How Long Does Yesstyle Take to Ship? Find Out Now!

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How Long Does Yesstyle Take to Ship? Find Out Now!

If you are wondering how long does yesstyle take to ship, then you have come to the right place. This blog will help you figure out how many days it would take for your order to ship to your door. So, let’s look at it together!

Why is Yesstyle So Popular?

The brand has a unique style that does not go unnoticed by its customers. It is an Asian brand that has garnered its fair share of attention ever since its origin in 2006. Is yesstyle fast fashion? Yes, this is another reason why it has gained the popularity you see swirling around it these days. People love to see the new clothing and accessories updated in the collection within days as the trend changes. You can count on them to give you the latest products so you do not have to spend hours researching new trends.

Another reason why the brand is famous is because of its huge collection of products and their affordability. Many people have found the products to be within their range. Plus, when you add the YesStyle rewards code into the mix, you get to enjoy double savings on your purchase.

But the biggest plus of the brand is the Korean line of beauty products. Recently, these items have gathered the customers all in one place, tempting them to use these quality products on their skin. From beauty items to skincare items, the collection of Korean products is huge at Yesstyle which is why it is one of the top choices of brands on people’s lists.

How Many Days Does It Take for Yesstyle to Deliver My Order?

Are you still waiting on your order? Have you not ordered yet and want to know how long it would take for the parcel to arrive at your door? Did you get the answer from somewhere else but want to confirm by reading another post? Well, whatever brought you here, we will surely leave you with a satisfying answer.

The brand has a bit of a complicated system. Because of its huge collection and the international shipping system, the company claims that its orders are not shipped until they are in stock. Hence, the duration of the shipping depends on the nature of the order, the location from where you have ordered, and most importantly, whether the item you have ordered is in stock.

There are two kinds of shipping options:

  • Express Shipping
  • Standard Shipping

Depending on the stock availability, it can take 24 hours. If the items are not available, it may take up to a day to five days to get your order shipped. This is called express shipping. However, if you opt for the standard shipping, the delay might be longer and can take up to 7 to 14 days. In some cases, this duration can even extend up to 21 days!

The express shipping method might bring your products to your home within a week but that brings a premium price along with it. So, most customers try to avoid the higher costs and pick the standard shipping instead. Now, it may take three weeks to open your parcel but at least, you are saving money!

Why Does it Take So Long for Yesstyle to Deliver?

There are a lot of factors involved in the delay of the yesstyle shipping. Due to the international delivery operations, there are certain products that come with shipping restrictions. To get the permissions in place, you have to wait for customs. This might delay the process.

Similarly, if you live far from the place where it is being shipped, then it is bound to take some time for the parcel to reach you. If you are ordering near the weekend or a business holiday, then the delay adds up to more days and even more frustration on your end. However, the biggest factor that delays the shipping is the availability of stock. If the items are not in stock, it will take some time to get them and have them delivered which can elongate the delivery.

How to Get the Orders Shipped Fast?

Is there a way to get the orders from yesstyle delivered fast? Well, you can try a few things but if the above-mentioned factors are there, the delivery might be delayed.

What you can do is see the description of the product before you add it to the cart. Along with product details, the delivery time is also mentioned. You can order accordingly. Sometimes, the product might say express shipping, and the order might still get delayed. Then, the above factors come into place and create a bit of trouble on your end.

However, you can always track your package to know how far away the parcel is from you. How to track yesstyle order? You can go to the website and track your order directly from there. If you are a member of the website, you will need to sign up. If you ordered as a guest, you will need to use the email you used to order from the website.

Is Yesstyle Worth it?

You might wonder, is yesstyle legit? Yes, it is a reliable platform that has gained a lot of popularity because of its unique style, quality, and affordability. Many people have bought from the brand because of their best sellers –Korean beauty products. These items may be popular all around the world but Yesstyle is one of the trusted platforms that sells the products. 

So, if you have read enough reviews on the products you want, it can be a great experience shopping and buying from the website. The quality is also quite commendable. Many people have found it with their money.

Wrapping Up

All in all, Yesstyle may take a lot of days to ship your parcel to you. But it is not because they are delaying it on purpose. The brand deals in international operations which brings the delay if you are ordering far from where the brand is located. Plus, if the item you are purchasing is not in stock, it might take a few days to get that sorted. It can take up to 21 days for the order to reach you in such cases. However, you can opt for express shipping and have it delivered within a week, only if stock is available though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yesstyle Deliver Fast?

It depends on the nature of your item and whether it is in stock. It can take up to 21 days depending on the stock availability and the location from where you are ordering. At the same time, it can also take 24 hours or a week at max if the stock is available.

Is Yesstyle A US Company?

No, it is a Hong Kong-based company. However, you can order from the US and have the desired items delivered to your door.

Does Yesstyle Have Free Shipping?

If you have spent a certain amount on your order, you can unlock the free shipping deal. So, the free shipping is only conditional.

How Old Is Yesstyle?

The brand started its journey in the year 2006 and it is still going strong with a reputable website.

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