What Not to Buy on Cyber Monday

Nov 26, 2021   |   6 min read


What Not to Buy on Cyber Monday


Holiday Greetings! We are pretty by now, you have already decided what to get for yourself because Black Friday is here. In fact, so far we have taken you straight to the buy guides so you can snag the most amazing deals. However, this time around we are here with a different kind of list. You already know what you want and Cyber Monday is just around the corner so all your last-minute shopping and the last chance to avail these offers are also here.

But, we want to tell you what to not get on this holiday discount. The temptation to buy everything creeps up on you again soon after Black Friday passes and you are wondering if you should have picked up that toolkit anyway. Your brain buzzes and you decide to find it again on Monday. But, after reading this list you will have a clear idea about which things not to buy on Cyber Monday. So, let’s begin.



Yes, you read that right. It is the fall season and most brands have produced the most stellar outfits this winter that you can get your hands on. Be it sweatshirts, boots, or scarves, you might get a huge urge to follow up all the clothing lines and shop for a winter collection. However, our advice is that don't do this on Cyber Monday.

The season of November means that most stores have only put out fall clothes and not proper winter options like you would expect them to around this time. If your plan is to upgrade your entire wardrobe, do it later during December when the season is closer to Christmas.

Macy’s and Target have put out good deals on clothes but again, they are not proper winter gear. You can probably shop for cardigans etc. but that is pretty much it.

2.Workout Gear

We know that the motivation to get in shape is now more than ever. It is almost time for New Year and right after you devour turkey on Thanksgiving and move to jars of cookies on Christmas, it is great to break a sweat to rock all your winter outfits. It would be getting quite cold anyway so to beat your laziness, exercise becomes a must.

But, Cyber Monday is not the event to shop for it.  You will see hundreds of deals on fitness equipment but the quality of the products is quite subpar. Most retailers know their customers so they understand that people would be heading towards yoga pants, gym mats, and workout gear so they sell stuff that does not live up to the mark.

Instead, our suggestion is to opt for exercise accessories during the month of January because that is when you find great sales and discounts.


3.Memberships of Gym

A lot of gyms have already put up their discounted offers and we are sure your email spam would be full of them. Much like the workout equipment, we totally understand the urge of getting in shape and working on your fitness during this season. But this is a classic example of what not to buy on Cyber Monday.

The first reason is quite obvious. The fall season begins with one holiday after another and you barely have time to go anywhere other than shopping or to dinners. This is the prime time to hang out with your friends and family so even if you sign up for a membership, chances are that you wouldn’t use it until the beginning of January. That is so much money going to waste. Secondly, in January a lot of gyms offer opening year discounts anyway so you would be able to get a much better deal.


People really go all out during the holidays and jewelry remains a popular choice for a gift. Every year, stores quickly run out of the best options, and then you are left picking from the leftovers. Fortune reported that the price of valuable jewels like diamonds has been increasing consistently this year and there has actually been a shortage in the market which has taken the price even higher.

Stores provide mediocre collections this year because they know people would be willing to buy them at a discounted price. We suggest that you don't go for any kind of jewelry and wait till the end of the year to get something valuable. So, if you were planning to propose to your partner during the Christmas dinner, we are sorry but get them a ring later.


So, these are some of the things that you should definitely not buy during Cyber Monday. Instead spend your money on good electronics, food deals, or even travel gear. You can test their quality on the spot and make sure the retailer is not ripping you off.

Students can even get access to hundreds of deals on online courses so if you are one, you can prepare for the spring semester with the sale. Other than that, all the gaming equipment is available on Cyber Monday for you to take advantage of. Be it a new console for your son or a keyboard for your office, the event is largely for techies so make the most out of it.



Frequently Asked Questions

All the best deals are already put on Black Friday so the later event does not come with a lot of choices.

This is actually an exclusive tech and electronics equipment day so you can score great offers on any PC Parts.

Yes, it puts out amazing deals and discounts so do check their electronics section.

You can and it will probably be at a huge price slash. But we would suggest going for it during Black Friday.

The trick to scoring good offers on Cyber Monday is to carry out your research beforehand.