Should You Buy Xbox 360 SCUF Controller: A Complete Guide?

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Should You Buy Xbox 360 SCUF Controller: A Complete Guide?

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As far as controllers are concerned, SCUF takes all the points home. While many companies have mastered the art of wired controllers like Hyperkin, Turtle Beach, and Razor, SCUF is the only one that has a great connection with wireless controllers. It has patents over all the third-party controllers and customers are usually impressed with the hard work that the team puts in producing the highest quality of controllers.

Now obviously, the console comes with its own wireless controller. If you are someone who is a regular gamer, you would have probably said goodbye to the wired controllers for a long time just because of the convenience that the Bluetooth connection brings. Sometimes, when you are charging the controller while playing at the same time, it reminds you of how much better it is to stay as far away from the screen as possible and still enjoy all the controls of the action live.

Anyways, with the release of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, the interest of many gaming enthusiasts was piqued because Microsoft seemed to have come up with something exceptional. On the very first look, you'd know that it was offering additional features that the normal Xbox controller doesn't have. But we are here to guide you about what to do and if the price actually justifies the functions of the piece.

So, let us take you through the guide of the pros and cons of the Xbox 360 SCUF controller that will not just outline the features of the tech but also give you a comparison with other capable companies. You will also be guided about where to look for the controller in case it managed to impress you by the end of the guide.

Is the Price Worth It?

Since you already get a controller with your Xbox that is well suited for the console, the ultimate question that arises is whether or not you can afford to spend on another one with additional features. From the look at the SCUF website, you can see that it is a modified version of the same Xbox Series controller and you can use it on your Windows PC, iOS, as well as Xbox.

All the buttons are black in color, giving a sleek look with your pushed-out trigger locks. What separates it from your average controller is the magnetic faceplate that can easily be swapped and you can buy it directly from the SCUF’s website.

Now coming to its popularity, the controller is not very easy to find. Due to high demand among gamers, the product is rarely ever not sold out on both SCUF and Amazon. You have to be vigilant of sales and off-season if you want to get your hands on Xbox 360 SCUF controller.

On review, it was found that the features of this particular invention are much better than your average controller and for $170, it is not a bad bargain. Just invest in it one time for a lifetime of thrilling games and comfortable control.


Let’s begin with an in-depth review of what is actually appealing to the gamers, as far as this controller is concerned. We will give you both, the good and the bad so once you are done reading, you can immediately make up your mind about whether or not this is an investment worth making.

SCUF has long claimed a monopoly over being the only third part producer of Xbox gaming controllers. Even though many people wouldn't call the competition fair, the company has yet to disappoint any of its users. But, if you are someone who just cannot go back to the world of wired gaming, you get a breath of fresh air with this particular controller that is different from the usual one that Xbox gives out. But how good the features are, we are yet to find out.

Why Should You Buy It?

When you consider the price of the Xbox 360 SCUF controller, you realize it is up there with the Elite Controller collection that Microsoft has presented. In fact, the sleek black design with trigger locks, thumbsticks, and back buttons are all largely inspired by that look. The Instinct Pro has been termed as the best with the separate magnetic faceplates because gamers are not only concerned with functionality but also how cool their controller looks with the console.

Most of them are live streaming and so these additional features help to improve the overall aesthetics of their activity. So, when you look at the Instinct Pro line, you are instantly impressed with the dragon-styled look that is finished with impeccable painting and the glowing red wyrms add a beautiful contrast against the black controller.

One thing that stands out for the gamers in controllers is the trigger lock feature. Together with the back button, all your games that involve competitions can swiftly increase your chance of winning. The black paddle on the Xbox 360 SCUF controller means that you no longer have to remove your thumbs from the joystick to jump, reload or crouch.

This brings an added advantage of saving time and if you are up against someone in Tekken, chances are you will beat them with the efficiency of the function. Usually, when you are playing with your usual hand control of the game, you have to temporarily move your thumb off the joystick to reload your weapon or crouch behind a wall. With the presence of a back button, your other finger can take care of it.

So, if you have to shoot as soon as you reload the weapon, there would be no time lost in between, making you the champion of the game. This is probably what tilts the opinion in favor of SCUF because anyone who is used it has nothing but praise for the smoothness of the back button. They click easy and you hardly have to put in any effort with the finger.

In comparison to the Xbox controller, it is not possible for you to accidentally push the back buttons while placing your finger at the back of the controller so you can check off losing the game because of the softness of the back button.

The gamers have come to prefer this over the Microsoft collection for this very reason because having clickable black paddles really improves the overall situation of your game. Also, the option of customization is available with the back buttons so you can build up your profile on the controller with just a few clicks.

Why Should You Reconsider?

Now that we know what sets it apart from the rest of the controllers, let’s look at why the asking price may be a little higher than the functionality. The design appeals to you and the back buttons ensure you a great winning percentage, but once you start playing, you begin to wonder where the rest of the additional money you spent on the controller went.

Xbox’s own Elite collection has a wider array of features than the SCUF Instinct Pro and you get so many other accessories with it too. So the question that gamers sometimes find themselves asking is whether the SCUF controller is an upgrade from the usual Xbox Series one or not.

The Instinct Pro available on the Microsoft site has a longer battery life so you don’t have to find yourself sitting right in front of the console with a wire any time soon. No matter which battery you get for the SCUF controller, chances are that the Instinct line will surely pass it easily because of the additional work MS has put into internal charging.

You also get a removable stick with the Instinct Pro that is not present with the SCUF controller. In fact, you have to buy them from the store for extra money. It is not a secret that sooner or later, you will need to get one or two parts replaced and it is better if the package already includes it. That being said, the Elite controller is said to have lost its hair-trigger locks after one year of use, making SCUF a better option in comparison. However, this does not mean that its parts wouldn't need replacement either.

So, now that you know the good and bad features of the Xbox 360 SCUF controller, see if you still want to spend extra money on upgrading your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you charge it fully, it goes up to 30 hours.

Yes, but that might take some time. Make sure you always charge it fully.

Turn on the Bluetooth and see if it is compatible.

Lift it up from the notch on the right side of the controller.

You can sit up to 19.7 ft. away.

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