How to Cancel YouTube TV – A Complete Guide for You

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How to Cancel YouTube TV – A Complete Guide for You

There are many users of YouTube TV. But, some of them are finding an answer on How to Cancel YouTube TV. But, there’s no need to search anymore. We are here to provide you with the best quick and simple process that will ultimately help you.

You can cancel your subscription at any time anywhere. But, it would be good, if you learn more about all aspects and pick up the best option. In this blog, we will share everything you need to know about the cancellation of YouTube TV.

How to Cancel Youtube TV Subscription?

Learn how to cancel YouTube TV subscription by following some quick and easy steps below

  1. Start the cancellation process by opening your internet browser and searching for ‘’’’
  2. Open your account by logging in with your credentials.
  3. Thirdly, click on your profile icon. You will see an icon at the right corner of the screen
  4. Once you click, search for the ‘’settings’’ option.
  5. Now, select the membership and click on ‘’cancel membership’’ option
  6. Lastly, ensure that you click on the ‘’pause’’ option. If you click this option, your membership will not cancel, it’s just paused.

How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

By following some steps below, you can find it easy on How to Cancel YouTube TV Free Trial

  1. For free trial cancellation, you need to open YouTube TV on your device
  2. Then go to the ‘’profile photo’’
  3. You’ll see the ‘’Membership’’ option there
  4. Click on that option
  5. You will find the ‘’cancel membership’’ option
  6. Click on the above option and here you will succeed in canceling your free trial.

Also, if you’re looking for an answer on how to cancel my YouTube TV subscription, you can follow the above method. The same method is applied to cancel all YouTube subscriptions. No matter whether you have a monthly or yearly subscription, you can cancel it anytime anywhere. There’s no need to search anymore.

How to Cancel YouTube TV on iPhone?

Catch the perfect answer on How to Cancel YouTube TV on iPhone and How to Cancel YouTube TV Membership by following some steps below

  1. Go to the Google Chrome
  2. Search for ‘’’’
  3. Now, you’ll see ‘’Membership’’ option at the top
  4. Then, click on profile
  5. Lastly, click on ‘’Cancel Membership’’
  6. That’s all, your YouTube membership has cancelled successfully

Is it Possible to Pause Your YouTube TV Subscription?

Yes, it’s possible to pause a YouTube TV subscription. You can mark this as an alternative option of cancelation. Pausing your subscription is a reliable option because it allows you to resume it anytime anywhere. While a paused period, there’s no subscription charges and the recordings will be still remain same. But, keep in mind that all your subscriptions and connections will be paused.

Is There any YouTube TV Cancellation Fee?

No, there’s no cancellation fees will be charged. The cancellation is easy and possible at any time anywhere. For further information, you can visit to the official page of YouTube TV. No need to feel disappointed at any moment.

YouTube Premium Family Plan

Getting YouTube Premium Family Plan is essential, if you’ve a family. Once, you get access to a single subscription, you’re allowed to share your membership with up to 5 members in your family. But, ensure that they should live within the same residential address. If they’re not living at the same address, the access cannot be shared. Also, the one who purchases the family premium would be a family manager and allowed to make changes in the account.

What are the Channels, You will find on YouTube TV?

Below are the channels, you will find on YouTube TV:

  1. ABC
  2. ABC News Live
  3. ACC Network
  4. AMC
  5. animal Planet
  6. BBC America
  7. BBC World News
  8. BET
  9. BET Her
  10. Bounce
  11. Bravo
  12. BTN
  13. Cartoon Network
  14. CBS
  15. CBS Sports
  16. Charge!
  17. Cheddar News
  18. CMT
  19. CNBC
  20. CNN
  21. Comedy Central
  22. Comedy.TV
  23. Comet TV
  24. Court TV
  25. Cozi
  26. Dabl
  27. Discovery Channel
  28. Disney Channel
  29. Disney Junior
  30. Disney XD
  31. E!
  32. ESPN
  33. ESPN in 4K
  34. ESPN2
  35. ESPNews
  36. ESPNU
  37. Food Network
  38. Fox
  39. Fox Business
  40. Fox News
  41. Fox Soul
  42. Fox Sports 4K
  43. Fox Sports Plus 4K
  44. Fox Weather
  45. Freeform
  46. FS1
  47. FS2
  48. FX
  49. FXM
  50. FXX
  51. Galavision
  52. Game Show Network
  53. GetTV
  54. Golf Channel
  55. Hallmark Channel
  56. Hallmark Drama
  57. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  58. HGTV
  59. HLN
  60. HSN
  61. ID
  62. IFC
  63. ION
  64. JusticeCentral.TV
  65. LiveNOW
  66. Local Now
  67. Magnolia Network
  68. MotorTrend
  69. MSNBC
  70. MTV
  71. MTV Classic
  72. MTV2
  73. Nat Ceo
  74. Nat Geo Wild
  75. NBA TV
  76. NBA TV in 4K
  77. NBC
  78. NBC News Now
  79. NBC Sports 4K
  80. NBCLX
  81. NewsNation
  82. NFL Network
  83. Nick Jr.
  84. Nickelodeon
  85. Nicktoons
  86. OWN
  87. Oxygen True Crime
  88. Paramount
  89. PBS
  90. PBS Kids
  91. Pop
  92. QVC
  93. Recipe.TV
  94. Scripps News
  95. SEC Network
  96. Smithsonian Channel
  97. Start TV
  98. Sundance TV
  99. SYFY
  100. T2
  101. Tastemade
  102. TBD TV
  103. TBS
  104. TeenNick
  105. Telemundo
  106. The CW
  107. The Weather Channel
  108. TLC
  109. TNT
  110. Travel Channel
  111. TruTV
  112. TUDN
  113. Turner Classic Movies
  114. TV Land
  115. TYT Network
  116. UniMas
  117. Universal Kids
  118. Univision
  119. USA
  120. VH1
  121. WE tv

How To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers?

Finding an answer on How To Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers is easy by ensuring some points. Every YouTuber comes with a wish to generate a decent amount of money with some amazing content. But, it’s true that it’s not a piece of cake. It requires hard work and continuous efforts that make you succeed in your vision.

Ideally, you can earn through a monetization that comes with ads. But, a minimum watch time of 4,000 hours is also required to get ads on your channel. These things look easier, but once you dive into the world of YouTube, you will face some hurdles on every level. However, there’s no need to get worried, we’ve come up with some tricks and tips. Take a look at some points listed below

  1. Make a plan
  2. Learn more about your target audience
  3. Make sure, you’re creating valuable content
  4. Learn more about the best strategies
  5. Use unique and effective keywords, titles, and thumbnails
  6. Ensure the best message in your content
  7. Take a look at YouTube shorts to add more content to your channel
  8. Analyze the results every week with YouTube analytics
  9. Ask for the feedback
  10. Ask your subscribers to like share and comment

Take the Benefit of Fully Active and Beneficial Promo Codes to Save Money on YouTube TV!

Saving money in this contemporary world is not a big task with the help of active and beneficial promo codes and coupon codes. All you need to do is, pick up a good source available online and save a huge amount. Surprisingly, right now, you can enjoy numerous codes such as;

  1. Hulu promo code
  2. YouTube TV Promo Code
  3. YouTube Movie Coupons
  4. Sling TV Promo Code
  5. DIRECTV Coupons
  6. Peacock TV Promo Code

Ensure that your code has not expired yet. As you know, an expired will not benefit you in any case. Also, in case of facing any problem, you can get some help from the representative.


We hope you’ve now found the complete answer to How to Cancel YouTube TV and How much is YouTube TV. It’s not a difficult task to cancel the YouTube subscription. You need to follow some quick and easy steps to cancel the subscription. You can follow the procedure from any device.

If we’ve missed any information or you want something else, share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Cancel YouTube TV on Android?

You can easily cancel your YouTube subscription on Android by opening the official page of YouTube TV. Click on the profile option and search for the ‘’cancel membership’’ option. Once you find that, click on that and cancel your subscription.

2. How to pause my YouTube subscription?

Go to the official site of and open the profile. On that page, you will find ‘’pause’’ option. Once you click on it, you will easily pause your subscription.

3. Can I stream reality TV shows on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can enjoy numerous reality TV shows on YouTube TV. For further information, visit the official site.

4. How to get a subscription to YouTube TV?

Open the official site of YouTube TV and choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan that fits your requirements.

5. Is it good to get a subscription to YouTube TV?

Yes, by getting a subscription to YouTube TV, you can enjoy numerous shows, popular channels, and much more.

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