How to Get Ready to Work in IT

Sep 20, 2022   |   5 min read


How to Get Ready to Work in IT


Perhaps no career field is as popular as programming these days! Many decide to enter upon its path in different life periods. Some begin looking for their first job while studying at the university. Others decide to switch areas because of better prospects, passion for programming, or a desire to start something new.

Either way, the job search can be difficult at first! Therefore, we have prepared a basic guide for you to navigate the process. Follow the tips below to make sure everything goes smoothly! And to have enough time for all steps described below, take advantage of outsourcing! Remember: you can always buy essay papers from talented writers and focus on what needs your attention most. Thus, you will concentrate on your work without worsening your reputation or grades. 

Can You Actually Work Without Experience?

Is it possible to find a job as a programmer without any experience? Of course! Juniors are of great benefit to the team, as they allow more experienced professionals to develop their leadership skills. In fact, many IT specialists are self-taught and learn everything from scratch at home.

1.Get The Necessary Knowledge

Before you start looking for a job, you must acquire all the important skills. Programming is not an easy task and requires a lot of time to learn. But if you have certain predispositions and are purely excited, then it will be fun!

No doubt, you are to use your technical competencies (i.e., programming languages proficiency, various tools, frameworks, etc.) and soft skills (communication, time management, and ability to work in a team). Many experienced recruiters say that when hiring a candidate, it is often their personality and interpersonal skills that determine the final yes.

2.Create A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. It is used by hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of users around the world. Surely, it will be easier for you to find a job if you have a profile there. What’s more, you can share such valuable information as links, infographics, and even videos. Thanks to this, you will present your projects from all sides!

3.Work On Your GitHub Account

GitHub is the largest platform for storing, testing, and versioning code. First, it’s a huge community of developers, which also is a source of inspiration and expertise for you. Second, it can help you land your first IT job.

GitHub is a place where recruiters take a look at projects along with their source code. If you are constantly learning and upgrading the code, the recruiter will definitely notice the changes in each new version of it. Nowadays, GitHub is basically your resume, and almost every developer uses this site.

4.Start Your Job Search

You already have great LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, so what’s next? It’s time to look through the job offers available in the labor market. Surely, it can be many of them, but it’s likely the whole process will take more time than you thought it would. Take this as an opportunity to better prepare for the job.

Another essential thing is to reach out to recruiters first (on LinkedIn, for instance). This will grab their attention and thereby increase your chances of getting hired!

5.Get Ready For An Interview

Before you find your first job in IT, you will have to go through several interviews. It will be not only a test of your competencies and technical knowledge but also an assessment of your interpersonal skills.

As for the feature that can set you apart from other candidates, it is surely your willingness to learn and grow. Be honest and say that you are just beginning your path and want to use this position as a chance to become much better! A programmer without experience cannot do many tasks on their own, so you need to convince the employer that it is worth investing time and money in your development.

6.Make Extra Effort

Never hesitate to do more than you are asked! Have you ever used the best tools while working on an essay and literally put your heart into it? Some may say that you tried too hard, but the teacher certainly appreciates your efforts. The same goes for work.

Many world-famous CEOs say that they enthusiastically employ people who go beyond what was expected. Thus, show that you not only want the job but can make a positive contribution at once by bringing fresh ideas and concepts to life!

7.Never Stop Growing

After you’ve landed your first job in the IT industry, you will surely get the most out of the given opportunities. Whether your technology is Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, or others, being a programmer is first and foremost about life-long learning.

Since the market is developing at an incredibly fast pace, you need to keep abreast of all innovations. Indeed, technology simplifies everything from studying to solving household issues. And it really makes sense to follow all these novelties! According to statistics, working in IT can increase your salary by as much as 50% or more in just two years.

8.Don’t Think That Grass Is Greener On The Other Side

Sooner or later, you will consider switching companies but think twice before you do. Why? Chances are, you can meet the same drawbacks even when you are working for a different organization! At some point, too many transitions will alert the recruiters: they may think that you won’t stay with them for a long time either and won’t hire you eventually.

To Wrap It Up

And last but certainly not least, always be clear and bold about your plans. A widespread factor is that many IT specialists tell the interviewer what they (seemingly) want to hear from them.

Some candidates keep silent about their ambitions and plans, hoping they will get the desired position. However, many managers will be glad to find developers who are willing to take calculated risks, initiate improvements and show dedication to the common business along the whole path!

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