How Much are Tiff's Treats Cookies

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How Much are Tiff's Treats Cookies

Cookies are the first love of all sweet lovers. It’s one of the best desserts that enhance the excitement of your happiness and great moments. Ideally, Tiffs Treat Cookies comes with a huge variety of special cookies, Birthday Bundles, Baked by Melissa, and Kendra Scott, Special Occasion, Brownies, and much more. However, a question that comes to many people’s minds is, How Much are Tiff's Treats Cookies.

In this blog, we will share everything you need to know about Tiff’s Treats Cookies including prices. No matter whether you’re wondering how to find a perfect way to save money on this cookie brand or searching for the best way to order online, this blog gets you covered. Let’s get ready to dive into the world of your favorite cookies!

Tiff’s Treats Cookies – Menu

You will find a wide range of items exclusively available at Tiff’s. But, a question that many fans are searching for is how much is a dozen cookies at tiff's treats. We are here to provide a simple answer to all your queries. Check out the quick details below and select your favorite desserts easily:

  1. 1 Dozen Cookies ($21.00)
  2. Cookies 'n Cream Pint ($5.50)
  3. Vanilla Ice Cream Pint ($5.50)
  4. Classic Congrats Package ($31.00)
  5. Half Dozen Sugar ($11.50)
  6. Half Dozen Chocolate Chip ($11.50)
  7. 2 Dozen Cookies ($42.00)
  8. Baked by Melissa Bite-Size Cupcake 6-Pack ($10.00)
  9. 1/2 Dozen Cookies ($11.50)
  10. Half Dozen Pecan Chocolate Chip ($11.50)
  11. Frost 'ems Sampler ($6.00)
  12. Tiff's Trio Box ($13.50)
  13. Half Dozen Snickerdoodle ($11.50)
  14. Half Dozen Peanut Butter ($11.50)
  15. Mint Chocolate Chip Pint ($5.50)
  16. Half Dozen Tiff's Mix ($11.50)
  17. Half Dozen White Chip Almond ($11.50)
  18. Chocolate Ice Cream Pint (5.50)
  19. Little Sweet Pack ($26.50)
  20. Half Dozen Double Chocolate Chip ($11.50)

Fresh Delight – Every Bite

Every sweet lover knows the efficiency and unique taste of Tiff’s Treat. This restaurant takes pride in offering the best range of cookies and breakfast items and satisfying the cravings. Customers can find a delectable range of chocolate bars and other sweet packs too. Perfectly, it’s not wrong, if we say that this is an ideal destination for every sweet lover.

The only thing that makes Tiff’s Treat unique, is the magic of freshness that adds delights in every bite. Their breakfast is one of the highly rated items, due to ultimate freshness. Also, if you’re someone, who finding an authentic American breakfast, Tiff’s Treat would be an ideal place to visit.

Online Order – Tiff’s Treat

Providing an online order facility is good for the growth of any business. Tiff’s Treat understands the value of customers' comfort and makes it easy for them to place an order online. That’s why, some people want to get an answer on how much does tiff's treats cost. They need to know the prices to place an order by sitting in the comfort of their home.

You can visit the official site of Tiff’s Treat and select the items that you want. All items that you selected will automatically show on your cart. Go to the checkout and finalize the billing method. After successful order placement, you will receive your order within the estimated time. However, in case of late, you can dial a customer service representative number. There’s no need to get worried about anything.

How to Save Money at Tiff’s Treat?

If you have a tight budget and want to save money at Tiff’s Treat, then no need to search for any trick now. We are here to share the best solution with you that excellently helps you save money at this restaurant. All you need to do is, get access to Tiff’s Treat Coupon. By getting access to this coupon code, you will find it quite possible to save money by up to $20 to $90. Yes, it’s not a dream anymore to save money on this top reputable restaurant.

No matter whether you want to buy a cookie or breakfast item, the efficiency of a coupon code or promo code completely gets you covered. Simply catch a reliable code and enjoy your favorite item at any time.

How to Find Valid and Verified Tiff’s Treat Coupon?

There’s no doubt that finding a valid and verified coupon code or promo code in this fast-paced world is a big task. But, it’s not impossible! To get a valid Tiff’s Treat Coupon, you need to choose a reliable and authentic site available online. As you know, there are hundreds of coupon sites available on the internet.

You can choose a good site by checking some reviews or by reading quick feedback. Also, you can see which site has a good rating. Surprisingly, if you choose a reputable site, you will find it possible to save money on top brands, restaurants, bakeries, and much more. In simple words, there’s something more than amazing waiting for you at every moment.

How to Redeem Tiff’s Treat Coupon?

Take a look at some steps below to redeem the Tiff’s Treat Coupon:

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Search for a reliable site and select one
  3. Open the site and jump to the deals page
  4. Click on the Tiff’s Treat Coupon, it will be copied to the clipboard
  5. Now, go to the official site of Tiff’s Treat and add items to your shopping cart
  6. Once, you’ve done so, use the Tiff’s Treat Coupon at the billing or checkout page
  7. You will receive a discount at the checkout page

How Long are Tiff's Treats Cookies Good For?

Sometimes, you’ve ordered cookies in bulk quantity and want to get a simple answer on How Long are Tiff's Treats Cookies Good For? In general, it would be good if Tiff's Treats cookies should be enjoyed within a week of delivery, depending on factors such as storage conditions and ingredients. Cookies at Tiff's Treats are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients without preservatives, contributing to their deliciousness. As you know, the restaurant is known especially for its taste and freshness. At room temperature, store the cookies in an airtight container to ensure maximum freshness.

You can also freeze Tiff's Treats cookies to extend their shelf life. In an airtight container or freezer bag, they can last for up to three months in the freezer without losing their taste or texture. In an airtight container or freezer bag, they can last for up to three months in the freezer without losing their taste or texture. Ideally, Tiff's Treats cookies are best consumed as soon as possible or within the recommended timeframe for optimal freshness.

What are the Best Sellers at Tiff’s Treat?

Take a look at the list below to choose from the best sellers:

  1. Tiff's Trio Box $13.50 (1 Salted Caramel Blondie, 1 Fudge Brownie, & 1 Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar)
  2. Icing on the Cake Package $35.00 (1 dozen cookies, 2 Frost 'ems® frosting cups, "Happy Birthday" packaging)
  3. 4 Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles $15.00 (Box of 4 ready-to-eat chocolate chip cookie dough balls, rolled up)
  4. 1 Dozen Cookies $21.00 (1 dozen cookies)
  5. 2 Dozen Cookies $42.00 (2 dozen cookies)
  6. Brownie $4.50 (Classic chocolate fudge brownie topped with chocolate chips)
  7. Little Sweet Pack $26.50 (1 dozen cookies, 1 pint of ice cream)
  8. All Smiles Package $31.00 (1 dozen cookies, Smiley packaging & balloon)
  9. Half Dozen Sugar Cookie with M&M's $11.50 (Signature sugar cookie packed with colorful M&M's candy)
  10. Half Dozen Snickerdoodle $11.50 (Buttery and soft cookie dusted with cinnamon and sugar)
  11. Half Dozen Double Chocolate Chip $11.50 (Chocolate cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips)
  12. Half Dozen Sugar $11.50 (Signature warm and buttery cookie sprinkled with sugar)
  13. Half Dozen Oatmeal Raisin $11.50 (Plump raisins enveloped in a hearty oatmeal dough)
  14. Half Dozen White Chip Almond $11.50 (Melty white chips and the delicate taste of almonds)
  15. Half Dozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip $11.50 (Decadent combo of peanut butter and chocolate chips)
  16. Half Dozen Mint Chocolate Chip $11.50 (A smooth blend of mint and chocolate, made with Andes mints)

Is It Possible to Get Free Shipping at Tiff’s Treat?

You can get a membership plan or a reliable or verified coupon code to make yourself free from paying delivery charges. However, if you order a selected product, you will enjoy free shipping, but the terms and conditions may applied. For further information, you can visit the official site of Tiff’s Treat. At the official site, you will find it easy to discover everything you want.

Wrap Up

We’ve shared a quick and simple answer on How Much are Tiff's Treats Cookies. You can surely take a look at the menu of this restaurant and pick up the best item that fits your requirements. There’s no need to look for any other restaurant. Besides the price, we’ve also shared the best way to save money on Tiff’s Treat. Ideally, you can use a reliable and valid coupon code or promo code to save money from your bill and enjoy everything you want. No doubt, no other bakery or restaurant can beat the level of Tiff’s Treat. This is one of the best destinations for all sweet lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Tiff's Treats worth?

In 2020, the company was valued at $500 million with major investors including Kendra Scott, Dirk Nowitzki, Brooklyn Decker, and Andy Roddick. With operations in five states, Tiff's Treats employ 2,000 people by 2023.

What is Tiff's Treats most popular cookie?

Chocolate Chip is the most popular exclusively offered by Tiff’s Treat. You can find this item in the online menu and place an order online. But, to save money, you need to use a promo code or coupon code.

What size are Tiff's Treats cookies?

The cookies are medium-sized, at about 3-3.5 inches in diameter. If you want anything special, you add in your menu.

How many servings are in 1 dozen cookies?

A single serving is assumed to be a single cookie. Therefore, a dozen cookies, which is 12, make 12 servings. To learn more, you can visit to the official site of Tiff’s Treat.

Are Tiff's Treats cookies soft?

A big yes, you will find super a soft, warm inside cookie available at Tiff’s Treat. You can choose any of your favorite cookie by visiting the official site.

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