The Nothing Bundt Cake Calories You Need to Know About!

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The Nothing Bundt Cake Calories You Need to Know About!

The calories are the one thing that can take you away from the deliciousness of a nothing bundt cake but it does not turn your mind off. You crave the cake even more! So, the only thing you can do is get to know about all the calories of Nothing Bundt and its popular cake flavors. This way, you can enjoy it in moderation or eat only when necessary.

What is Nothing Bundt Cake Made of?

To keep the calories in check, you must first figure out what goes inside the cake? Is it good for your diet? Does it have something that you are allergic of or sensitive to? The whole recipe for the nothing bundt cakes is not public. However, the key ingredients in the recipe are eggs, milk, wheat, sugar, corn syrup, and soy. People believe that the brand uses high fructose corn syrups in their cakes.

Apart from the usual ingredients of the cake, there are other side performers like the frosting and cream. This is personalized to each of the nothing bundt cake flavors so that the customers can enjoy having multiple cakes and a varied collection of items for their special occasions.

Nothing Bundt Cake Size and Servings

Nothing Bundt cakes are one of the top treats when you are looking for desserts for special occasions. You can add it to the menu of any special gathering and people will line up to eat the delicious cake!

Because of the high prices, people tend to buy the cakes only when something special swings by like a wedding, birthday, graduation, or a small celebration with family and friends! However, with its presence lighting up the dessert menu only at certain times of the year, it keeps its charm and does not disappoint the gathering! But how many people can you serve the cake to?

The average serving of a nothing bundt cake is around 18 to 20 people but that is for the 10-inch cake. If you have a smaller gathering, you can opt for the smaller size of an 8-inch cake and have an approximate serving of 8 people. There are also other options on the menu with different sizes that you can try if you have a larger gathering like the two-tiered bundt cake. This would be optimal for weddings, birthdays and gatherings where the number of people is huge.

If you are looking for the different nothing bundt cake sizes, here is a list!

  • 8-inch Bundt Cake
  • 10-inch Bundt Cake
  • Two-tiered Bunt Cake
  • Bundlets
  • Bundlet Towers
  • Bundtinis

The last three cake sizes are exciting servings that the brand has released if people want to take care of their calories. These small sizes can be your go-to sizes for having a small treat at any time of the day. Pair it with a coffee and you have yourself a delicious evening snack!

Calories In Nothing Bundt Cakes

But how many calories are there in the nothing bundt cakes? If you want to be careful of your calorie intake, can you keep the leftovers? How long are nothing bundt cakes good for? You may have a lot of questions but let’s first see how the nothing bundt calories work!

All the flavors at Nothing Bundt Cake have different calories. Some of them have more than others because of the extra cream, nuts, or sugar in those cakes. This is the reason that there is only a range of calories that we can mention, coming your way from the bakery. Approximately, you can expect 280-300 calories in the cake you are eating from Nothing Bundt.

Here, we will discuss some of the popular flavors and their respective calories. The average range of calories a human adult should have is around 2000 for women and 2500 for men. Judging the daily intake and your dietary restrictions, you can easily eat these cakes in moderation.

  • Blueberry Bliss – 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Carrot – 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Chocolate Chip – 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Classic Vanilla– 280 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Confetti– 280 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Marble – 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Lemon– 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Peppermint Chocolate Chip – 290 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Pecan Praline– 300 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Snickerdoodle – 280 calories per 8-inch serving
  • Pumpkin Spice– 300 calories per 8-inch serving

Is Nothing Bundt Cake Worth It?

Seeing the high nothing bundt cakes prices, does it make sense to buy a nothing bundt cake? Is it worth the money?

The cakes at Nothing Bundt are one of the most popular dessert types. You can order them for special occasions or eat them alone at home for a quick sweet treat! The variety in flavors is not that huge but each flavor is jam-packed with deliciousness. Some of the flavors are released on special holidays which brings even more charm to the cakes. But the best part is obviously the taste!

With the soft and moist cake, each bite simply melts in your mouth. The frosting on top is like Christmas in summer, especially with their signature petal-like style. However, if you are not a frosting fan, you can easily ask to minimize the frosting to drizzles. These cakes are a hit with everyone because of the different flavors that can cater to a child as well as an adult.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, there are many nothing bundt cakes on the menu but the calories in these cakes are almost fixed. You can expect a range of 280-300 calories from the 8-inch serving of each flavor. However, the exact number may vary from cake to cake because of the different frostings and flavors. If you want to try them all, you can always let the nothing bundt cakes coupon $5 off help you out with the budget. The cakes might be delicious but the prices are also on the premium end. This is why many people only eat cakes on special occasions. But with the promo code, you can sneak in a bite or two any time of the year.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are in One Nothing Bundt Cake?

The calories of a cake depend upon the flavor you eat. However, the range of calories in a nothing bundt cake lies between 280 to 300 calories.

How Many People Does a 10 Inch Nothing Bundt Cake Serve?

A 10-inch cake from the bakery can easily serve 18 to 20 people!

Does Nothing Bundt Cakes Use High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Yes, their cakes often include a high fructose syrup to turn their cakes into the sweet delights you can have any day.

Is Nothing Bundt Cake Worth It?

Yes, if you have a special gathering taking place at home and want the dessert menu to be a high-quality cake, it is worth having! Plus, its many flavors allow the family to eat whatever they like, especially on special occasions!

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