6 Ways To Save Money With Real Estate

Sep 15, 2022   |   6 min read


6 Ways To Save Money With Real Estate


Almost everyone wants to get involved with real estate as it helps them to have their own home or have a new business venture and allow themselves to earn as many profits as possible. However, even with real estate’s amazing benefits, they might not be for everyone, especially since they come at absolutely high prices. 

As reality hits, investing in real estate would never be a walk in the park, as it involves thousands of dollars, to begin with. But if this is something you’re deeply interested in but have a small pocket, there are still ways you can make it happen. Listed below are some ways you can save money when investing in real estate: 

Turn It Into A Business

If you want to save money with real estate, the best way to make it happen is by turning your purchase into a business. This way, you’re not just putting all of your money out but also allowing yourself to gather more. This can help you pay the mortgage and potentially earn more if you’re already paid off and still getting the profits out of your purchase. It’ll be a high passive income that’ll surely benefit you for years. 

There are two ways you can turn your real estate into a business, such as: 

  • House-Flipping

A great way to return all your investments and still earn thousands more is by going through the house-flipping process. With this, you’ll be investing in old houses that need repairing, transforming them into someplace that’s livable and attractive, and putting them out on the market. This way, you can sell your property for a much higher price and allow yourself to earn more profits, which you can invest back in house flipping or allot them into something else. 

  • Make It A Rental

If you’re looking for the perfect passive income, renting a property out would always be a great way to earn money without doing anything. All you have to do is to buy a property, improve its appearance, put it on the market, and allow tenants to rent your property. The next thing you have to worry about is handling any possible repairs and maintenance and letting your bank get richer every month as they deposit their rent. This could help you pay off your mortgage if you bought a house, reducing your costs and allowing yourself to have more income once you have paid it off. 

Inspect The Entire Home Thoroughly

Before buying a property, you should have a professional home inspector assess the entire house and check for any possible damages or issues you need to address before moving in. Some agents or sellers are amazing with how they can cover up obvious damage by hiding it with decoration or placing it over a plank of wood to make it less noticeable. While they might help to make things “out of sight, out of mind”, those temporary coverups will haunt you as they can develop into something worse.

To reduce the initial cost of a property, you should hire a home inspector and have them check the entire house and come up with a report of all of the damage that the property brings. You can use the information against the seller and inform them about the cost of repair you actually have to do and ask for a discount. 

Skip The Agent

When it comes to the real estate world, one of the first things that come to mind is hiring an agent who can do all the hard work for you. While they provide you with maximum convenience as you only need to wait for their call to find you the perfect property, their commission fees can be quite costly, which won’t help you save money. While it’s a little bit more inconvenient, you should skip hiring an agent. 

To save money, you can do all the research and avoid any extra fees. This’ll involve looking at the listings online and driving through each one to see if it’s the perfect fit for you. While it might require a bit more groundwork, it'll help you save costs and focus your expenses on the actual price of the house. 

"In the UK, there is also the Modern Method of Property Auction - where the seller does not pay any fee as it's effectively passed on to the buyer," comments Ruban at Property Solvers Auctions. "However, we choose to split the fee between the buyer and seller as we find that creates more of a level playing field," he concludes.

Identify The Perfect Season

Surprisingly, there’s a perfect month when you can buy a property wherein most homeowners reduce their price in hopes of selling it to the market as quickly as possible. According to some research, the month of August is when the house selling scheme receives plenty of marked-down prices. This would be the perfect time to look for properties and see if there are any discounts for any house you’re looking for. Moreover, most price reductions happen from July to September, but the highest cost reduction occurs during August. 

Look For Bare Units

When you buy a property, you’re most likely to see houses with fully furnished features. While they’re convenient as you no longer have to spend money on buying furniture and decorations as you’ll just be bringing your personal items with you, they’re not the most cost-saving act you can do for yourself. You see, with furniture already standing on your property, expect to pay more as you’re also paying for their creativity on how well they put together various colors and materials together. 

To save on costs, you should look for bare units and allow yourself to bring your own furniture. This way, you can save on the actual price, as you can take your existing ones or shop at salvage stores. While it’ll be a bit of added work, it’ll help to save you thousands of dollars. 

Use Your Existing Home

If you’re planning to buy a property to turn it into your business, you might want to consider using your existing one instead. This way, you no longer have to spend too much but rather just focus your expenses on renovating your home. However, this will only apply if your property has plenty of extra space you’re willing to give up. Alternatively, you can even just use your basement, and it should be good to go. 

With a few tweaks and renovation, you should allow your own property to be rented and still live on it, but provide yourself with separate main doors. It’ll be a great way to save money without buying a new property. 


Real estate usually involves a high cost that might burn your pockets. With that, it’ll always be ideal if you could save money and allow yourself to get the benefits of owning one. As you turn a property into a business or use your existing one, you should be able to make profits from your purchase, giving you an amazing passive income. Moreover, there are also some ways you can negotiate your way out of the added cost by inspecting the property and skipping the furniture. With the added work, it should help you reduce the price and make the most out of every penny spent. 

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