5 Major Stress Factors for Students

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5 Major Stress Factors for Students

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There is no secret that being a student is hard. Nevertheless, for the past few years, the reports from student surveys have been rather disturbing. According to the American Institute of Stress, as many as 61% of students seek counseling for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. University clinicians claim that stress is not only one of the most common mental issues in students but also one of the primary reasons for the development of other disorders.

Indeed, heavy workloads, poor sleep schedules, lack of time for self-care, and other typical attributes of college life make young people experience constant pressure and stress. But what exactly causes the most stress for them? In this article, an expert essay writer online from the Do My Essay service talks about the top five primary stressors and how you can mitigate them as a student.

1. Homework

A huge number of academic assignments open the list of the major stress factors facing students. Surveys reveal that over 55% of young people are stressed over their homework.

How to mitigate this stressor? Of course, there is no way to avoid homework in school or college completely. However, modern students can always turn to a professional online essay writer to delegate a part of their assignments and reduce the tension.

2. Finances

The second major stressor is money. There is no secret that tuition and housing costs are pretty high today, and many students can’t balance their studies with a job. Even those who manage to work and study simultaneously most often can only have a part-time job, which typically doesn’t cover all their expenses. As a result, almost all young people are struggling economically, and it causes lots of stress.

How to mitigate this stressor? There are several ways to do this. First of all, finding a job always helps students feel more confident financially. If you find it hard to manage your studies and work, once again, you can write essay with DoMyEssay to have more time. Other available solutions include scholarships, grants, and student loans.

to keep maintain your finances you can look into discounts and deals while shopping something online. there are a lot of brands and that provides student discounts for the students.

3. Being a Stranger

The next stressor is the most common for first-year students. When arriving on campus for the first time, many young people feel like they are living among strangers. A study by the University of California revealed that 17% of male and 38% of female first-year students experience this feeling. On top of that, many students are naturally shy and find it hard to “fit in” and make new friends in the new place.

How to mitigate this stressor? A professional essay writer online suggests first-years get out of their comfort zones more actively and stay more open-minded. Feeling like you are a stranger is natural. But there is no way to overcome this feeling if you don’t get out there and try to fit in.

4. Homesickness

The next major stress factor is also most intense in first-years, though it often remains with students throughout their following years in college. A study by UCLA revealed that nearly 70% of students report feeling frequently or occasionally homesick during their first year in college. This is especially true for young people who enrolled in colleges located in other states or even countries.

How to mitigate this stressor? Homesickness is a natural response, so the first thing you need to do is to accept that it’s okay and you’re not alone there. Also, an expert essay writer online recommends students stay in touch with family and friends frequently but not too much not to miss out on the opportunities to connect with peers on campus. Also, it’s recommended to get busy in college and actively socialize to make up for the lack of old friends.

5. Tests and Exams

Finally, one last stressor that gets in the way of students’ well-being and success is related to tests and exams. A 2021 study revealed that over 75% of students experience stress or anxiety because of upcoming exams. This fear of exams can significantly worsen young people’s mental health and even lead to academic failure.

How to mitigate this stressor? Just like homework, exams and tests can’t be avoided in college. However, you can change your attitude and approach to them. To reduce stress, make it a rule to start getting ready for exams early on. If you lack time for test prep, don’t hesitate to use write my personal statement for me services to let professional writers deal with your homework while you are getting ready for a big test. And finally, find effective ways to manage stress on exam day. For example, try exercising or meditating to set yourself up for success.

The Bottom Line

Being a student inevitably means dealing with lots of stress. College is always tough and filled with challenges. But even if you encounter excessive stress levels, remember that there are many ways to make yourself feel better.

Now, after reading this article, you know about some of the most common stressors facing modern students and effective ways to deal with them. Start using this knowledge right now to make your experience in college as pleasant and stress-free as possible!

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