Fake Blood and you are good to go.

5.Tiger Halloween Makeup

Tiger Halloween Makeup

One of the easiest yet classy tiger easy Halloween makeup looks!, just your Nyx gold shimmer along with black eyeliner and you are good to go.

6.Zombie Halloween Makeup

Zombie Halloween Makeup

This fake blood makeup zombie Halloween makeup is great for making scary Halloween makeup

that look very real. Perfect for those just getting into special effects, horror movies, or making zombie Halloween makeup and other Gory Scene makeup!

7.Annabelle Halloween Makeup

Annabelle Halloween Makeup

The creepiest doll ever, achieve this horrifying doll’s makeup look by purchasing this annabelle hair wig and pigmented face paint. You will definitely win the look this year on Halloween.

8.Comic Person Halloween Makeup

Comic Person Halloween Makeup

This makeup is amazing, and it's so simple and easy Halloween makeup looks!  that anyone can do it! Make everything stand out more by outlining your face with black ink eyeliner by nyx.

9.Nun Halloween Makeup

Nun Halloween Makeup

As creepy and scary the movie was, recreate this horrifying look with the nun costume and white face paint to scare away your friends at Halloween party this year.

10.Maleficent-Halloween Makeup

Maleficent-Halloween Makeup

This makeup is intended for the Maleficent character from Sleeping Beauty, but we think it works just as well for a clean, Halloween vampire makeup. But with the maleficent costume and bright red lipstick you will rock this Halloween.

11.Zombie Vein Halloween Makeup

Zombie Vein Halloween Makeup

Even if you're not like blood, fake wounds, or gore, you can still participate in the zombie Halloween makeup fad. There's no need to worry about missing out! The delicate vein detailing, which, as a fun fact, is formed with a cream eyeliner pot and strong brows, is what makes this low-key, soft appearance the ideal blend of creepy and gorgeous. This effect is achieved thanks to this look.

12. IT Joker Halloween Makeup

IT Joker Halloween Makeup

Spooky and terrifying IT Joker is such a fun way to recreate this look and it is easy Halloween makeup looks!, only by using red face paint and orange contact lenses.

13.Spooky Halloween Makeup

Spooky Halloween Makeup

Simple and easy Halloween makeup looks! yet spooky and also cute makeup look, just by using eyeliner, your winged eyeliner will rock the Halloween party this year.

14.Cute Clown Halloween Makeup

Cute Clown Halloween Makeup

Create this outstanding glittery Halloween clown makeup look by only this special and amazing product by ELF, Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow, you will  love this product, since it will win your Halloween look this year.

15.Werewolf Halloween Makeup

Werewolf Halloween Makeup

This Halloween makeup look is ideal for coming up with a costume concept at the last minute. Put on a flannel, some brown lipstick, make your eyebrows bushy, and get some realistic fangs in any size suitable for your teeth from Amazon you're ready to go.

16.Easy cat Halloween makeup

Easy cat Halloween makeup

Your animal ears that you wear every year are wonderful and all, but what if you matched that appearance with a matching, exaggerated cat eye with this amazing eyeliner from elf and an adorable kitten nose, just like this look here such an easy Halloween makeup? Purrrrrfect.

17. Joker Suicide Squad Halloween Makeup

Joker Suicide Squad Halloween Makeup

Is the Joker from Suicide Squad the most iconic version of the character? Although it might be argued that this is not the case, the smokey eye, fake facial tattoo, and overdrawn lips are all fantastic ideas for Halloween makeup that are surprisingly simple Halloween makeup to do. However, if you really want to sell it, you should also grab some temporary bright green hair dye.

18. Cool Halloween Makeup

Cool Halloween Makeup

This Professional Special FX kit includes everything you need to produce the most realistic SFX makeup, allowing you to achieve the look of a terrifying doll with ease easy Halloween makeup looks!. A trauma package that combines quality and economy, making it ideal for Halloween makeup!

19. Superwoman Glam Halloween Makeup

Superwoman Glam Halloween Makeup

Here are the best Superwoman Halloween makeup ideas that look both sexy and terrifying. Then you are in the right place. If you want your Halloween attire to stand out, you need to recreate this amazing makeup look with black ink eyeliner by nyx..

20. Saw Halloween Makeup

Saw Halloween Makeup

This beautiful scary Halloween makeup on-trend, and easy to do. This is perfect for any costume party you might go to this year, but this saw jigsaw is sure to win with the bright maroon lipstick and smokey eye makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makeup do you use for Halloween Makeup?

There is no doubt that cream-based makeup is one of the most popular Halloween makeup items. Many kits are available for certain looks, including witches, vampires, etc., and it's easy to find and apply.

When did Halloween first begin?

Today's Halloween tradition has been around for about two thousand years.

Is Halloween face paint safe?

Face paints and powders for kids contain toxic ingredients you might not be thinking about. Researchers have discovered heavy metals in Halloween face paints and asbestos in powdered makeup sold to children in recent years.

What does the word Halloween actually mean?

All Hallows' Eve is also known as Halloween, which is celebrated the evening before All Saints' Day (sometimes referred to as All Hallows' Day).

How do you make Halloween face paint not crack?

Start by applying one color thinly. You need to let it dry. Then, after the first layer has dried, apply another thin layer of the same color. By repeating this a few times, you will prevent the paint from becoming too thick and cracking.

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