What Is a Beverage Bucket At KFC? - Detailed Guide

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What Is a Beverage Bucket At KFC? - Detailed Guide

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We all know how the American servings are; big and bulky and enough to give you a food coma. KFC has always been a big supporter of such a campaign and has always proposed big meals. This time around, they did the same with the introduction of a beverage bucket. Intrigued? We are too!

Let’s explore this fun invention by the brand and see what the buzz is all about. After all, a beverage the size of a bucket is not something that you can ignore. So, let’s start right away with our exploration!

What is the KFC Beverage Bucket?

It is as simple as it sounds. The KFC Beverage bucket is one of the most popular servings offered by the brand. People line up to get their buckets filled with their favorite drinks and their famous fried chicken. It is the perfect combination. You do not have to worry about refilling your drink. You will get such a big drink that you won’t have to worry about it ending after a meal.

What is the Size of the Beverage KFC Bucket?

The size of the bucket is about half a gallon. It is enough to feed your whole family unless you plan on chugging it with your friends or challenging them to drink the whole thing in one go. In some places, it comes in a plastic bag so you might get disappointed about the picture you may have cooked in your head. However, it is much easier to carry it this way. This portable bag comes with a cap so you can put it in the fridge if you do not feel like drinking the whole thing in one go.

In other places the more common one is the cardboard box which might fit perfectly to its name and with the picture in your head. If the bigger bag seems too much to handle or if you are trying to control your diet, then you can request a smaller bag too. They have different sizes available but they are limited. You might have to ask the branch you are visiting if they are keeping more than one size. Ask beforehand so you are aware of your options at the location.

How Big is the Beverage KFC Bucket?

If we are talking about the exact size of the KFC beverage bucket, then we do have some dimensions for you. The biggest bucket that is the average size of the KFC Beverage Bucket is around 12 inches in height and 8 inches in diameter. You can consider a 12-inch ruler to be its equivalent in height. If we are talking about its width, a small teapot usually has a diameter of 8 inches which you can take as an example to envision the size of the KFC Beverage Bucket.

What is In the KFC Beverage Bucket?

But what goes inside these buckets? Is it just plain soda? Do you get options when you order the beverage bucket? Well, you do get multiple choices so as to make your meal a perfect combination of flavors. You can have it just as per your liking. Some of the options available are:

  1. Pepsi – The ever-popular Pepsi is the first choice of many people coming to the nearest KFC branches. This black drink is not just famous but pairs perfectly with fried chicken. This is why many advertisements and the order information usually keep Pepsi as a default.
  2. Diet Pepsi – If you like the taste of Pepsi but are scared to try it due to the high calories, then you can always pick the Diet Pepsi option. It is favored by many who prefer less sugar in their everyday diet. Plus, it tastes almost the same as the regular Pepsi so you won’t be missing out on much.
  3. Sierra Mist – If you are looking for something light but want that extra fizz to go with your meal, you can try Sierra Mist. It is a lemon soda or a lime soda that gets you the tangy taste and the fizz to digest the meal easily.
  4. Mountain Dew – Another classic drink that is drunk by many when they are looking for an alternative to the blank fizzy drink. If you are from that group of people too who like Mountain Dew, you would be happy to know that it is available as one of the options for the Beverage Bucket.
  5. Sweet Tea – If you want to avoid fizzy drinks altogether, nothing goes better than a meal than sweet iced tea! This perfect beverage will keep it light and heart for your meal and get you that sweet taste that will complement the meal perfectly. You can ask the staff about the available options in flavor.
  6. Iced Water – If you do not feel like having anything sweet, then what better beverage than a bucket of water? Plus, it works best if you have the whole family around and want to save up on the drinks.

What Does the KFC Beverage Bucket Cost?

Searching for the question, how much is a famous bowl at KFC might have brought you here. If we are talking about the budget of the drinks, you will be happy to know that the beverage bucket is not that costly. You can buy it for $10 and choose your beverage option for free.

However, if this seems like too much and you are looking to save, then the KFC Coupons can help you score some discounts. You can always seek out online deals, promos, and discounts, compare them all, and find the one that gets you the highest discount. This will not only help you save money on your overall order, but it can also help you buy your favorite cheat meals any time of the year at an incredibly low price!

Why is it So Pricey? Saving Tips You Need!

The meals at KFC are one of the best you can find. You simply cannot go ahead and consider a month without KFC. If you are enchanted by its taste even more, then you might not get by two weeks without that finger-licking KFC giving you that scrumptious taste. You might have thought to yourself as you are devouring the chicken, what is KFC sauce? It is too good!

However, at the same time you might wonder, why is KFC so expensive. That is what we think about too when the bank balance is running low. But there is a valid reason; KFC is a premium brand with a high fan following all over the world. It uses premium ingredients and has a taste that is recognized by the whole world as delicious.

If you do think the prices are too much, then you can always use the coupons. You can wait for the holidays to bring you exciting deals or you can sign up for the email newsletter of the brand and stay ahead of the latest deals. On the other hand, you can also replicate the KFC recipe at home! You might have wondered how to make KFC coleslaw. Or how to bring that juicy fried chicken taste to the chicken you cook in the oven? Well, it is all possible, on the Internet, and extremely affordable!

You can also buy in bulk which might get you discounts in certain branches. You might get worried about how to reheat KFC chicken as it might lose its taste or texture if you let it store too long. But you can always reheat leftovers if you limit the time duration and enjoy the scrumptious taste however you want!

What Goes with the KFC Beverage Bucket?

There are many options that you can try with the beverage bucket. For many, nothing goes better with drinks than fried chicken. In accordance with that, here are some of the meals that you can add to your big bucket of drink. You can always choose other combinations too.

  1. 12-piece Meal – This meal is available in two options. You can either choose the variety or drum & thigh, depending on your choice of the chicken pieces. The former includes three drums, three thighs, three breasts, and three wings with three large sides and six biscuits. In contrast, the drum & thigh option includes six drums and six thighs with three large sides and six biscuits.
  2. 12-piece Tenders – This meal includes 12 Extra Crispy Tenders with three large sides, six dipping sauces, and six biscuits. It is fried chicken for people who do not like the bone in their bites or want to have a clean dish in the public space.

Does KFC have grilled chicken? Yes! If you want to control your diet or want to enjoy the soft taste of grilled chicken rather than the crunchy fried chicken, then you can buy KFC’s grilled chicken. You can also take advantage of the different dipping sauces here and pair them up with the grilled chicken and the beverage bucket.

Some of the dipping sauces are hot sauce, BBQ sauce, the famous ranch sauce, and the recently popular honey mustard sauce.

Can You Reuse the KFC Beverage Bucket?

No, you cannot use them again. Most of the buckets are made up of cardboard while others are made up of plastic. The cardboard ones can only be used once and need to be discarded after use. The plastic options are only available in a few branches. You can ask the staff about its reuse.

Wrapping Up!

 All in all, KFC Beverage Buckets are one of the most famous sides in the country. However, due to its size, you may call it a meal too! Nonetheless, it goes perfectly with whatever you are planning to have at the branch. These beverage buckets are $10 apiece and are not reusable. However, you can make your pick of the beverage you want inside the bucket. It could serve the whole family or keep you charged for the whole day!

If you think the prices are too high, you can always seek out some saving tips or tools like discount codes to help you out with an immediate discount. Plus, the holidays always bring new deals and offers which you can also check out to save your budget from drowning due to instant cravings.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is about 12 inches tall and about 8 inches wide in diameter. You can find these big buckets of drink at any KFC location near you for $10. It might be hefty in price but you can choose your choice of drink. Some options are Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lime Soda Iced tea, and water.

No, you do not get fries with the bucket. You will have to add them in separately or order a different meal that comes with fries. However, various bucket options are available for fried chicken. You can choose the number of pieces of the choice of chicken piece too if you prefer something specific.

The 16-piece mega meal of KFC is the largest one offered by them. It presents you with the choice of fried chicken or tenders. Further in these two options, you can pick your favorite chicken pieces in the fried chicken choice.

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