How Long Is YesStyle Shipping Process?

Mar 10, 2023   |   6 min read


How Long Is YesStyle Shipping Process?


If you love Asian fashion icons as well as being a fashion lover, then you are purchasing from YesStyle. Despite this, there are also some extraordinary and collectible clothing categories. It's important to be aware of when your order will arrive if you plan to order from YesStyle. YesStyle works hard to ensure that you receive your package as soon as possible. Yet there are restrictions on what they can accomplish, and this has an impact on how long it takes them to ship orders.

How long is YesStyle shipping? Do you know the answer? If you recently placed an order on Yesstyle and yet are unsure of exactly when you'll receive your order, this article might be helpful. The main focus of this article is How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship. Before discussing how long does YesStyle take to ship, we will first explain what Yesstyle is and where does YesStyle ship from.

A Little About YesStyle

A Hong Kong-based e-commerce storefront is called Yesstyle. Asian Street fashion designer Joshua K. Lau established this website in 2006. YesStyle began to spread throughout various countries. The newest Asian fashion items can be purchased at YesStyle, a fashion e-commerce site. With YesStyle, you can purchase around 300 Korean and Japanese brands. YesStyle offers a variety of apparel and leisure goods. The majority of these companies sell eco-friendly, distinctive, and organic lifestyle and cosmetic items.

This eCommerce site's product selection meets the needs of customers of various genders and ages. They also sell k-pop-inspired casual, formal, & kawaii-styled clothing in their boutiques. YesStyle ships anywhere to guarantee customer satisfaction. They offer a huge range of discounts and sales for their customers… At mysavinghub, we have collected many of their YesStyle rewards code and YesStyle coupons; try them now for huge savings!

How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship?

When shopping on YesStyle, customers could believe that the shipping time is excessive. YesStyle's shipping times are slowed down by the platform's enormous size and the demand for products from many nations. It can take the same business day or up to 30 days after they receive payment. Usually, the merchants will provide you with a selection of shipping and courier options when you check out. Depending on the service chosen, delivery times may vary.

There are two ways for a customer to get their merchandise shipped.

  • Express Delivery:  Orders are delivered by international couriers that are present in most nations. Moreover, orders may be delivered by means of local post offices & EMS (Express Mail Service). Every package has a tracking number. YesStyle retains the right to use a different courier with each order at its discretion & reserves the right to do so without prior notice.
  • Premium Standard Shipping or Standard Shipping:  Orders are delivered through the Post Office's eParcel or Registered Post services. YesStyle reserves the right—and shall exercise its discretion—to choose the appropriate shipping agents for each order, and it may do so without prior warning.

Due to its speedy shipping (around five and two weeks), express delivery is the most widely used mode. Express Delivery is the preferred shipping type by default. The standard shipping process could take up to three weeks. While being slower and more expensive, the conventional method is still preferable. The traditional method can be more cost-effective if shipment time is not a problem.

YesStyle's free express delivery policy serves more than 50 nations & territories across the world. The customer's location will affect the shipment time, though. It could take as many as five days for some things to arrive and up to ten days for others. You can typically anticipate your order to arrive in between seven and ten days if you select YesStyle's Premium Standard delivery option.

In-store pickup is another option available on the website. To track your delivery, log in to your YesStyle account. Each and every item sent via Express Shipment includes a tracking number or code provided by the chosen delivery courier, such as UPS, FedEx, EMS, as well as DHL. The confirmation email for orders placed using Standard Shipment & Premium Standard Shipping may or may not provide a tracking number. 

What Factors Are Most Effective In How Long Does YesStyle Take To Ship?

YesStyle's shipping schedule is impacted by a number of factors, which prolongs the time it takes for your package to be delivered.

  • Varying Shipment Dates for Different Products: This is due to the fact that some products YesStyle currently has in stock and others they need to get from their suppliers. Pay close consideration to each product you want to order if you want the fastest shipment possible. There is a bar beneath the price on every page when there are distinct items. It provides information on the item's size, color, or style. Occasionally, if there are numerous alternatives, it transforms into a drop-down menu. In any case, this section will let you know when the product will ship. Add items to your cart that suggest the following if you want your purchases promptly. It often ships in 1 to 2 days and typically in 24 hours.
  • Products that Ship in 21 Days or Later:  There are numerous things in the YesStyle online store that state you will need to wait over 21 days for them to arrive from their warehouse. As frustrating as it may be, you can still place two orders. One for products that you won't have to wait much more than 21 days for and one for those that you will. As a result, you will need to evaluate the case on an individual basis. If anything, you can add products to your wish list that will last longer than 21 days. When it is more cost-effective to do so, you can buy them later.
  • Complaints from previous clients:  There are several reports of consumers placing "1 to 2 days" orders and then waiting over a month to receive their packages. Do not forget that there are a few other aspects to take into account. It is going to undergo a procedure that will lengthen the shipment time and increase the cost if customs rejects anything you ordered.

Final Words

Typically, YesStyle can send your products in less than a week. Nonetheless, if you're wondering how long does YesStyle take to ship, the sections above provide the answer. YesStyle has a loyal following. The Standard delivery methods offer customers a reasonably priced shipping choice. Nonetheless, YesStyle expedited shipping is a good choice if you need your item delivered more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within five to seven days, you should receive your YesStyle expedited delivery. A delayed delivery could take up to two weeks. Typically, it takes five days for your delivery to get to you.

The shipping procedure is not straightforward because of YesStyle's global sales. When sending an order, a shipping company faces a number of difficulties. The restriction on some things is one of the key causes. Shipping may be canceled because not all products are allowed everywhere in the world.

You can anticipate refunds if you return any Yesstyle products that you don't want or haven't even opened. Typically, Yesstyle issues these refunds as Yesstyle credits. The majority of consumers are generally pleased with the delivery of their orders and refunds.

In the USA, they also have a storefront. They have a lot of inexpensive things, and many of them are under $10.

You qualify for free standard shipping at YesStyle if your transaction totals more than $49.

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