Knowing Where to Look: Unexpected Resources for Job Seekers in Chicago

Feb 23, 2023   |   5 min read


Knowing Where to Look: Unexpected Resources for Job Seekers in Chicago


Many US citizens move to Chicago to pursue promising career opportunities. Dozens of big companies have headquarters in Chicago that offer hundreds of job openings. Statistics say that over the past year, fifty new companies moved to Chicago, and around sixty others expanded their footprint. Wind city is a perfect place to look for a high-paying job. If you want your talent not to be wasted, this city will give you multiple chances for it. 

Job seekers in Chicago must be ready for severe competition in their career field. But once you get hired in the third largest city in the US, your life can take a scenario you could never think of. With serious duties comes a big salary that will allow you to make your craziest dreams come true. So, let’s look at what career resources will help job seekers in Chicago engage in cool projects. 

Resume For Job in Chicago  

Job seekers spend a lot of time searching resume writer Chicago because they need a professional who will tailor the resume fast and with quality guarantees. Hiring a resume writer will assure you that the writer will show your skills and experiences in the best light. There are some common trends in employment across the USA. Still, as every state has offices of various companies, it is essential to hire a resume-writing expert who knows the employment situation in your state. 

As in all other states, it is vitally important to make your resume ATS-friendly. Hundreds of talented specialists are left unrecognized because they didn’t insert the correct keywords in their CVs. It is essential to adjust your resume to the job description to reach the acceptance of hiring managers. Automation tools can be an excellent obstacle to getting a dream job, but experienced resume writers can fix it. 

Marketing Jobs 

Marketing specialists in Chicago will feel like a fish in the sea. Top-rated sports, entertainment, tech, and transport companies eagerly recruit marketers. Consider such significant corporations as Morningstar, United, and Boeing during your job search. There are also many professional communities in Chicago, so finding a digital marketing community will give you a lot of valuable connections for your career. 

The success in the career of a professional marketer depends on his flexibility and adaptability. Marketers should be aware of new trends both in pop culture and tech. New developments online can create new marketing channels they should utilize immediately. It is also essential to be aware of the success cases of your competitors and apply their successful practices in your projects. Such an organization as CIMA will ease the existence of a marketer in competitive Chicago realities.  

CIMA is Chicago Interactive Marketing Association that introduces new job openings, organizes events and creates mentorship programs for marketers. In such a marketing community, junior specialists can meet senior professionals and get to know career insights they could never think about.  

American Marketing Association has its branch in Chicago too. Their primary practice is the creation of career development groups where specialists with coaches define their career goals and create a plan on how to achieve them. Marketing specialists will always feel included in such developed professional communities. 

Tech Jobs

The best career resource for technical specialists in Chicago is BuiltIn. This website will give the complete picture of the city's highest-paying jobs and life expenses. Top Chicago companies hiring include Oak Street Health, Capital, and Origami Risk. These companies have nearly 1000 employees on boards and dozens of job openings now. 

Tech specialists can try themselves in various IT fields, like fintech, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and machine learning. Chicago's tech market-leading firms were founded almost 20 years ago, and their values and corporate policy evolved considerably. Undoubtedly, even a trainee can find a reliable employer in Chicago and fulfill his career ambitions.

Every technical specialist can find tech news and events on BuiltIn. This resource provides excellent assistance for candidates during a job application, as they can learn what essential skills they need for a position and the salary rate they should demand. In the ecosystem of hundreds of IT companies in Chicago, you will find a place for yourself.  

Creative Jobs 

People who belong to the creative industry will enjoy various opportunities in Chicago. The city is very vibrant, so it is an excellent inspiration for creators, but there's more beyond that. There are creative communities for designers and copywriters that build a great space for creativity and collaboration.  

For example, AIGA Chicago is an organization made by designers for designers that make activities to embrace, amplify, and advance designers and the role of design in the Chicago community. 

Illustrators, Web-designers and UX designers can find extraordinary job opportunities in Chicago. Besides a job CV and Cover Letter, it's crucial to have a great portfolio to present to the hiring manager. Designers usually communicate with a recruiter and the technical lead during job applications. Besides project managers, designers' work in Chicago is also evaluated by technical leads, so a specialist will always get professional feedback from a pro in his industry.  

Career Fairs in Chicago 

From internships to senior positions - job fair events in Chicago open significant opportunities for job seekers of all occupations. The biggest career fair in Chicago, “Best Hire,” happens four times yearly. It is usually held in The Congress Plaza Hotel & Convention Center, a modern and fashionable venue that inspires people to improve their careers.  

Recruiters and hiring managers of big Chicago companies are presenting their open vacancies there. Career fairs are a great place to learn about new job opportunities and make new connections. Effective networking with the right people can create more for your career than a simple online job search. The most amazing things in life happened outside my comfort zone.  


Career opportunities in Chicago are not limited to Marketing, Tech, and Design Jobs. Legal councils and financial specialties can also fulfill their career ambitions in this city. The key to employment success is to know where to search and to create successful job application documents.  

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