Take 5 Oil Change Reviews And a lot More

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Take 5 Oil Change Reviews And a lot More

Would you like to try out 5 Oil Change services? Are you looking for honest Take 5 Oil Change Reviews? Are you debating whether it's worth your money? Even if it doesn't seem like your car is notable or needs any extra care,

Therefore, avoid taking your car to a mundane independent shop if you need the engine oil changed. The expense is always in the back of your mind. Due to Take 5's quick growth, corporate processes needed to expand along with it, and employee training was one area in particular that the company desired to enhance. Take 5 and other auto service businesses are owned by Driven Brands.

So let's read this post to learn more about this company, its service, cost, and much more.

Take 5 Oil Change Reviews


Take 5 Oil Change strives to uphold the highest level of personnel training and development, to set high standards for its services, and to achieve or surpass all benchmarks for client satisfaction. In Metairie, Louisiana, they made their initial entrance into the building in 1984. They currently have 18 locations across the country. Take 5 Oil Change offers a wide range of services that are all promised to go above and beyond your expectations. You might discover the ideal services among them.

They place a premium on quick, amiable, and straightforward oil changes. They replace the engine oil and filter in just a few short minutes. Vital under-hood fluids are examined and topped off as needed. Also, They offer huge discounts on oil changes you just have to simply put in trustworthy Take 5 Oil Change coupons.

A mid-sized automotive oil and fluid business called Take 5 Oil Change provides a range of goods and services via its website take5oilchange.com, including mobile oil change services. Some of their rivals are Racechip, Mr. Lube, and Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Popular with time-pressed customers, Take 5 Oil Change offers mid-priced products on its own website and partner sites, revolutionizing the niche online market for auto oils and fluids. Visit Take 5 Oil Change if you're looking for the greatest car maintenance services and more for your car at a fair price. The United States is where it is situated.

Take 5 Oil Change Prices

Depending on the type of oil you want to use, Take 5 oil changes to cost different amounts. The prices per quarter-quart for the five various types of Take 5 oil changes are listed below:

  • the traditional method of changing the oil $5.97 $5.97
  • Change of synthetic blend oil: $7.97
  • Oil change with high mileage: $6.97
  • An oil change at the edge costs $8.97 while Mobil 1 costs $9.97.

There are three different types of motor oils available. You can choose an oil that is slightly more expensive than traditional oil but not as expensive as synthetic oil at the rate of Take 5

Take 5 Services

Although Take 5's most well-known service is oil changes, they also provide other services. They also provide the following services:

  • The fluids in the car are inspected, tested, and changed as part of the oil change procedure.
  • An automatic transmission inspection includes changing the transmission, torque converter, and cooler line fluids.
  • To boost the car's horsepower and fuel efficiency, the air filter needs to be replaced. The process must be applied repeatedly.
  • Radiator inspection: It can also be necessary to replace the radiator fluid.
  • Replacement and examination of wiper blades: Wiper blades should be inspected and replaced as necessary. You must adhere to these directions if you want to keep your car safe.

Reviews of Take 5 Oil Change Careers

294 customers, or 54%, provided positive reviews for Take 5 Oil Change. The remaining 46% of the comments made helpful suggestions to help Take 5 Oil Change to improve the working environment. The operations team at the company claims to have had the best experience at Take 5 Oil Change compared to all other divisions, obtaining 73% positive answers. With 46% of positive ratings, the sales staff offered the most insightful criticism.
The Take 5 Oil Change subject has received the following comments. By observing how a firm like Take 5 Oil Change conducts business, you might be able to get a decent idea of the working conditions, corporate culture, rewards, pay, and training possibilities there. Additionally, they could offer details or suggestions regarding what is expected during interviews and other matters that may be pertinent when submitting a job application to that organisation. Reviews may also draw attention to any negative facets of a business that might assist determine whether it would be a desirable place to work.

Final thoughts

Take 5 Oil Change, which has been providing high-quality drive-thru oil changes for more than 30 years, is excited to announce the launch of its newest location in Greenville. Take 5 Oil Change offers highly convenient and hassle-free auto maintenance at over 60 locations throughout the Southeast. Customers can anticipate rapid, friendly service without having to worry about being persuaded into purchasing unnecessary repairs because they specialise in quick oil changes and straightforward auto maintenance.

They opened a store in Cherrydale in August. While you sit in your car and enjoy a free soft drink, bottled water, or juice box for the kids, their certified technicians will complete an oil change, a multi-point inspection, free vital fluid top-offs (where applicable), and tyre pressure adjustments in an industry-wide average of less than 8 minutes. While keeping your car under warranty, everything is done. There has been no change in your schedule, but there is a change in your oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Take 5 Oil Change a reliable company?

Take 5 Oil Change has received a consumer rating of 3.07 stars out of 45, which indicates that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Can Take 5 replace your oil filter?

We place a high value on friendly, efficient, and rapid oil changes. Within a short time, we change the engine oil and filter. Under-hood vital fluids are checked and topped off as necessary.

Why is an oil change called a "Take 5"?

Take 5 then changed its direction to concentrate on improving the client experience and the speed of its services. At its Rapid Oil stations, the corporation eventually revised the five-minute model. When they did, it was referred to as an advertising agency's fantasy because it prioritized the oil change over the schedule.

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