Macy's Friends and Family Sale for 2022

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Macy's Friends and Family Sale for 2022

The macy's friends and family sale occur twice a year. If you are one to keep out on these sales, you would know how it can help you save big. Many people have gotten up to 30% discount on their orders. While others have gotten a bigger discount on selected items. But the key is to know what to buy and when to buy.

The macy friends and family sale is still ongoing. Although it has been ongoing for some time now, it is not a surprise to see the sale still live. For the past two years, the sale has been going thrice instead of twice a year. Are the stores really this generous? That is a debate for another time but for the friends and family sale 2022, there are ways you can find what you have always wanted at low rates.

The dates for the friends and family sale at Macy’s have not been announced. For the past few years, the fall sale has been occurring during the month of October, November, and December. While the summer sales can occur any time during April, May, or June and July. Stay on the lookout for the new dates to save big.

What to Buy During Macy’s Friends and Family Sale?

The big question that troubles every customer during such sale events is what to buy? The reason being that the generous discounts and the limited time offers can confuse any customer. You would want something but end up buying everything apart from what you needed in the first place. So, here is a little guide for your shopping research. The sale is live till 17th of January, 2022 so you do have ample time to find what you need. Here are a few things you should keep your eye on.


Many people are not a crockery fan. But there is something quite aesthetic about getting a ceramic plate that is plain in color and design. If you are someone who is a food photographer or someone who loves cooking, we love our presentation skills. A main part of these aesthetics and interest is supported by good crockery. You will find a great collection of such items that would appeal to your aesthetic sense. But what good are these items when you see them everyday in your feed unable to get them because of high prices?

The friends and family sale comes bearing a small gift. It has listened to your problem and will get you good discounts on plain white crockery. You might not find a huge variety in the sale but you will find a decent collection of the whiteware. Something to keep your snacks and nuts during a movie marathon or various whiteware for your next food videos.


Fragrances are a part of our daily lives. We reminisce in such moments where there was fragrance involved. We probably have a favorite memory associated with such a fragrance. But do you ever feel the need to buy your own fragrance to design your own memories? Get some of them at the macy’s friends and family sale happening right now.

The best part is that there are a lot of great discounts at the sale so your fragrance collection does not have to run out of stock too soon. Moreover, they make great gifts! We heard that there are some refill options for selected items as well so if you have bought from the store before, you might find a few decent options.   

Designer Fashion

If you are a fan of branded fashion and keep your closets stocked up with the designer fashion, the Macy’s sale can help you out. The friends and family sale is special because the designer fashion is greatly stocked with good discounts. Many other such sales at Macy’s do not offer such a diverse collection at low rates. Hence, you should be on a lookout for these clothes.

Bed Items

Good sleep is always great when the beds are comfortable. The point where you wake up feeling satisfied with your sleep is what anyone is after in this chaotic world. But it can be quite expensive to buy such items. However, with the friends and family sale happening at Macy’s, you can find an amazing collection of items. There is also an amazing sale on bedsheets, pillows, and bed covers.

Health and Beauty  

We all know how expensive things can get in the beauty section. It is like a stroll through an aisle that will rob you off your wallet without a doubt. But the friends and family sale is one event that you can count on this year. You can keep your savings secure as the discounts can go up to 15% off. 

It is a great time to get gifts as well because you can stock up on the products and make ana mazing gift for your loved ones. If you feel like pampering yourself, you will find great products and cosmetics for your skin care, hair care, and beauty.

When Should I Shop for the Big Lots Friends and Family Sale?

You can shop anytime that you like. There is no specific time for the friends and family sale that will get you a good purchase. The stores are open from 9 am to 11 pm and during this whole time, you will find the shelves neatly stocked. However, it is better not to go near the end of the sale to avoid any point where the stock could run out.

How Much Can I Save at the Macy’s Friends and Family Sale?

You can expect to save up to an average of 15%. However, it is up to you. What you buy and when you buy does make an impact on your savings and your order. If you need a few extra saving tips, here they are.

If you are looking for free shipping, you can use many promo codes to get a free delivery. If you spend a certain amount on your online trip to the Macy’s website to get free shipping as well. For in-store shopping, you will have to take the trip to the store and use the promo codes. Some of them still will be valid.

You may even find some deals and offers on other and selected items during your trip to the store or even during online shopping. Moreover, you can find many coupons online to see where you can land on your saving tips.

If you are buying online, you can sign up to the rewards program to get additional benefits in the future. This may help if you are a frequent buyer at the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Does Macy’s Have Friends and Family Sale?

Macy’s usually promotes the Friends and Family Sale during December and in April/May as well. The sale usually occurs two times a year and is a great event for people who wish to save big. You can save up to 30% while others can save up to 10% off during the event and on selected items.

2. How Long Does the Macy’s Friends and Family Sale Last?

It usually lasts a week. However, the sales have even gone for as long as eleven days and even six days a few times. It will be your luck to see when you find out about the sale this time.

3. When is the Macy’s Friends and Family Sale in 2022?

The Macy’s Friends and Family Sale 2022 has not been announced yet. It is expected to happen during the end of the year, but the summer sale varies with most years. Sometimes, it occurs in June while other times, in April and May. Sit tight and keep an eye on the recent updates to find out when it will be taking place this year.

4. Do Macy’s Employees Get a Discount?

Macy’s Employees do get a discount. If you are a working employee there, you can get up to 20% on clothing, furniture, accessories, and on cosmetics as well. Moreover, you can get up to 10% on electronics and electric items. The items may be limited and subject to availability and tax.

5. How Can I Save Money at Macy’s?

There are a number of ways you can save at Macy’s. First of all, you need to sign onto the email newsletter of the website so that you are always aware of the sales and offers happening on the website and in-store. Next of all, you need to have a stack of promo codes and coupons to help you shop during different instances throughout the year. Lastly, you should stay aware of the annual and weekly sales to get the best out of the events.

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