Handy Tips on Creating a Content Writing Company

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Handy Tips on Creating a Content Writing Company

Nowadays, in the era of global digitalization, it’s almost impossible to imagine a company, brand, or service agency without a powerful online presence. Moreover, Covid-19 and lockdowns brought online shopping to a new level. And that is the main reason why there is a huge demand for high-quality online content. The companies realize that people receive the information mainly from the content on the web page and not from ads on TV. So, it’s not a surprise that any business needs an experienced freelance content writing company. That’s exactly why organizing a content writing company might be a very good idea for starting your own business. Of course, at first, everyone is thinking about being just a freelancer, as you don’t have to think about running the company, paying salaries, and how to pay taxes correctly. But there are only 24 hours a day and your abilities are not unlimited, as you have to relax, spend time with family and friends, go shopping and so on, you just can’t write 24/7. But if you organize a couple of other freelancers and create a company; for sure, this will considerably boost your income. Of course, everyone is afraid of failure; that is why we have gathered some useful tips on creating a successful content writing company.  

Create a business plan

In order to start any business, you need a business plan. And not necessarily it has to be stated on 20 pages; it can be a simple one-page document, but the most important thing is that it should contain a list of strategies that, in your opinion, will help you and your company become successful so basically you have to consider and include in your plan business growth strategies, your potential competitors, your financial goals. It’s also very important to understand your budget, as you need to plan from the very beginning how much you are ready to pay your writers, what kind of prices you can fix for your services; and you also have to keep in mind legal costs. Moreover, a business plan is not a still document; your company works, it develops, so if you see that you need to introduce some changes or update some goals or strategies, you have to do it.

Do your Research

Suppose you were a freelancer before, most probably you understand the pay rate of a writer. However, the level of price that companies ask from their clients might differ. So, it’s a good idea to do research about the prices of your competitors in order to reasonably balance between competitiveness and the income you want to receive.

You also have to choose your niche or maybe a couple of them in order to have a successful start. It’s always better to be a professional in one or two topics than to be mediocre in a lot of them. Don’t be afraid to choose something not very popular, the demand nowadays is so great, that the writers with even the rarest specialties make a good profit. Review sites can help you to determine your niche; for example, check scamfighter.net  where you can see that, for example, nursing essay writing can be of great demand. 

Create a website

It is hard to imagine a content writing company without a web page, so it is very important to create an official website for your company. Keep in mind that it should also be elaborated by professional developers and filled in with the content of high quality. It always scares away the clients when they see typos on your site, and imagine what they can think if a content company, positioning itself as a high-standard company with only professional writers, has misprints on its webpage. Your company is an online business, so you must invest in your online presence. Your clients first interact with your company on your webpage, so they must get a good impression of you, your brand, and your work; turn your website into your portfolio, and if it requires hiring a good web designer, just do it. You can also consider working on the SEO of your website or maybe running Google Ads, which can help to attract clients rather quickly.

Get a Pool of Freelancers

One of the most important things when starting a content writing company is to get quality writers. As we’ve already mentioned, you might be an amazing writer, but if you are trying to write everything on your own, you won’t make it. You will never meet deadlines; you will be exhausted, and in general, it’s impossible to run a company without having other workers. You can consider two options: contracting with freelancers (which will be cheaper for you) or hiring an employee. There are several platforms where you can try to find professional and talented writers. You should also understand that, as in every profession, there are plenty of writers, but real professionals are really hard to find and hire, those who understand the values of your company, who always meet deadlines, and who create content that doesn’t require re-checking and a lot of editing.

Promote your company

Look for special groups for freelancers and writers and popular platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Become a member of these communities; there are plenty of opportunities there to find talented writers and your future employees. It’s possible to create a writing competition or any similar contests to attract and pick out the best writers. And it can also attract some audience to your website generating suitable opportunities for you to find new clients.

As a simple and final piece of advice, you need to offer a better quality of work than others in the market to make your content writing company successful. If you manage to maintain your content and operational standards, be sure that the client and workers will be loyal and will keep on using your service, and will be willing to work with you. Look for new clients and talent, and never stop.

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